Jim Dey: Top UI Springfield official caught in illegal hiring web

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A top-ranking official a the University of Illinois' Springfield campus was identified as among the wrongdoers in a court-ordered investigation of the illegal state patronage hiring scandal that occurred from 2009-14 under former Gov. Pat Quinn.

Kacich: Prussing needs 'break from this stuff'

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Barring a legal challenge, there's going to be new office, county executive, elected in Champaign County in November 2018.

But Laurel Prussing, soon to be the ex-mayor of Urbana, isn't interested in it.

Dan Corkery: Take latest news on sodium with a grain of salt

Some science stories cry out to be read.

"Higher sodium intake associated with lower blood pressure. You read that right."

That was the headline last Tuesday on a San Diego Union-Tribune story about a recent abstract authored by a Boston University scientist and her staff who examined 16 years' worth of data on 2,632 people in the Framingham Offspring Study.

Rich Miller: At least Madigan and Rauner are talking


In normal times, a 40-minute, late-April meeting to talk about the budget between a governor and the House speaker would be so routine that it would likely go unnoticed by pretty much everyone under the Statehouse dome.

But these ain't normal times.

George Will: No prying away the mortgage interest deduction

WASHINGTON — Attempting comprehensive tax reform is like trying to tug many bones from the clamped jaws of many mastiffs. Every provision of the code — now approaching 4 million words — was put there to placate a clamorous faction, or to create a grateful group that will fund its congressional defenders.

Jim Dey: Powerful pols got in on illegal state hiring scheme

A court-ordered report on the massive, multiyear illegal hiring conspiracy at the Illinois Department of transportation confirms what already had been reported in less detail.

Jim Dey: Northwestern suit promises big load of dirty laundry

The fuse has been lit. When and if the bomb goes off, prestigious Chicago institutions — Northwestern University, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, prominent media outlets — and people — a sitting judge, a former state's attorney, prominent journalists — will have more than egg on their faces.

Dan Corkery: Lighten up Abe: New license plate needs work

You can't fault the Illinois Secretary of State's Office for not listening.

They got the message: The new license plate needs work.

The gray image of Abraham Lincoln — only half of him, on the left, not the middle — makes it hard to read the first character of long license plate numbers. Not enough contrast between the red and the gray.

Jim Dey: 'Dear Jane': Let's not profess to be quite so naive

Former President Harry Truman believed that writing an angry letter had a cathartic effect.

Sometimes, when he was really boiling, Truman would dash off a note to his foe of the day, telling him in no uncertain terms just what he thought.

David Bernthal/Off the Bench: Celebrating the rule of law on May 1

When I was a lad, the first day of May was commonly celebrated as May Day. Children would pick flowers, put them in baskets and secretly deposit the baskets on the front porch of the nice lady who always gave the best Halloween candy. It was also the day the Soviets celebrated themselves by parading missiles and soldiers through Red Square.