Mom, five newborns fine after Caesarean section

Mom, five newborns fine after Caesarean section

ST. LOUIS – It took just 20 minutes for Pete and Jenny Ferrill's family to nearly triple in size Thursday afternoon, with the long-awaited birth of their quintuplets.

At 2 p.m. Thursday in a St. Louis hospital, Jenny Ferrill of Danville underwent a Caesarean section, and at 2:20 p.m. three boys and two girls – none identical – entered the world.

According to a hospital spokesman, the babies came ývery quickly,ý and within two hours of their birth, all five were doing fine along with their mother.

The three boys, Landyn Konner, Drayden Carter and Layne Mykel, and two girls, Irelyn Kadyn and Kieran Skye, are the Ferrills' first children.

The Danville couple had almost started the adoption process earlier this year when they learned that Jenny Ferrill was pregnant. Initially, they were told they were having quadruplets, but an ultrasound later revealed a fifth baby.

Jenny Ferrill will be in the hospital for several more days, while the babies, which are about seven weeks premature, won't go home for another eight to 10 weeks.

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