A deal? Or disaster?

It's impossible to ignore the dire financial straits facing the Chicago schools.

A couple weeks ago, the Fitch Ratings lowered the Chicago Board of Education's bond rating to junk status, a decision that followed an earlier decision by Moody's Investors Service to strip the school system of its investment grade rating.

Run, Joe, run?

The news is out. It's all over Washington.

Vice President Joe Biden is considering making a run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination based on the calculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's email scandal and flagging poll numbers have irretrievably damaged her election prospects.

A courtly gentleman

The court at the State Farm Center will bear the name of one of college basketball's great people.

This week's feel-good story was delivered on Monday, when University of Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas announced that the UI's basketball court will be named in honor of longtime coach Lou Henson.

ISIS killings continue

People may not want to think or hear about it, but the Islamic State remains active and dangerous in the Middle East.

The nihilist, theocratic killers from ISIS demonstrated again last week why the Western world needs to pay attention and put a stop to its murderous rampage in the Middle East.

Another vacancy

Another top campus job has opened up.

Two week ago, it was University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise. This week, it's Provost llesanmi Adesida.

Who or what is next?

The sad consequences of an ill-conceived decision to use private email accounts to avoid public scrutiny continue to shake the UI to its core.

Battle to come

The political establishment won't go down without a bloody fight.

Despite Illinois' disastrous financial standing, dysfunctional government and history of foul dealings, the powers that be remain no less determined to maintain the corrupt status quo.

Nonetheless, they're runnin' scared.

Hillary's email

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's penchant for secrecy and the lengths she will go to achieve it have blown up in her face.

A bad vote

State legislators have taxpayers up against a wall with a knife to their throats.

Wednesday's Illinois Senate vote to bury the state even deeper in debt was a disappointment, but certainly no surprise.

That's what legislators have been doing for the past decade. Why stop now?

Carter's courage

Despite a serious health challenge, former President Jimmy Carter says he's looking forward, not back.

Time tends to diminish whatever differences Americans have with their former presidents, to the point that they become not Democrats or Republicans but elder statesmen appreciated more for who they are rather than what they did in office.

More stupidity from Springfield

State legislators are too often either unconcerned about or oblivious to the impact of their decisions on local units of government.

Almost everyone has heard that age-old lie, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Apparently that rule applies when one unit of government is dealing with another unit of government.