George Will: A judicial slap to a careless Congress

WASHINGTON — Another small step was taken last week on the steep and winding ascent back to constitutional norms. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, the nation's second-most important court, did its judicial duty by reprimanding Congress for abandoning constitutional propriety.

Jim Dey: Illinois could help Dems win Senate

The eyes of those who still can stand to watch are locked on a distasteful 2016 presidential race that looks more like a mud wrestling contest than an epic exercise in the world's greatest democracy.

But it's not the only show under the big top.

Kacich: Letter to governor hints at nursing home peril

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Dey: Another book spotlights Kilgore's role

For the second time in less than two years, a book by a prominent author has put the adventures of a notorious terrorist group that included University of Illinois faculty and staff member James Kilgore back in the spotlight.

Dan Corkery: What isn't — and what was — built in Illinois

Here's one goof-up that and other journalism organizations missed.

At Wednesday's candidate forum at the Champaign City Council chambers, one of the gentlemen running the 52nd Illinois Senate District couldn't resist showing off his farm background. And his opponent was only too happy to jump aboard and go for a hay-wagon ride.

Jim Dey: 'Pandora's Box' a better name for 'lockbox' amendment

The public-relations campaign behind the so-called "lockbox" amendment — the General Assembly's latest foray into rope-a-dope politics — is working beautifully.

David Bernthal/Off the Bench: Progress made in effectiveness of mediation

Oct. 16-22 is the American Bar Association's Mediation Week. I bet the creative folks at Hallmark have not come up with a card for that one.

Scott Reeder: Illinois' finances worsen, with Madigan as power broker

SPRINGFIELD — Just when you think things can't get any worse in Illinois, they do.

Illinois, which already has the worst credit rating of any state, had its credit rating downgraded again recently, proving that even when you are at the bottom, you can sink even lower.

George Will: Vladimir Putin is bringing back the '30s

WASHINGTON — Vladimir Putin's serial humiliations of America's bewildered secretary of state regarding Syria indicate Putin's determination to destabilize the world. Here is an even more ominous indication of events moving his way: On just one day last week, Italian ships plucked 6,055 migrants from the Mediterranean.

Jim Dey: Local landlord facing prison after defrauding bank

In 2007, Champaign landlord and architect Gene "G.T." Hardwick borrowed $3.9 million from Longview State Bank to build a 64-unit apartment building at 611 E. Park St., C.

About two years later, an FDIC bank examiner reviewing the bank's loan portfolio followed up by driving to the address to see what was up.