Editorial | Selling nursing home the only sensibile option

The Champaign County Board is set to vote on a sale at its Thursday meeting.

A showdown — of sorts — is scheduled for Thursday evening. That's when Champaign County Board members are scheduled to vote on whether to sell their money-losing nursing home to a private operator for $11 million.

Editorial | An unfair advantage

Judges who are stepping aside should time their exits in a manner where voters fill positions.

Judges in Illinois — trial, appellate and Supreme Court — are supposed to be elected, initially in partisan races and subsequently in retention contests where voters choose whether to keep them or put them out to pasture.

Editorial | Taxpayers taken for a ride

A new leasing arrangement screams incompetence by state officials.

The verdict has been rendered on a suspect lease of a former Springfield furniture store that state officials signed, and it does not reflect well on those who have the responsibility for making the deal.

Editorial | Everything's going Pritzker's way

For Rauner to have any chance, he'll need to get his party back in order

As he approaches the November election, Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker has many advantages that make him the odds-on favorite to win.

Editorial | Don't keep voters in the dark

When it comes to tax plans, Pritzker and Madigan need to be more specific.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker continues to defy political convention by touting his plans to raise income taxes if he's elected.

Editorial | Rauner's revisions rile up the Democrats

Partisan skirmishing continues in Springfield.

In rewriting a gun-control bill to reinstate the death penalty in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner is fighting fire with fire. Or, to put it another way, politics with politics.

Editorial | Sports betting in Illinois?

The NCAA men's basketball tournament may soon take on a new air of excitement.

In the first of what is expected to be a blockbuster series of decisions, the U.S. Supreme Court Monday issued a doozy.

Editorial | Election ammunition

Two proposals backed by Gov. Bruce Rauner are dead, but that doesn't mean they won't be used in the gubernatorial campaign.

It's a long time from today until the November general election, so the political posturing by the candidates for governor is just getting started.

Editorial | Illinois stuck in the muck

A Governing magazine poll shows Illinois ranks in the bottom half of states in growth of gross domestic product.

When it comes to Illinois' financial status, bad news isn't bad news anymore. It's increasingly just the way things are.

Editorial | Just the tip of the iceberg

Several municipalities are expected to face the pension crisis that's currently gripping Harvey.

Few people pay much attention to Harvey, an impoverished community in the Chicago area. But they should, because it's the canary in the coal mine — a harbinger of municipal pension disasters to come in communities across the state.