Dan Corkery: The story behind the name on a column

Ruth MacGregor McDonough was furious.

Her husband — John McDonough, a onetime Urbana resident and University of Illinois student — was shipping out for France.

"Broke my aunt's heart literally, because he didn't even tell her that he was enlisting," Connie McDonough Dillon of Tuscola told me last week. "And she had these two little girls that never really got to know their dad."

Reluctant Townie: The most important teachings of Christ

It's the most magical time of year, and yet again the secularists are busy trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Even Pope Francis has hopped on the bandwagon, calling the celebration of Christmas this year "a farce."

George Will: Missouri town demands substantive due process

WASHINGTON — If Pagedale, Mo., is a glimpse of the future, the future is going to be annoying. Pagedale might represent the future of governance unless some of its residents succeed in their lawsuit against their government. If they do, it will be because they successfully invoked the principle of substantive due process.

John Foreman: Agency needs angels among us

In our community no less than others, some small number exist on the very edges of society. They live — for so long as they can live — without even the most basic human essentials you and I take for granted.

They are homeless, hopeless, sometimes nearly helpless.

We only rarely even see them. And, to be honest, that's just fine. They can make us more than a little uncomfortable.

Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: Police brutality: What should be done

Police brutality and the use of deadly force are ubiquitous in the black community.

Jim Dey: Traffic stop numbers clear, but fixes aren't

Nailing Jell-O to a wall can pose a major challenge.

Just ask city council members in Urbana, where a traffic study that confirmed racial disparities in traffic stops has critics clamoring for a change.

Jim Dey: Traffic-stop fixes lack direction

A group of well-meaning people met Monday at the Urbana City Council chambers to address the issue of racial disparities in traffic stops.

But the more they talked, the more it was unclear what they specifically want to do — other than make the problem go away — or how to do it.

George Will: An American craftsman

WASHINGTON — In today's culture of hyperbole, born of desperate attempts to be noticed amid the Niagara of Internet and other outpourings, the label "genius" is affixed promiscuously to evanescent popular entertainers, fungible corporate CEOs and other perishable phenomena. But it almost fits the saloon singer — his preferred description of himself — who was born 100 years ago, on Dec.

Jim Nowlan: Illinois not ready for 2018

To paraphrase Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we should not let a good bicentennial go to waste. But we may.

Jim Dey: Free speech takes licking, keeps ticking

Chicago federal appeals court Justice Richard Posner has a reputation as the most intellectual of intellectual jurists — a prolific author, law professor and initiator of academic squabbles with other erudites — most notably, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

But judges have to deal with whatever cases show up on their dockets, some high-minded and others on the down low.