Editorial | Great politics, bad policy

Illinois' sales tax is already too narrow, and now legislators are inventing ways to have it apply to fewer items and to bringin less money.

Editorial | The $500 million question

There were doubts from the start about how easy it would be to pull off the Discovery Partners Institute, the cherished, multi-university innovation center the University of Illinois and former Gov. Bruce Rauner had promoted. There are fresh doubts sinceGov. J.B. Pritzker's budget requires$500 million in private funding before any state funding is turned over.

Editorial | An easily avoidable tax

It won't change the world, but a plastic bag tax would change the landscape on the windy plains of Illinois and be a big help to farmers who are increasingly plagued by bags that litter their land and can interrupt their work in the fields. Plus, the tax can be easily mitigated or totally avoided by consumers.

Editorial | Time to speak up for Middle Fork

Citizens get their chance next Tuesday to speak out against a plan that would build a wall of rock and other fill to hold back600 million tons of coal ash stored along the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River. There's a much better way to protect the scenic stream in Vermilion County, and that is to remove the dangerous coal ash.

Editorial | Happy 50th, Krannert Center

For half a century, central Illinois residents have been counting their blessings that forward-looking people — and University of Illinois alums — Herman Krannert and Max Abramovitz combined to bring the UI a splendid performing arts center that is welcoming, beautiful and functional.

Editorial | Bike-sharing expansion

In its first seven months in C-U, the bike vendor VeoRide Inc. reported 14,800 unique bike riders and 165,000 total bike rides — during some of the worst bike-riding months of the year. Now it is about to convert many of its bikes to electric models and hopes to expand the number of bikes in town.

Editorial | Solid hopefuls for Parkland board

Our endorsements go to incumbents Bianca Green and Jonathan Westfield.

Opened in 1967, Parkland College has long been an education mainstay for students pursuing a wide variety of educational outcomes.

Editorial | Incumbents get nod for Champaign council

Will Kyles, Tom Bruno and Matt Gladney deserve another term making governmental decisions in Champaign.

It wouldn't be much of a surprise if voters in Champaign's municipal election found themselves confused by the city's hybrid form of electioneering.

Editorial | For Unit 116 board: Anne Hall and Paul Poulosky

Urbana schools would be well-served byAnne Hall and Paul Poulosky.

Some voters in the Urbana school district will enjoy something unusual in the April 2 election — two candidates from whom to choose, not just one.

Editorial | For Unit 4 board: Amy Armstrong, Chris Kloeppel, Kathy Shannon and Lee McDonald

Amy Armstrong, Chris Kloeppel, Kathy Shannon and Lee McDonald get nod to lead Champaign school district.

Voters in the Champaign school district this year have the luxury of choosing from among a smorgasbord of candidates for the four seats up for election.