Rich Miller/Capitol Fax: Fathers, mothers of school-funding success


It's been clear for decades that the way Illinois funds its public schools has been wrong-headed. But finding a solution has eluded everyone who has tried. Until now.

Jim Dey: New education law aims to help those most in need

It was smiles all around Thursday at a Chicago grade school, where Gov. Bruce Rauner and prominent politicos, including Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, gathered for a bill-signing ceremony of landmark legislation that revises how K-12 public schools are funded.

Tate: There's no dancing around the subject of the 'war chant' ban

Hear from former Illini J Leman Friday at 5:10 on WDWS.

A new football season is upon us. Saturday's Illini home opener against Ball State should be the hot topic of the week.

Jim Dey: Strange characters make for strange cases

Not every defendant in the criminal justice system really is a criminal — at least, not in the traditional sense of the word.

There are oddballs, too. They have a screw or two just a little bit loose. Sometimes they're undereducated but, because of their intellectual curiosity, fall prey to odd ideas. They may have an exaggerated sense of self and a desire to challenge convention.

Austin Berg: Administrative costs over the top


Illinoisans have been hearing a lot from superintendents lately surrounding the push for school funding reform at the Statehouse. Most direct lawmakers' attention toward topics such as funding fairness, demographic changes and staffing levels.

Jim Dey: Springfield leaders finally play 'Let's Make a Deal'

There now, that wasn't so hard. Was it?

Well, actually it was.

Geroge Will: Donald Trump, the novice protectionist

WASHINGTON — Sooner or later, and the later the better, the president's wandering attention will flit, however briefly, to the subject of trade. So, let us try to think about the problem as he seems to: Wily cosmopolitans beyond our borders are insinuating across our borders goods that Americans, perhaps misled by British economist David Ricardo, persist in purchasing.

Scott Reeder: Grave markers, statues and Civil War

SPRINGFIELD — When I was in high school, my Grandma Wanda fought a battle with the American Legion to have a veteran's marker placed on the grave of her husband's grandfather.

Eventually, the Legion post relented and put a veteran's stone over John Beckerdite's earthly remains.

Dan Corkery: Do two Asian carp constitute a problem?

On June 22, a 4-year-old male silver carp was found in Little Calumet River, near where Interstate 94 enters the city of Chicago, and just 9 miles from Lake Michigan.

The Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune and news outlets around the Great Lakes covered the story — with a note of alarm.

Why so much hand-wringing over one fish when carp are everywhere?

Rich Miller/Captiol Fax: Gov. Rauner and unimpressive job gains


After years of harshly bad-mouthing the state's economy, Gov. Bruce Rauner has pivoted in the past couple of weeks as the campaign season has heated up.

"I'm proud since I became governor," he said recently, "we have recruited and added around 120,000 new jobs to the state of Illinois."