Big government

Big government

Nanny Bloomberg is on a rampage.

Fresh from his foray in regulating the soft drink consumption of his fellow New Yorkers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's appetite for regulation appears to be growing.

Bloomberg made big news recently when he decreed that so many of his fellow citizens are obese that he decided to limit the size of soft drinks that are sold to 16 ounces. Now the panel in charge of approving the new soft drink sales rules is looking for new targets.

Under consideration by the New York Board of Health are plans to limit the size of popcorn containers sold at movie theaters and milk drinks, like milkshakes, that have more than an acceptable amount of calories.

Of course, once regulation of this nature gets started, there will be no limit to the plans some people have for improving others by regulating their lives.

Bloomberg, of course, made national news with his plan to fight the obesity issue by limiting the size of soft drink containers. That much of the reaction was ridicule for his over-the-top proposal seems to have not fazed him in the slightest.

So consider yourself warned. The nanny staters not only are coming, they already are here. Their appetite for your liberty is insatiable.

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Sid Saltfork wrote on June 15, 2012 at 2:06 pm

What does the City of New York's decision on food consumption have to do with the State of Illinois, and Champaign County?  If the people of New York want to limit food consumption to reduce obesity, and diabetes to save Medicaid money does that lead to Big Government in Illinois which has the same problem doing the same thing?  Big Government in Illinois would simply take "campaign donations" from the corporations; and vote it down.  How many times have we read comments regarding the use of LINK cards to buy soda, steaks, and sweets in the N-G?