New watchdog

It's never a good idea to let the foxes decide who's going to guard the henhouse.

There is no doubt that Springfield lawyer William Roberts has had a successful career and enjoys a fine reputation.

Bottoms up

Drinking a cold beer on a hot day at the state fair sounds appealing.

People like freebies. But there's no such thing as a free lunch, and there's no free beer either.

NCAA makes a deal

The beleaguered leaders of the college sports establishment are facing up to the concussion issue.

With another college football season in the offing, the announcement Tuesday that the NCAA settled a class-action lawsuit on head injuries is certainly timely.

What's the rush?

Implementing a revolutionary process of energy exploration has proved to be an elusive dream in Illinois.

Tax law trumps tutorial

Delivering lectures on taxes others should pay isn't nearly as effective as revising the tax code.

Pay freeze?

How bitter will the public employee pension medicine be?

Illinois is in desperate financial straits, a circumstance driven in large part by the crippling costs of pensions for public employees.

A neighborhood under attack

The casualty list will continue to rise if the shooting doesn't stop.

After the second fatal shooting in less than a month in Champaign, it seems clear that more than defiant rhetoric is required to quell the violence.

No privacy in public business

Can an organization be private when virtually its entire premise is predicated on public resources? The courts will decide.

The Illinois High School Association rubs a lot of people the wrong way, sometimes for good reason and sometimes not.

Language barrier

Legislators who pass laws without studying the language or contemplating the consequences help keep the courts busy.

President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act faces another serious legal challenge, one caused either by sloppy statutory language or an ill-advised and unconstitutional power grab.

More talks

Iran is interested in talking about dismantling its nuclear program, not actually dismantling it.

Six months was plenty of time to work out a deal on Iran's nuclear weapons program until it became not enough.

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