He went off to college to make his fortune

He went off to college to make his fortune

Some people go to school with the idea of getting rich someday while others skip school to start working immediately on their first million.

Jawed Karim decided to go to school while he was making his millions, and his plan is paying off big time. Last week Karim, who enrolled at the University of Illinois as a freshman in 1998 and now is attending graduate school at Stanford University, hit the jackpot for the second time.

As one of the founders and creators of YouTube, Karim will be on the receiving end of a multimillion dollar windfall. Google is buying the startup company founded in 2005 for $1.65 billion.

Karim is a bit vague about the size of his share of the booty, saying only that it will be less than his co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen will get because he preferred going to school while they worked full time at YouTube. Hurley and Chen will be receiving an estimated $300 million each.

In 2002, Karim hit the jackpot for the first time when PayPal, a company where he worked and first met Hurley and Chen, was purchased by EBay. According to news reports, the sale netted Karim a few million dollars, making it easy to pay tuition at Stanford.

Even now, Karim has a greater interest in learning and education than in the world of business. He says that he wants to be a professor, but concedes that he wouldn't object to getting involved in another startup like PayPal and YouTube. If past is prologue, Karim will do both.

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