Obama spreads his new gospel

Excited as they were about a presidential visit, legislators aren't likely to be moved to action by his words.

President Barack Obama paid a visit last week to the Illinois General Assembly, where he delivered an admirable call for a different kind of politics that embraces a search for common ground in pursuit of the common good.

Opportunity lost

To govern is to choose. But that can be more difficult than some prefer.

The Champaign County Board showed some signs it was interested in coming to grips with the unnecessary costs of having too many elective offices.

Don't go overboard

No matter how noble the gesture, Illinois does not need another legal holiday.

Illinoisans are justly proud of President Barack Obama's claim of Illinois as his home state.

Upheaval for Dems, GOP

Republican and Democratic voters in New Hampshire — a state whose demographics do not reflect the country as a whole — sent a message in Tuesday's presidential primary election. But, other than general unhappiness, what is it?

And the winners, by substantial margins, are socialist Democratic U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and billionaire Republican businessman Donald Trump?

Illinois needs to go on a diet

Money that's spent administering the excessive size of government is not available to serve the public.

Last month, Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti released a 400-page report that examined the size and cost of government in this state and included recommendations on how to reduce the bloat.

Follow the money

Representatives of groups or interests that shower money on candidates do so for a reason.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her lavish speaking fees have become an issue in the race for her party's nomination, to the point that a worried Clinton is screaming foul.

Madigan joins the party

The most powerful politician in Illinois loves to make late, dramatic entrances.

It's often better late than never. But in the case of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, it's best for him when he arrives late.

Landmark issue needs review

Urbana city officials need to figure out a better way to encourage the historic preservation of aging properties.

Council members last week rejected a proposal to force landmark status on the unwilling owner of a Dutch Colonial-style house at the corner of Elm and Coler streets.

It's past time to make a deal

No one should underestimate the difficulty of reading legislative tea leaves. But there are some signs of a potential deal in the works.

Two weeks ago — after some public squabbling about the details — Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic Senate President John Cullerton announced they had a deal on a pension reform bill.

Solid group sought board job

The Champaign school board is back in full force.

Well, that didn't take long.

Just a few weeks after school board member Laurie Bonnett announced she's resigning to move to Pittsburgh, the board has chosen her successor.