Forced turnover

The University of Illinois football season is off to a surprising start, and it hasn't even started yet.

It's usually after the season — or in especially dire circumstances at midseason — when big-time college football coaches are invited not to return for the following year.

Illinois has duty to downsize

It's considered unthinkable in Illinois to consolidate or dissolve wasteful and outdated units of government?

Can anyone imagine a unit of government so bloated and inefficient that it spends $448,000 a year to hand out $84,000 in assistance to the needy.

Close quarters

Is it appropriate for Speaker Mike Madigan's right-hand man to work for other entities seeking state funds?

If access to and influence over power is crucial to getting things done, no one is better placed to be effective than Steve Brown.

The road ahead

Former Illini Darius Paul faces a bigger problem than finding a new place to play basketball.

Darius Paul has said that he is sorry, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that his expression of deep regret is not sincere.

Times changing

With medical marijuana already legal in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislators are taking steps toward decriminalization.

Illinois law involving marijuana possession is changing, perhaps too fast for some and not fast enough for others.

A deal? Or disaster?

It's impossible to ignore the dire financial straits facing the Chicago schools.

A couple weeks ago, the Fitch Ratings lowered the Chicago Board of Education's bond rating to junk status, a decision that followed an earlier decision by Moody's Investors Service to strip the school system of its investment grade rating.

Run, Joe, run?

The news is out. It's all over Washington.

Vice President Joe Biden is considering making a run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination based on the calculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's email scandal and flagging poll numbers have irretrievably damaged her election prospects.

A courtly gentleman

The court at the State Farm Center will bear the name of one of college basketball's great people.

This week's feel-good story was delivered on Monday, when University of Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas announced that the UI's basketball court will be named in honor of longtime coach Lou Henson.

Another vacancy

Another top campus job has opened up.

Two week ago, it was University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise. This week, it's Provost llesanmi Adesida.

Who or what is next?

The sad consequences of an ill-conceived decision to use private email accounts to avoid public scrutiny continue to shake the UI to its core.

ISIS killings continue

People may not want to think or hear about it, but the Islamic State remains active and dangerous in the Middle East.

The nihilist, theocratic killers from ISIS demonstrated again last week why the Western world needs to pay attention and put a stop to its murderous rampage in the Middle East.