George Will: Due process is being kicked off campus

WASHINGTON — Academia's descent into perpetual hysteria and incipient tyranny is partly fueled by the fiction that one in five college students is sexually assaulted and that campuses require minute federal supervision to cure this.

Jim Dey: We don't need no stinkin' free speech

Members of the faculty senate at the University of Minnesota ventured onto dangerous ground a couple weeks ago and then quickly skittered back to safety.

They were considering endorsing the concept of free speech on their campus and, among other things, denouncing efforts by protesters to shout down speakers.

Jim Dey: Former UI official's woes keep getting worse

The tenure of former University of Illinois Provost Linda Katehi as the chancellor at the University of California-Davis has grown ever more shaky.

George Will: Amtrak helps government ride off the rails

WASHINGTON — In 1906, Leonor Loree, an accomplished railroad executive, examined the dilapidated Kansas City Southern Railroad that he had been hired to rehabilitate. Dismayed, he permanently enriched American slang by exclaiming: "This is a helluva way to run a railroad!"

Jim Dey: What if there's no payoff for a payoff?

Hear from Dey and judge Mike McCuskey Wednesday at 9 on WDWS.

When they embarked on a scheme to enrich themselves through the exercise of government power, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his henchmen were anything but subtle.

Jim Nowlan: Reflections from crumbling Cuba

I just returned from two weeks in Cuba, and offer a few reflections from the land of Fidelismo.

Individual travel from the U.S. to Cuba is still technically prohibited, though American educational and professional groups may visit the island nation. Soon, I predict, American travel restrictions will be lifted, which will overwhelm the already strained hospitality resources of Cuba.

Dan Corkery: Exhibit of an Illinois coach as an artist

Sports fans — sometimes aided by sports writers — indulge in hyperbole.

A masterpiece of pitching.

Michelangelo could not have drawn a more beautiful play.

That wasn't a game; that was art.

Legendary Illinois football coach Bob Zuppke was an artist too. Really.

"Art and football are very much alike," he said.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: Historical reinterpretation remains vital

Ever since ex-President George W. Bush and ex-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice disparaged critics of their decision to invade Iraq as practitioners of "revisionist history," the U.S. public has come to understand that concept as the falsification of history.

Jim Dey: Game changer

The games are over. Now the war for the political soul of Illinois begins.

George Will: Who will follow Donald Trump off the cliff?

Donald Trump: "We've got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt."

Washington Post: "How long would that take?"

Trump: "I would say over a period of eight years."

— March 31

Fortune: "You've said you plan to pay off the country's debt in 10 years. How's that possible?"

Trump: "No, I didn't say 10 years."