Put money where mouth is

So far, key Middle Eastern countries aren't showing much interest in fighting what they describe as an existential threat.

Monitor required to oversee hiring

The courts must act with resolve to end illegal hiring in the state's Transportation Department.

Patronage hiring in state government apparently was an open secret until a recent inspector general's report let the cat officially out of the bag.

Neutral observer

High-tech body cameras may soon become standard gear in police departments across Illinois and the rest of the country.

In-car cameras are a common feature in police patrol cars. State law requires authorities to videotape conversations with suspects in certain kinds of serious criminal cases.

What's next in Illinois?

Bottoms up

The UI's sports program has been looking for a silver bullet — now it's found one.

Last weekend's drubbing at the hands of the Washington Huskies is enough to drive University of Illinois fans to drink.

Double trouble

The hiring scandal at the state's Transportation Department continues to grow.

Politicians who try to have it both ways on tough issues usually end up making everybody mad.

Making bad situation worse

Illinois keeps trying to spend its way out of debt.

If there is anything that is undeniable about government in Illinois, it's that the state is flat broke.

It has $5.1 billion in unpaid bills, owes $100 billion for underfunded state pensions and faces crippling budget deficits.

Obama goes to war

He's trying to get out, but events keep pulling President Obama back into Middle East conflicts.

Casting aside his usual ambivalence about projecting American power, President Barack Obama has committed this country to launching an attack on a new terrorist threat that he says will take years to destroy.

Slugging it out

The two major gubernatorial candidates don't have much nice to say about each other.

When two powerful people covet the same prize, it's inevitable that the competition will turn to personal conflict.

That's why political campaigns often not only are hard-fought but personally ugly.

Welcome face-lift

The planned remake of heavily traveled streets in the campus area is an exciting prospect.

A $15.7 million federal grant combined with another $19 million in local matching funds will go a long way toward changing the face of five major traffic corridors in Champaign-Urbana.

Penn State goes on parole

Players and coaches on the Penn State University football team will no longer have to pay for a former coach's crimes.

The NCAA recently modified its ill-advised sanctions against the Penn State program, coming to its senses four years after the horrific Jerry Sandusky child-molestation scandal that tainted the school's reputation.