Dan Corkery: A swan song, my Illini: Moonpie serenade

We Americans cherish our right to complain.

The First Amendment does not specifically enumerate such a right, but there's no question citizenship entitles us to whine, carp, criticize, grouse, bellyache, beef, sound off, gripe and kvetch.

We do it with friends, we do it with family. We do it with strangers, as long as they have the patience to hear us out.

George Will: When party establishments mattered

WASHINGTON — Months before the 1940 Republican convention nominated Wendell Willkie, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Theodore Roosevelt's waspish daughter, said that Willkie's support sprang "from the grass roots of a thousand country clubs." There actually was a Republican establishment in 1940, when GOP elites created a nominee ex nihilo.

Donna Brazile: Trump's continuous smoke screens

By Donna Brazile

Donald Trump knows how to stir things up — mostly by churning embers until they produce a giant smoke screen. I've noticed (as you likely have) that when Trump gets into trouble, he lashes out with a series of accusations that obscure the activity that got him there.

Jim Dey: Words of warning

The room was filled with about 80 lawyers who thought they had long ago put their law school experience in the rearview mirror.

But there they were Thursday and Friday, sitting in the auditorium at the University of Illinois College of Law listening to lectures on criminal law by local appellate court Justice Robert Steigmann and Lake County Circuit Judge Daniel Shanes.

Jim Dey: Mapping effort now in hands of Cook County judge

Monday was a good day for those who support stripping state legislators of the right to draw their own House and Senate districts. But June 30 is the big day for the movement.

George Will: Boilermaker for all seasons

WASHINGTON — Mitch Daniels, former governor of Indiana and current president of Purdue University, knows that no one in the audience is there to hear a commencement speaker. When, however, he addressed his institution's class of 2016, it heard him distill into a few lapidary paragraphs a stance toward life that illuminates this political season.

Jim Dey: Establishment Dems' worst nightmare is BAAAACK

Former Gov. Pat Quinn wrote the handbook on how to use populist themes and petition drives to get ahead in Illinois' ruthlessly competitive world of partisan politics.

Jim Nowlan: Fight between labor, capital

The Trump and Sanders phenomena reflect in large part a sense among the little guys, who feel they are being exploited by the big guys.

Another way of putting it is that in recent decades the share of wealth allocated to labor (the working guys and gals) has been shrinking while that going to capital (those with top incomes and money to invest) has been growing, rapidly.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: Breaking the cycle of gun violence in the black community

June 2 was "National Gun Awareness Day."

Recently, Working On Excellence, a new organization of black youths in Champaign, sponsored a L.O.V.E. march against gun violence. In three short years, National Gun Awareness Day has quickly become an annual memorial and day of protest.

John Foreman: A journey with the living and to the dead

Gonna take a sentimental journey

Gonna set my heart at ease

Gonna make a sentimental journey

To renew old memories

An earworm, they tell me, is when a melody comes to mind and sticks, even long after whatever prompted it is past.