Jim Dey: Friends rally to retired lawyer's aid

They came. They saw. They contributed.

Consequently, last weekend's fund-raiser which local lawyers held for an ailing colleague proved to be a big success.

Champaign lawyer Mark Lipton, who organized the event to assist now-retired Urbana lawyer Marvin Gerstein, said that he has collected a "little over $15,000."

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Justice must replace injustice

The United States does not have a justice system.

Jim Dey: The change in Atticus Finch

Many Americans — especially members of the literati and chattering classes — are in mourning over the death of the character of a man who never was.

Jim Nowlan: Crushing weight of health care

The overtime budget battles going on right now in Illinois and many other states are largely caused by relentless increases in health care costs that for decades have been growing faster than the tax revenues to pay for them.

And it is only going to get worse, as the Baby Boom Generation moves into old age, where they will devour health care.

Dan Corkery: Pluto giving itself a makeover

Pluto was ready for its coming-out party last week — by showing off its young face.

If you call 100 million years young.

Last Tuesday morning, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, traveling more than 30,000 miles per hour, flew about 7,700 miles from the surface. It was mankind's first trip to the ninth rock.

Scott Reeder: Unions continue to stoke envy

SPRINGFIELD — Occasionally, when I was growing up, my brother and I were allowed to split a bottle of pop.

I'd pour the soda into identical glasses while peering intently at each glass to make sure that they were exactly at the same level.

I couldn't bear the thought that my brother, Danny, might get an ounce more than me.

It was silly, childish behavior.

Jim Dey: Past revisited

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It'll be back to the future tonight for Randy Steidl, a one-time death row inmate whose conviction for a 1986 double murder in Paris was overturned after he spent nearly 18 years in prison.

Tate: Redbirds have room to improve

Hang on, Cardinals fans. The goal is reachable, but the ride could be bumpy.
In baseball, early-season overachievement is preferred in qualifying for the postseason.

But in the case of St. Louis, continued overachievement may be unrealistic without a boost in the trade market (Ryan Howard, come on down ... if you have an half-season of inspiration left).

Jim Dey: Public opinion has politicians doing twist

Politicians will twist themselves into pretzels to stay on the right side of public opinion, a phenomenon recently reconfirmed by the legislative standoff over the state budget.

Jim Nowlan: New learning, Aurora-style

I have long lamented that I don't know how things work — electricity, telephone, computers, Internet. Guess I was never stimulated into such discoveries by my science teacher, who himself probably didn't know how things worked.