Another triumph for UI track star

Another triumph for UI track star

Track star Ashley Spencer has already accomplished big things, but she's only just getting started.

If you can catch up to Ashley Spencer, congratulate her. But be advised, she moves fast.

In fact, she moves so fast that Spencer has won another NCAA championship — her second in the outdoor 400 meters competition.

After two years at the University of Illinois, Spencer has two championships, and she wants two more plus a crack at representing her country in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She's dreaming big, but there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, as Dizzy Dean once said, "If you can do it, it ain't bragging."

Spencer is another in a long line of UI athletes who has parlayed her talent, her work ethic and her coaching into tremendous success in her field of competition.

Obviously, she has a passion for her sport, but that's just one element of what it takes to be a champion athlete at the NCAA level. College athletes must be able to manage the many demands on their time, be committed to the hard work necessary to get better, overcome injuries and cope with the pressure to perform. It's not easy, even if the really good ones make it look easy.

Spencer is one of those silky smooth track athletes who makes the seemingly impossible look like a snap. Way to go. She's made the UI community proud.

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