David Bernthal/Off the Bench: Three disputes, three jobs well done

Last month, I had the opportunity to serve as mediator in three commercial disputes. They involved three sets of individuals who had entered into similar but unrelated business relationships with a particular corporation. The written agreement in each situation was lengthy and detailed. As sometimes happens, things did not go as expected and each side found fault with the other.

Jim Dey: Who was shorted by the 11-inch sub?

When Australia teenager Matt Corby posted a picture in 2013 that revealed his foot-long Subway sandwich was only 11 inches long, he had no idea the disclosure would reverberate around the world, most particularly in Chicago and Washington.

Jim Dey: New education law aims to help those most in need

It was smiles all around Thursday at a Chicago grade school, where Gov. Bruce Rauner and prominent politicos, including Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, gathered for a bill-signing ceremony of landmark legislation that revises how K-12 public schools are funded.

Scott Reeder: Helping out Harvey victims

GALVESTON — Watching Hurricane Harvey on television, I couldn't help but think of my first experience covering such a storm.

It was 1988, and I was a 23-year-old who had just moved from Illinois to Texas to work for the Galveston Daily News.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: The race: A response to colorblindness

After my last column critiquing President Donald Trump's obfuscations regarding white supremacist and white nationalist violence in Charlottesville, I engaged two white men in conversation. The first, an acquaintance and a Trump supporter and the other a friend and a progressive.

Austin Berg: Indignation, action needed on jobs crisis


Illinois lawmakers spent much of the last month speaking out about the need for a major change in how the state funds schools. Their message hit headlines statewide on a daily basis.

George Will: Football's enjoyment is on a fade pattern

WASHINGTON — Autumn, which is bearing down upon us like a menacing linebacker, is, as John Keats said, a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Actually, Keats, a romantic, did not mention that last part. He died before the birth of the subject of a waning American romance, football.

Rich Miller/Capitol Fax: Fathers, mothers of school-funding success


It's been clear for decades that the way Illinois funds its public schools has been wrong-headed. But finding a solution has eluded everyone who has tried. Until now.

Tate: There's no dancing around the subject of the 'war chant' ban

Hear from former Illini J Leman Friday at 5:10 on WDWS.

A new football season is upon us. Saturday's Illini home opener against Ball State should be the hot topic of the week.

Jim Dey: Strange characters make for strange cases

Not every defendant in the criminal justice system really is a criminal — at least, not in the traditional sense of the word.

There are oddballs, too. They have a screw or two just a little bit loose. Sometimes they're undereducated but, because of their intellectual curiosity, fall prey to odd ideas. They may have an exaggerated sense of self and a desire to challenge convention.