Blast from past

Cases involving the criminally insane continue to vex the legal system.

How many people under 40 recognize John Hinckley's name, let alone know why he remains a notorious character in American history?

Wrist slap

Ordering a lenient sentence for a corrupt public official sends the wrong message, especially in Illinois.

During a hearing this week in Chicago federal court, U.S. Judge Sharon Coleman expressed dismay over widespread political corruption.

In practically her next breath, she offered at least a partial explanation for why it's so.

Another UI win

Do Illini women have the home field advantage at the Boston Marathon?

Congratulations to the latest Illini — Tatyana McFadden — to capture first place in the Boston Marathon women's wheelchair race.

An independent in the 13th?

Still suffering from Potomac fever, Dr. Davis Gill is preparing another run for Congress.

Those gasps of disgust and dismay that so many people heard Wednesday were local Democrats distraught over the news that Dr. David Gill intends to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016 as an independent candidate.

Another festive event

The late Roger Ebert's film festival has become a part of our community fabric.

Chalk up another Ebertfest for the history books — No. 17.

How can that be?

Bad teachers

State and federal statutes, not popular imagination, define a "racketeer."

Ten Atlanta school teachers and administrators recently were convicted in connection with an organized effort to falsify student scores on statewide achievement tests.

Campus fuelishness

Who has the energy for another campus protest?

There's a new fad hitting the nation's college campuses, and it surely won't be long before it comes to the University of Illinois.

An organization called "Fossil Free" is promoting a movement to persuade colleges and universities to divest fossil fuel industry stocks from their endowments.

Dog joins fight

You just can't beat a generous spirit.

There's nothing like the functional equivalent of money falling out of the sky.

Or, as Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh put it, "I've never had a grant like that."

Walsh is referring to a $78,856 grant awarded to the sheriff's office by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

A taxing process

Unless you filed for an extension, it's all over but the shouting.

With the April 15 federal and state income tax deadline now in the rear view mirror, most Americans have closed the book on another tax season.

It's time for statesmanship

Illinois' disastrous financial standing demands that our elected officials set aside their partisan differences and make the tough decisions that serve the broad public interest.

Baseball great Branch Rickey once opined that luck is the residue of design. He meant good luck. But his theory still applies: If the design is flawed, the luck just turns out to be bad.