Dan Corkery: About fans, romance and real action

Dan Corkery: About fans, romance and real action

Even after working for The News-Gazette for 37 years, I'm still getting on-the-job training.

Here's what I learned this week.

— After just one column, WDWS morning show co-host Elizabeth Hess has a bigger FAN CLUB than I do. I've been writing for 3 1/2 years, and my fan club consists of my dad and a few friends at church — enough for a nice dinner party.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, would have to rent a hall.

About 20 emails came in last week, all grateful for Hess' views from the left. Some of the writers feared her inaugural Left Is Right column would also be her last. I can assure those readers that Elizabeth's column is a long-term undertaking.

Column writing for me is work. Typically every Friday afternoon, a blank computer screen stares back at me, challenging me to tell readers something they don't already know. It can take me hours just to punch out 400-600 words.

No writer's block for Hess. She's already filed next week's column. Broadcasters must not struggle with deadlines.

— My college-age daughter expanded my vocabulary last week with a MILLENNIAL TERM: cuffing season.

According to a recent Daily Beast article, cuffing season begins in the fall when the weather turns chilly and single 20-something-year-olds long for companionship. They feel the urge to cuff — that is, tie — themselves to another single person. Better to snuggle with a lover than to get cozy with a good book — or homework.

The point of Lizzie Crocker's Daily Beast article: November's mild temperatures disrupted Mother Nature's romantic rhythms — along with advertisers and snarky lifestyle writers.

Forty years ago, when I was 20, summer was the season of romance. Not anymore.

Why the change? My theory is, millennials have lost track of time while staring at their phones. Summer and all its possibilities passed them by weeks ago. The only reason fall got their attention: A leaf fell on their screen while they were trying to post to Instagram. They Snapchat that it's cold and that they need someone else in their selfie (preferably of the opposite sex).

Once again, youth is misspent.

— There is no nightlife in Urbana after midnight on a weekday — except at the EMERGENCY ROOM. There's nothing lonely about working the ER's graveyard shift.

The medical staff takes all comers, from accidents, shootings and heart attacks to bumps, bruises and fevers. When patients come through the door, many of society's most difficult problems tag along.

It's impressive to see how well the medical staff responds. And hustles. They have no problem getting their 10,000 steps in.

My family says "thank you" to Dr. Jose Ochoa and his team.

Dan Corkery is a member of The News-Gazette's editorial board. His email is dcorkery@news-gazette.com, and his phone is 351-5218.

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illinijd wrote on December 06, 2017 at 11:12 am
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E. Hess just another liberal, left wing typist for the NG.

Stopped listening to WDWS in the early morning because of her left wing views.

How about adding a balance to Hess in the form of a Conservative Columnist.