Real Talk | Fiction, the Flint water crisis and genocide

Recently, I've been reminded of Mark Twain's observation that "truth is stranger than fiction." The indictment of 13 defendants charged with facilitating the lead poisoning of Flint, Mich.'s, mostly African-American citizens underscores Twain's point.

Austin Berg | Fixing Chicago could be key to fixing state

"We are one Illinois." This was a refrain from Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker during campaign season. It's a nice sentiment. The state is short on pride and solidarity.

But now that campaign season is over, how can Pritzker actually bring Illinois together?

Take Chicago.

Marc Thiessen | Vindication for a wannabe Bruce Lee


WASHINGTON — I was arrested for having nunchucks in New York. I'm glad the law was overturned.

Jim Nowlan | Cheatham's Hill a monument to our enduring Union

The Illinois Monument at the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War battlefield north of Atlanta is a rather nondescript vertical block of marble.

Marc Thiessen | A possible disaster for Democrats


All of Washington is focused on the political peril President Donald Trump faces from Robert Mueller's investigation. But the Mueller probe could very well turn out to be a disaster, not for Trump, but for the Democrats.

Dan McCaleb | Rauner has little to show for in his term in office

Writing the obituary on Gov. Bruce Rauner's one term in office shouldn't be difficult. He promised a lot, accomplished little and was thoroughly rejected when he asked voters for a second chance.

During the past four years, our already-too-high taxes went up — considerably. And so did spending, despite his campaign promise to reduce both.

Austin Berg | Illinois still has a people problem

It's the same grim story to which Illinoisans have grown accustomed: We're shrinking. And it's getting worse. New numbers released Dec. 19 from the U.S. Census Bureau paint a stark picture.

Jim Dey | New inspector general, same old lack of accountability

There's big news out of Springfield on the ethics-in-government front.

"For lawmakers, a new watchdog versed in harassment cases," the Chicago Tribune headlined a story about the appointment of a new legislative inspector general.

Jim Dey | A distasteful lawsuit in these Fannie May boxes

Everyone loves chocolate, a favorite gift this time of year.

Who can resist those Fannie May Pixies or Mint Meltaways? They make the mouths of even the most discriminating customers water.

Jim Dey | Newly elected Democratic legislator standing up to Madigan

A newly elected Democratic state representative from Naperville is shaping up as the most interesting — and dramatic — legislator in the new General Assembly that will take office in January.