Editorial | A worthy experiment

The Governor should sign the township bill and see how it plays out in McHenry County.

The 50 states that make up the United States are often characterized as "laboratories of democracy." The reference refers to the public-policy experimentation that our federal/state systems not only permit, but also encourage.

Editorial | Avoid roadblocks

If the state wants to encourage electric vehicle production, don't create a hurdle for industry.

One of the most common complaints in this editorial space concerns this state's sorry economic climate, one that discourages job creators by imposing taxes and regulations that encourage them to locate or expand in other states.

Editorial | Heading into the home stretch

For Illinois lawmakers, there's a lot to do in a relatively short time.

With just 12 days remaining before the May 31 legislative adjournment, much of Gov. J.B. Pritzker's ambitious legislative agenda remains unfulfilled.

Editorial | Corporate quotas

The same people who have failed so miserably in running Illinois have decided to expand their management horizons.

The ability to exercise great power is a heady business easily subject to gross abuse, particularly when the only restraint that can be imposed is self-restraint.

Editorial | Booms and busts

Strong economies generate the new revenues that governments at all levels need. State officials should heed the maxim.

Last week's news of a dramatic increase in state tax revenues doesn't begin to address Illinois' many serious financial problems.

Editorial | Pritzker's heavy hand

A chief executive's intemperate moves will come back to haunt him.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has sent a regrettable message to his appointees and potential appointees to state boards and commissions — don't cross me.

Editorial | Eminently worthy honor

A University of Illinois laboratory is getting an excellent new name.

Congratulations are due to world-renowned University of Illinois engineering Professor Nick Holonyak Jr. for the latest in a long string of awards bestowed upon him.

The UI will rename its Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory in his honor.

Editorial | Bigger stakes, bigger losers

When it comes to video gambling in Illinois, how much is enough?

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, desperately searching for taxes to increase, hopes to raise $89 million in new revenue by boosting taxes on video gambling.

Editorial | Pain at the pump

Motorists, get ready — here come the tax increases.

The gasoline tax bidding war is off and running in Springfield, and, like many auctions, the bids are getting higher.

It was just a couple months ago that the Illinois Chamber of Commerce proposed a 25-cent per gallon increase to finance an infrastructure building plan.

Editorial | Criminal hoops probe at end?

The federal criminal investigation of illegal college-basketball recruiting has produced convictions, but not the explosive fallout that some predicted.

Another college-basketball scandal trial came to an end last week when an aspiring agent and a shoe-company consultant were convicted in connection with payoffs to coaches and recruits.