Parking trumps green space

Plans for a new plaza in downtown Champaign will remain on the drawing board for the foreseeable future.

A city council majority last week opted for the practicality of convenient parking over the purported benefits generated by more green space in the downtown.

Tax day comes, goes

Filing federal and state income taxes can be an exasperating and infuriating experience.

If you haven't either mailed your 2013 state and federal income taxes in or sought an extension, it's too late. The deadline was Tuesday.

Exit stage right

Few government officials ever had a more miserable tenure than Kathleen Sebelius.

It's hard not to feel sympathy for Sebelius, the outgoing secretary of health and human services.

Great choice

There's new leadership for the Champaign County Economic Development Corp.

Timing, timing, timing — that's often a key to success.

Making amends

Voters say they want bipartisanship. This is what it looks like.

Another harmless, but pointless, proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution will be on the fall ballot, courtesy of a legislative vote last week in Springfield.

Higher taxes hot topic

Members of the Illinois House and Senate are busying themselves on a variety of topics, but their real work is all about the Benjamins.

The tax issue remains the pre-eminent issue on the legislative agenda in Springfield, but not to the degree that it was just a week ago.

Alma tanned, rested and ready

A void of campus has been filled.

After the mater of all face-lifts, the Alma Mater — flanked by her friends Labor and Learning — is back home.

While all is not necessarily right with the world, certainly the corner of Wright and Green streets in Urbana has been restored to proper order.

No problem with task force

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing' is taking heat for no good reason.

Given the controversial nature of the subject and the political tensions lurking just beneath the surface, it's no surprise that Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing was the target of critics upset over her appointees to a task force studying data on traffic stops.

Public perturbed

Not that they show much concern over possible consequences, but state public officials have fouled their own nest.

In addition to running for governor, Republican Bruce Rauner is backing a state constitutional amendment that would impose term limits on legislators.

Day of service

Austin Cloyd can't be here to help. Why not take her place?

There's something in people's DNA that makes them want to help when tragedy strikes, no matter if it's a natural disaster that leaves people homeless or a man-made tragedy that leaves death and injury in its wake.

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