Don't like school lunches? Ask parents to make them

WASHINGTON — To hear tell, the mean ol' GOP is waging war on Michelle Obama and, brace yourself, America's children.

Got it?

The newest war on women/children relates to the first lady's well-intentioned, but disastrous, school nutrition program, otherwise known as the Dumpster Derby.

First to good intentions:

Showdown looming in Tar Heel country

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — "Twenty-four times" is Thom Tillis' answer, delivered with a faint flicker of a Cheshire Cat smile. The question was: How many times, that his campaign knows of, has Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan said on camera that under Obamacare, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it?

Jim Dey: Madigan manuever may have tainted library official's effort to win facility's independence

If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Local lawyer, law professor and Abraham Lincoln enthusiast Steve Beckett isn't ready for a flea bath quite yet, but he is doing a little scratching behind his ears.

Dan Corkery: Letters to the editor take technological turn

Editors often say they want to "hear" their readers' opinions. That means that we are encouraging readers to express their views in a letter suitable for publication.

Today, I'm adding a twist to the phrase.

We want to hear and see our letter writers — in the form of video letters to the editor.

It's time to start judging students by their grades

CHICAGO — If it's true that America's No. 1 driver of inequality is the successful completion of college, as Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor David Autor and others have suggested, then why is no one paying attention to student efforts in the college success equation?

Ignoring path to recovery

WASHINGTON — It is said that the problem with the younger generation — any younger generation — is that it has not read the minutes of the last meeting. Barack Obama, forever young, has convenient memory loss: It serves his ideology.

Jim Dey: Lawyer discipline depends on severity of actions

There's trouble, and there's such a thing as really stepping in it.

Mahomet lawyer Christina Gilbert-Manuel has trouble with the state agency that oversees lawyer conduct issues. But Clinton lawyer Dodie Leeann Junkert is neck deep in woes that could sideline her permanently from the practice of law.

All the news fit for a president

WASHINGTON — Former President George W. Bush once said, rather proudly, that he didn't read newspapers.

President Barack Obama, a confirmed newsie, has claimed to read the major papers, perhaps to learn what's going on in his own administration.

An address sensible voters are unlikely to ever hear

WASHINGTON — All modern presidents of both parties have been too much with us. Talking incessantly, they have put politics unhealthily at the center of America's consciousness. Promising promiscuously, they have exaggerated government's proper scope and actual competence, making the public perpetually disappointed and surly.

The commencement speech racket

CHICAGO — Enough commencement-speech madness. Enough controversy over who is allowed to speak. Enough with speakers who are simply promoting themselves.

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