Jim Nowlan: Rauner beating AFSCME?

While Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan continue to joust selfishly, and to the great harm of our state, over an unresolved state budget from 2015, the governor appears to be on track to notch a win over the state's major public employee union.

Jim Dey: Poll numbers down, Rauner seeks help at polling places

Polls don't count; elections do.

So it remains to be seen how Tuesday's primary election turns out for Gov. Bruce Rauner. He's not on the ballot, but the Republican governor does have some dogs in legislative primary fights.

Kacich: Higher ed has grim outlook in state

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Even during the Great Depression, no public university in Illinois had to shut its doors.

George Will: Trump's 'peak' might be coming

WASHINGTON — Frequently predicted but never reached, "peak oil" — maximum possible production — has been postponed yet again, this time because of fracking. "Peak Sanders" was prematurely announced because of persistent underestimations of how underwhelming Hillary Clinton is as a candidate.

Jim Dey: Case against Philip Morris may go up in smoke

Captain Ahab never could get over his obsession with the great white whale.

Like Captain Ahab, a group of St. Louis lawyers is similarly obsessed with a $10.1 billion judgment against Philip Morris that they have won twice and then lost twice because, they allege, a single judge improperly cost them their big payday.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: Of firsts, symbolism and manipulation

Last week, the University of Illinois shattered a 125-year-old tradition by hiring Lovie Smith, an African-American, as head football coach. If Kevin Durant is right and NBA rookie Kristaps Porzingis is a unicorn, than Mr. Smith is something almost as rare as that mythical creature, an African-American college head football coach.

Dey: Panel has its say on judges' affair

A long-running McLean County Courthouse soap opera stemming from an extramarital love affair between judges has ended with one being suspended from his job for four months and the other being censured.

George Will: Then along came Nancy

WASHINGTON — They were just four words, but they denoted something that led to a wonderful swerve in world history.

They were words that Ronald Reagan repeatedly used when referring to something that happened long before he spoke his most famous four words: "Tear down this wall."

Jim Nowlan: GOP establishment's last stand

The March 15 Illinois primary election will serve as a desperate last stand effort by the GOP establishment to slow the Trump bandwagon, which appears headed to the party's nomination.

Just a few short months ago, Republican operatives would have given Donald Duck as much chance as Donald Trump, a one-time Manhattan liberal, of winning the GOP nomination.

What has happened?

Dan Corkery: Unofficial does not have to last forever

Here's the official line on Unofficial: You can't shut down an unsanctioned event.

That's what University of Illinois officials told reporters last Wednesday as the campus police and administration explained what measures were being taken to maintain public safety during this weekend's annual "underage drinking party."