Austin Berg: 'Lockbox' question an insult to Illinois voters


Temperature all right?

Something to drink?

And how is your salmon this evening?

On a sinking Titanic, these are not pressing questions.

George Will: As New Hampshire goes, so goes Senate?

MANCHESTER, N.H. — In 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt defeated Kansas' Gov. Alfred Landon in 46 of the 48 states, thereby creating the jest, "As Maine goes, so goes Vermont." Eight decades later, New England has gone from the Republicans' last redoubt in a bad year to their least receptive region in any year.

Scott Reeder: Madigan movie worth watching

SPRINGFIELD — In my 30 years in the news business, I've never written a movie review, but there is a first for everything and I have to tell you "Madigan. Power. Privilege. Politics" is worth the watching.

The movie is geared toward casual political observers, ones who wonder how Illinois has become the fiscal train wreck it is today.

Jim Dey: Medicaid dollars offer honeypot for thieves

Here's a simple rule of thumb — wherever there is money, there are people stealing it or trying to.

George Will: A measure of the country's metabolism

MILWAUKEE — In 49 states, when you order breakfast in a restaurant you might be asked if you would like pancakes or an omelet. In Wisconsin, you are asked if you would like pancakes with your omelet. Ron Johnson would, thank you. This Republican U.S.

Jim Dey: Rauner, Madigan not pulling any punches

A proxy fight is still a fight, and in Illinois this election year it's a dirty one.

Gov. Bruce Rauner, the Republican whose name is not on the Nov. 8 ballot, is battling House Speaker Michael Madigan, the Democrats whose re-election in his 22nd House district in Chicago is assured.

George Will: A diversity of viewpoints

WASHINGTON — A specter is haunting academia, the specter of specters — ghosts, goblins and "cultural appropriation" through insensitive Halloween costumes. Institutions of higher education are engaged in the low comedy of avoiding the agonies of Yale.

Dey: Judges' affair something for voters to remember

Love is supposed to be a many-splendored thing — but it's not always.

One exception to that general rule is being played out in McLean County, where Scott Drazewski is running uphill in a battle to retain his circuit judgeship.

Jim Nowlan: Illinois democracy uneven at best

My sample election ballot offers me slim pickings in terms of votes I can cast that might make a difference. We can do better.

The presidential camps long ago conceded Illinois to Hillary Clinton. As you have probably noticed, there is little active campaigning in our state.

Kacich: Bernie bonus for Ammons

Questions for Tom? Ask them here

State Rep. Carol Ammons just had one of her best fundraising quarters ever — and she doesn't even have an opponent in next month's election.