Editorial | Common sense wins out

The third attempt proved to be the charm for a bill sponsored by state Sen. Scott Bennett that eliminates the state's ability to pull the license of a professional who falls behind on student-loan payments.

Editorial | Allies, not enemies

President Donald Trump's disappointment with news coverage is understandable and hardly unusual for a political figure, but berating people for doing their job is disappointing and contrary to the ideals of the founders of the republic.

Editorial | MAP program changes welcome

It's a big election year in Illinois, and the political bickering of two years ago has been forgotten. Republicans and Democrats worked together to bring some stability to higher education and other parts of state government. The governor has joined in.

Editorial | Busting the myth of downstate disparity

Downstate Illinoisans aren't subsidizing residents of the Chicago area, new research shows. In fact, it's the other way around.

Editorial | Death to inflation?

Protesters in Iran have found a new foe to denounce, one that is quite different than what Americans have heard in past years.

With the Iranian economy already in tatters, the Trump administration last week launched a renewal of economic sanctions aimed at persuading that country's leader to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

Editorial | NCAA singing a new tune

The new college men's basketball landscape includes more freedom for players to hire agents and go pro.

The czars of major college basketball have a tiger by the tail thanks to a combination of the huge sums of money surrounding their businesses and the growing recruiting scandal that has already tarred or will tar an estimated 20 big-time programs.

Editorial | Hiring lawsuit

A state patronage hiring scandal going back 12 years just won't go away.

The political class in Illinois has an entitlement mentality, and not just those at the top of the political heap.

The mindset goes all the way down to the lowliest party patronage worker.

Editorial | Another hat tossed in ring

How about some real competition?

A suburban Chicago resident, Justin Hanson, recently announced that he's running as a write-in candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives because "I don't believe men like Art Jones should be allowed to go unchallenged."

Editorial | Pat vs. Rahm

Two familiar personalities are engaged in high-stakes political gamesmanship.

Former Gov. Pat Quinn has set the stage for another Chicago-style civics lesson for residents of the Windy City.

If all goes as it usually goes in the city that works for some far better than it does for others, the results will be another blinding glimpse of the obvious.

Editorial | Candid study on cameras

Red-light cameras reduce vehicle safety.

City officials in Chicago argue vehemently that they installed hundreds of red-light cameras there to promote public safety, not general new revenues.

That argument always has invited skepticism for a variety of reasons.