George Will: The empty case for progressive taxation

WASHINGTON — Progressives are increasingly preoccupied with income inequality, and their current hero, Sen. Bernie Sanders, favors increasing the tax system's progressivity. So, in this 103rd year of the income tax, it is timely to note that there still is no intellectually sturdy case for progressive taxation.

Jim Dey: Always time for politics

Chicago was in political turmoil Tuesday, courtesy of a police shooting that has enraged the black community and shaken the city's political power structure to its foundation.

George Will: Barometric South Carolina


Jim Dey: Appeals court inflames Rietz

Prosecutor Lindsey Clark presented the evidence. Defense lawyer James Dedman didn't object. Circuit Judge Thomas Difanis let the jury hear it.

That seems straightforward enough.

Jim Dey: Rauner piling more onto his loaded plate

Gov. Bruce Rauner's plate runneth over.

But like everyone else whose eyes are bigger than his stomach, he's getting ready to pile up the victuals even higher.

The state has been without a budget since June 30, and there are no signs of progress on that front as Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan continue their standoff.

Jim Nowlan: Citizens, pols must overrule leadership

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan are taking themselves way too seriously over the state budget impasse — and in the process (or lack of it) they are seriously messing with the lives of seniors, the mentally ill, domestic abuse victims and college students.

Esther Cepeda: Make preschool available to our neediest kids

CHICAGO — Universal preschool is widely touted as a surefire way to boost kids' academic achievement. But while it isn't likely to be affordable for — or even desired by — all families, it shouldn't be underestimated as a potent educational support for low-income children.

Jim Dey: Is new emphasis on student 'safe' spaces putting them at risk?

Back in February, Northwestern University Professor Laura Kipnis, disturbed about the campus environment concerning sexual harassment, emotional "triggers" and issues involving consent, wrote an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

George Will: Standing athwart the administrative state

WASHINGTON — As the administrative state distorts America's constitutional architecture, Clarence Thomas becomes America's indispensable constitutionalist. Now in his 25th year on the Supreme Court, he is urging the judicial branch to limit the legislative branch's practice of delegating its power to the executive branch.

Dan Corkery: 'Dinette Set' lives on — in our minds and 'Net

Now don't get your polyester stretch pants in a knot. It's not my fault.

Artist Julie Larson retired from the comic strip business recently, and today's "Dinette Set" — in the Sunday comics section — is the last one.