George Will | Government's guidance on campus rape deserves another look

WASHINGTON — The assault on civil rights that was mandated by the civil rights division of Barack Obama's Education Department might soon abate.

Off the Bench | Restoring civility in our society

Despite growing up in an era in which one read a newspaper that was delivered to the residence, I am still a little surprised when someone outside the delivery area sends me a comment on a column.

Jim Dey | Shaky facts, 18 years in prison prompt city to pay up

Early in the morning — about 2:30 a.m. — on Christmas Day in 1997, a local man decided to get a head start on his holiday celebration.

Brett Rowland | Chicago deserves a strong, independent mayor


With Rahm Emanuel's announcement this week that he won't seek re-election, Chicago has a new opportunity to elect a mayor who will help the city tackle some of the systemic issues that have it held it back for decades.

Scott Reeder | Am I Republican or Democrat? Neither

SPRINGFIELD — I don't feel much like being a Republican or a Democrat.

But folks sure try to label me one way or the other.

Jim Dey | Years-old election yields big payday for dogged lawyers

History was made Tuesday at the East St. Louis federal court when State Farm Insurance agreed to pay $250 million to avoid going to trial on civil charges it improperly influenced the outcome of a state Supreme Court race.

The lawyers will collect the biggest chunk of the $250 million — the rest will be divided among roughly 4.7 million members of the original class-action lawsuit.

Jim Dey | Emanuel's bow-out boggles the mind

In terms of political surprises, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel authored a shocker Tuesday when he announced that he won't seek a third term in office.

This after his organization collected thousands of petition signatures, raised $10 million in campaign funds and battled in court to keep former Gov. Pat Quinn's proposed referendum limiting Chicago mayors to two terms off the fall ballot.

Jim Dey | Panhandlers broke, but boom time for their lawyers

Panhandlers Don Norton and Karen Otterson had modest expectations when they sought handouts from pedestrians in Springfield's Downtown Historic District — 50 cents, maybe a $1 at a time, sums adding up to $30 — or more — in a day.

Their lawyers had more munificent* rewards in mind, and they were right to dream big.

Jim Dey | Tax cat has caught Pritzker's silver tongue

Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker, turning traditional political tactics upside down, has been but nothing but forthright about his plans to raise state income taxes.

That's why he has a hard time understanding why reporters keep pestering him on the subject.

Capitol Fax | Referendums are one way to attract voters

I've told you about the non-binding referendums to be held in dozens of Downstate counties designed to entice pro-gun voters to the polls, but that's not the end of the story.