Jim Dey: Madigan wins ... again

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Hey, Mike Madigan.

The news is out. Lord, it's all over town.

It's just like Hank Williams wrote in his country classic — you win again.

Dan Corkery: Greetings from paved roads and designated trails

Driving west on Interstate 70 at the Utah state line, the sign reads: Leaving Colorful Colorado.

If you like shades of tan and sage.

In fairness to the Centennial State, its gateways are not its strength. Approach from the east, and you find more of Kansas and Nebraska, just drier. From the west, you wonder what the heck lives on a high arid plain.

Jim Dey: Not much to see inside federal courtroom

As shows go, it didn't amount to much.

Most members of the news media and the crowd of mostly Chinese students who were present Monday morning at Urbana's federal courthouse to support the kidnapped, and presumably deceased, Yingying Zhang didn't even get in the small courtroom where U.S. Magistrate Eric Long presided.

Dan Corkery: Eating from the tree of the internet of good and evil

John Foreman, our onetime publisher and president, answered some of my questions last Sunday about his career, his family and the future of the newspaper business.

His answer on the last part was characteristically frank — and off-script.

"The internet is killing us," he said.

Many in this industry may think that, but they don't usually say it.

Jim Dey: Guilty verdict before probe even started

It's easy to see why Illinois is a mess.

When it does the wrong thing, our elected officials do it in the worst way.

Even when it does the right thing, it does it the wrong way, playing partisan, blame-laying games well before all the facts are in.

George Will: The scars of our nation's violent birth

PHILADELPHIA — Some American history museums belabor visitors with this message: You shall know the truth and it shall make you feel ashamed of, but oh-so-superior to, your wretched ancestors. The new Museum of the American Revolution is better than that.

Austin Berg: Time for Illinois to end embarrassing fireworks ban


As long as Americans have celebrated their independence, they've done so with fireworks.

Rich Miller/Capitol Fax: A reliable, huggable GOP leader


Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno was the first-ever female leader of a state legislative caucus in Illinois. That alone puts her in the history books.

But she's also a decent human being, something that often seems in short supply around the Statehouse.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: July 4: Commemoration of democracy?

On Friday June 16, a St. Paul, Minn., jury acquitted police Officer Jeronimo Yanez of Philando Castile's murder. Tuesday is July Fourth. I hope the connection and contradiction are obvious.

July Fourth commemorates U.S. independence, but more importantly it celebrates America's claim to democracy. Thus, July 4, 2017, is an excellent time to seriously contemplate this assertion.

Scott Reeder: Professional wrestling in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD -- The punches looked mean but never connected.

Like any sporting event, the crowd howled for their heroes and jeered their opponents. But the winners and losers were prearranged.

As the “drama” unfolded, I couldn’t help but think: professional wrestling is a lot like the Illinois General Assembly.