Feds come up empty

Federal investigators say they lack the evidence necessary to file criminal charges against a police officer for last summer's fatal shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Law enforcement critics called foul when a St. Louis prosecutor announced in November that a grand jury had found no legal grounds to file criminal charges against a Ferguson police officer who shot a teenager.

A disinterested third party

Candid cameras are on the way.

Body cameras worn by police officers are an idea whose time, for a variety of reasons, has come to, or will soon arrive in, Champaign County.

Can the cameras

The General Assembly ought to pull the plug on red-light intersection cameras.

In his Sunday column, The News-Gazette's Tom Kacich cited a string of legislative proposals introduced by members of the Illinois House and Senate.

Many, he noted, are just for show and have no chance to pass.

Mr. Cub

Even in their dotage, athletic icons symbolize what they once were.

The Boys of Summer don't stay boys forever, and neither do their fans.

So baseball fans of long-standing, particularly the followers of the Chicago Cubs, took a hit with the news that Mr. Cub — Ernie Banks — died last week at age 83.

83? How can it be?

Let's open things up

There should be no private appointment process to fill a board seat for a public institution.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have set good examples on transparency, embracing an open process by which the public could see and speak with applicants to fill electoral vacancies.

Iran has Obama, Congress at odds

Congress wants to resupply President Obama's arsenal of economic sanctions as the U.S. continues negotiations with Iran.

It has been clear for months that efforts to persuade Iran to abandon plans for a nuclear arsenal are going nowhere fast.

Day of reckoning?

New Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner should consider celebrating Valentine's Day this month. Everyone, including Cupid, will be shooting real arrows at him in February.

Gov. Rauner was minding his own business on Wednesday in Chicago when he was involved in a car accident.

Union politics

President Obama, looking neither like a lame duck nor afraid of a fight, took his case to the Congress and the people.


Nothing could be finer than a crisis that is minor.

Well, it's about time Americans have the opportunity to become agitated, indignant, even self-righteously pious, about something that doesn't matter much.

On the verge of history

Clearly not enthusiastic about addressing the same-sex marriage issue, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided it has no alternative.

The U.S. Supreme Court disappointed a lot of people last fall when it declined to review a series of cases addressing the constitutionality of state laws limiting marriage to one man and one woman.