One more step toward a strike

Thousands of state public employees say they're ready to walk out.

It's looking more and more like the irresistible force has met the immovable object.

What's next? It's impossible to predict with certitude, but the chances of a first-ever strike by state employees are growing ever larger.

Prussing for mayor

Urbana's longtime incumbent mayor faces a powerful political challenge.

Tuesday is a big day in Urbana. Mayor Laurel Prussing either will be renominated in the Democratic Party's mayoral contest, clearing the way for her election in April to a fourth term, or Alderwoman Diane Marlin will usher in a new era in municipal politics.

Gaming the system

Workers'-compensation lawyers have more than a rooting interest in professional sports.

Professional football is a big business, and there's no doubt it's a rough game.

With a 100 percent player injury rate, the athletes' bodies can take a real beating, sometimes leaving them with physical problems that last a lifetime.

Insensitive drunks?

Some faculty members want to put their rambunctious students on double-secret probation — unofficially, of course.

It's just about time for the annual bacchanalia notoriously known as "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," and a group of faculty members are upset about — the T-shirts celebrating this public display of binge drinking.

Well, why not?

AFSCME's tough choice

To strike or not to strike — that's the question haunting members of the state's largest employee union.

The ballots have been cast, but the results of a strike-authorization vote by thousands of unionized state employees have yet to be released.

Oh, no! Surely, not again

They say it's hard to separate a boy from his dog. It's even harder to separate a politician from his perks.

Is the Illinois General Assembly really a legislative body? Or just a parody of one?

Sometimes it's hard to tell, and HB 279 represents Exhibit A for that proposition.

Here's the backstory.

Budget deadline could be problem

Time isn't on the state of Illinois' side.

The state's budget mess just keeps getting worse and worse.

You've got mail

What Kennedy did was not illegal, but he may have led supporters astray.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy didn't do his supporters at the University of Illinois any favor recently when he sent them a combined campaign announcement and solicitation for contributions.

New boss for schools

The Champaign school district will get new leadership next summer.

Congratulations to longtime Champaign schools principal and administrator Susan Zola, who last week was named the district's next superintendent.

Battling Illinois' budget blues

After an unprecedented 20-month standoff, Gov. Bruce Rauner and state legislators must find common ground on a broad-based budget agreement.

Anyone looking for signs of a budget rapprochement between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democratic Legislature couldn't have been reassured by the anger on display last week when Rauner presented his budget address.