Austin Berg: Administrative costs over the top


Illinoisans have been hearing a lot from superintendents lately surrounding the push for school funding reform at the Statehouse. Most direct lawmakers' attention toward topics such as funding fairness, demographic changes and staffing levels.

Scott Reeder: Grave markers, statues and Civil War

SPRINGFIELD — When I was in high school, my Grandma Wanda fought a battle with the American Legion to have a veteran's marker placed on the grave of her husband's grandfather.

Eventually, the Legion post relented and put a veteran's stone over John Beckerdite's earthly remains.

Dan Corkery: Do two Asian carp constitute a problem?

On June 22, a 4-year-old male silver carp was found in Little Calumet River, near where Interstate 94 enters the city of Chicago, and just 9 miles from Lake Michigan.

The Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune and news outlets around the Great Lakes covered the story — with a note of alarm.

Why so much hand-wringing over one fish when carp are everywhere?

Jim Dey: With pension system on brink, there will be hurt

What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

Or, to put it another way, who pays when a bankrupt municipal pension system collides head on with pension members armed with a constitutional right to be paid?

"We don't currently know," said Jeffrey Brown, dean of the University of Illinois College of Business. "But someone is going to have to go without."

Jim Dey: Former DCFS leader's wounds self-inflicted

George Sheldon was a big man in Florida — a prominent lawyer, former state legislator, state and federal child services director and an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for attorney general in 2014.

The MJs

WE'RE CLOSED AWARD: Atlanta Falcons

Dan Corkery: Confederate honor in the Land of Lincoln

In a separate plot, with captured canons flanking the walkway from the road, is the burial ground for nearly 2,000 Confederate soldiers.

They died in Illinois.

Rich Miller/Capitol Fax: Is Rauner willing to sign a compromise?


Gov. Bruce Rauner has said for the past several days that he's open to just about any sort of compromise in order to get school funding reform signed into law.

Michael Gerson: Stand by a president with no heart?


"O mother
What shall I cry?
We demand a committee, a representative
committee, a committee of investigation

— T.S. Eliot, "Difficulties of a Statesman"

WASHINGTON — Many had asked with rising hope in their voices: Will Steve Bannon be fired?

Jim Dey: A school-funding showdown ... or not

Wednesday is D-Day — or not.

Democrats and Republicans in Springfield are searching for compromise — or not.

Senate Bill 1 is the legislative vehicle for rewriting the state's K-12 public school funding formula — or not.

Nothing seems to be certain as the battle over public school funding continues. except the political intrigue is reaching a high water mark.