Feinen for mayor

It's a free-for-all in the race for mayor of Champaign.

Much public discussion surrounding the April 7 election has been focused on the Champaign schools, where a proposed property tax increase and the eight-candidate school board race has dominated the news.

But there's another big contest in Champaign, a four-candidate race for the mayor's office.

Cash leads to controversy

The old conundrum of "free speech for me, but not for thee" is back before the nation's highest court.

Legislative lust for cash led to a program in Texas that allowed motorists, for a $30 fee, to put their own group messages on their license plates.

Former politicos best for Parkland

The contest for two seats on the Parkland College Board of Trustees features three candidates with vast experience.

Elections for seats on a community college board don't generally attract much interest, but this year's contest for the Parkland board stands out in one key respect — one of the candidates is a former state and federal legislator.

Don vs. Bruce?

Political scare tactics are an affront to voters.

As Election Day draws ever closer, candidates' nerves start to fray and their judgment can falter. Everybody is in it to win it, and only one candidate will come out on top.

Hays, West for park board

The contest for two open seats on the Champaign Park District Board of Commissioners has been skewed by debate over a now-rejected land swap with the school district.

The names of three candidates are listed on the April 7 ballot for the park board. But in our view, only two candidates are worthy of election, the third having disqualified herself by virtue of poor judgment.

Urbana park board choices

Three sincere, experienced candidates are seeking election to the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners.

There is considerable discord in local elections this year, particularly in Champaign where the mayoral and school issues are taking center stage.

Choices for school board

Whoever is elected in Champaign will find their plates overflowing with problems.

With two of four incumbents not seeking re-election, change is coming to the Champaign school board.

How much change will depend on the results of the April 7 election, which features eight candidates for four seats. A separate race for a two-year term is uncontested.

Barack and Bibi

Whether they like it or not, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu are stuck with each other.

Vote yes on Unit 4 plan

It's a tough vote. Nonetheless, voters should cast a yes ballot for the Champaign schools construction plan.

Boy wonder's big fall

U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock of Peoria had a meteoric rise and fall.

Rep. Schock, the one-time Republican wunderkind, flew too close to the sun and paid the price.

His record fall from grace has Shakespearean overtones of triumph and tragedy.

It's a shame that a politician of such promise would become the victim of his own hubris and self-aggrandizement.