Jim Dey | D'oh! Apu's appeal part of 'Simpsons' success

Is Apu a problem?

It depends whom one asks.

Those who still possess a sense of humor in a society increasingly afraid to laugh at itself aren't burdened by the representation of Indian-American Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on Fox's "The Simpsons."

Jim Dey | Hoops indictment adds new details, schools to list

"His visit came out of nowhere, and the whole process of recruiting him was shorter than most. But that was all of the time Class of 2018, five-star big man Silvio De Sousa needed to discover that Kansas was the right place for him."

Rich Miller/Capitol Fax | The real heat is on Rauner


I've read, watched and heard a whole lot of commentary about the upcoming state budget negotiations during the past few weeks, and it pretty much all ignores recent history and focuses instead on one-sided claims of pending controversy.

Dan Corkery | How to write, end stories for a family newspaper

Funny the things we remember.

In the early 1980s, during my first year at The News-Gazette, a reporter had a tricky story to write. How much detail should he include about a sordid crime?

His solution, and I'm paraphrasing:

The suspect is accused of committing an act that cannot be described in a family newspaper.

Scott Reeder | The power of organ donation

Ever found yourself hoping someone will die so someone you love can live?

Fourteen years ago, I found myself in that unenviable position.

My brother Danny was dying. For years, he had suffered from a rare liver disease — primary sclerosing cholangitis. Finally his liver was giving out. Death was near.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk | 'Gun love' and white supremacy

Public discussion of Nikolas Cruz, the white male mass murderer who shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, describes him as "troubled," "depressed" and "a gun enthusiast." Commentators note his fixation on guns and his proclivity for killing animals. This portrait fits the script used to describe most mass murderers.

Jim Dey | Pritzker says he'll reverse Dems' compromise on school funding

Last year's brutal budget battle between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic legislators led by House Speaker Michael Madigan drew the bulk of public attention. Madigan ultimately won that fight, shoving a Democratic budget and a state income-tax increase down Rauner's throat.

Tom Kacich | From hats to lynchings: Bigotry during wartime in C-U

We Americans talk a good game about liberty and justice and brotherhood, but actions often speak more clearly than words. Whether it's blacks or Chinese or Irish or Italians or Mexicans, someone's got to be the inferiors, the suspect, the unworthy.

One hundred years ago, it was the Germans.

Jim Dey | Knock, knock: Who decides who can enter?

Marcelus Witherspoon of Decatur couldn't live with — or without — his girlfriend. She felt the same way.

Their conflicted romantic feelings led to him running afoul of the law. Or did it?

That's for the Illinois Supreme Court to say in a case that addresses the following questions, at least in part.

George Will | What interest is served by disenfranchising felons?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The bumpy path of Desmond Meade's life meandered to its current interesting point. He is a graduate of Florida International University law school but cannot vote in his home state because his path went through prison: He committed nonviolent felonies concerning drugs and other matters during the 10 years when he was essentially homeless.