Sundiata Cha-Jua/Real Talk: Myths and lies in black and white

Much of what Americans — black and white — believe about U.S. and African-American history is a product of historical amnesia or selective historical memory.

Rich Miller/Capitol Fax: Hostile corporate takeover in Springfield


After Gov. Bruce Rauner hired Illinois Policy Institute president Kristina Rasmussen's as his new chief of staff, I reached out to one of the House Republicans who voted to override the governor's budget and tax hike vetoes. How was he feeling?

Austin Berg: After historic tax hike, the real pain begins


The infamous budget impasse is over. But rather than rejoice, Illinoisans should recoil.

The pain that washed over Illinois' most vulnerable residents as the state stiffed service providers for more than two years won't recede for long. High tide will come again. And the levees are still busted.

First, take the tax hikes.

Scott Reeder: Illinois could learn from Lone Star State

LEAGUE CITY, Texas — I was in Texas last month doing some reporting and I was a bit bemused that its legislature was enmeshed in a budget predicament of its own.

Lawmakers there were pondering whether to dip into the state's $12 billion "rainy day fund" to help balance the state's budget.

Jim Dey: Pols did lot of talking while taxing

The budget battle in Springfield last week produced a few wild days of legislative action.

There was even some tension, although the outcome was never in doubt.

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan had the situation well in hand, and, as a consequence, got the $36.1 billion budget he wanted along with $5 billion in higher personal and corporate income tax.

Dan Corkery: Greetings from paved roads and designated trails

Driving west on Interstate 70 at the Utah state line, the sign reads: Leaving Colorful Colorado.

If you like shades of tan and sage.

In fairness to the Centennial State, its gateways are not its strength. Approach from the east, and you find more of Kansas and Nebraska, just drier. From the west, you wonder what the heck lives on a high arid plain.

David Bernthal/Off the Bench: The judicial system from a new point of view

One of my early columns dealt with the subject of jury service. I made the assertion that jury duty was an honor. Shortly thereafterm I received a notice from the office of Katie Blakeman, circuit clerk of Champaign County. It turned out to be the first step in the process of conferring the honor of jury service upon me.

George Will: Reining in Medicaid's 'mission gallop'

WASHINGTON — Were it not for the provision that Pat Toomey, the Pennsylvania Republican, put into the Senate's proposed health care reform, this legislation would be moderately important but hardly momentous. Toomey's provision, however, makes it this century's most significant domestic policy reform.

Jim Dey: Madigan wins ... again

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Hey, Mike Madigan.

The news is out. Lord, it's all over town.

It's just like Hank Williams wrote in his country classic — you win again.

Jim Dey: Not much to see inside federal courtroom

As shows go, it didn't amount to much.

Most members of the news media and the crowd of mostly Chinese students who were present Monday morning at Urbana's federal courthouse to support the kidnapped, and presumably deceased, Yingying Zhang didn't even get in the small courtroom where U.S. Magistrate Eric Long presided.