Editorial | UI discipline under review

How much of an opportunity are university students allowed to defend themselves?

A most interesting case concerning college disciplinary hearings — one with potentially serious precedent-setting possibilities — is pending before U.S. Judge Colin Bruce at Urbana's federal courthouse.

Editorial | Dual message in Democrats' victory

It was not just Republicans who were shaken by a surprise Democratic win in a Pennsylvania congressional race.

Republican members of Congress, particularly the U.S. House of Representatives, reportedly are apoplectic over their political futures after the Democrats' big victory in a House race in Pennsylvania.

Editorial | Bucks, but not big bucks

Champaign County officials are in no position to turn down a request to lease out part of their nursing home. But the state is.

Given the Champaign County Nursing Home's terrible financial problems, it's no surprise county officials are willing to consider any offer that boosts cash flow there.

Editorial | Open doors wide

Do people really have a right to know? Or just a right to know what the government doesn't mind them knowing?

Editorial | Spirit of genius

His resilience with his work in physics made Stephen Hawking a popular-culture icon.

Stephen Hawking was born in 1942 on the same day 300 years later — Jan. 8 — that Galileo died. How appropriate.

Editorial | Juvenile adults?

It's axiomatic that with rights come responsibilities.

One of Gov. Bruce Rauner's highest legislative priorities has been criminal-justice reform, with the goal of reducing the state's prison population by 25 percent over a period of years.

Editorial | A new man at Foggy Bottom

Another one bites the dust.

The revolving door at the Trump White House continues to spin, the latest news concerning the president's decision to jettison U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from his inner circle.

Editorial | Dems release their tax plan

Unhappy with the new status quo, Senate Democrats hope to rewrite federal tax law by increasing taxes on upper-income earners.

Senate Democrats made no secret of their disgust with the Republicans' federal tax-cut legislation signed into law in December by President Donald Trump.

Editorial | Summing up the summit

President Donald Trump has once again demonstrated his capacity to surprise.

One never knows what will come next at the Trump White House — tariffs, resignations or, potentially, groundbreaking diplomacy?

Editorial | Foolish embrace of secrecy

How the truth hurts.

On March 4, The News-Gazette editorial board took Champaign school administrators and board members to the woodshed for their slippery handling of a $3.4 million building purchase.