Pension woes continue to grow

Now it's Illinois mayors who say municipal pension costs have become unaffordable.

When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently prevailed upon state legislators to modify the rules surrounding two of the city's financially staggering municipal pension funds, he released a political and policy contagion that is spreading.

The searchers

Here we go again.

The University of Illinois is looking for another high-level administrator, this time a president tentatively scheduled to assume office in July 2015. Like the beginning of another baseball season for Chicago Cubs fans, hope springs eternal.

Phantom votes

Illinois' sordid political history involving voting isn't a thing of the past.

Democrats have a stranglehold on the legislative process in Springfield, holding veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate.

Just correct the mistake

Legislators' simple mistakes can be awfully complicated.

Nobody ever said that addressing Illinois' public pension woes would be easy. But state legislators have made it even more difficult than they thought — maybe even impossible — by including a provision that will reduce university retirees' benefits if they work past June 30.

Calling all candidates

Champaign County Democrats are looking for a few good men or women.

It's not easy being the chairman of a local political party, and that's especially so in an election year.

So while congratulations are due to new Champaign County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Harrison and the re-elected Democratic Party Chairman Al Klein, so are condolences.

Just win, baby!

The new Fighting Illini look is a sure-fire conversation starter.

It's always exciting to get excited, but is the stylist uniformity over the Fighting Illini's new uniforms really worth all the superlatives tossed their way?

Fashion experts and people who know how to make money selling sports gear say they are. So it must be true.

One place for Obama library

State officials need to hold their horses when it comes to subsidizing the cost of the Obama Presidential Library.

In a state as broke as Illinois, it's a big deal to spend $100 million on a nonessential project.

Warning sign

The results of a new study complicate the arguments of those promoting the benefits of marijuana legalization.

Those who view marijuana as a benign recreational drug have reason to reconsider their views in the aftermath of a study conducted jointly by the Northwestern University School of Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital.

A long shot

The latest plan for expanded gambling in Illinois is no Christmas tree, but it would be a big gift for  Chicago.

Elected officials continue their pursuit of expanded gambling in Illinois and are coming up short. Their latest plan — one designed exclusively for the city of Chicago — looks like another loser.

Forced food flops

There's not much appetite for MDBs — meals dictated by bureaucrats.

Federal officials can lead kids to lunch, but they can't make 'em eat squash ... or something like that.

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