New wheels

New wheels

A small person with a big heart can do a lot.

Average people can get a lot done if they put their minds to it. That applies to kids, too, especially if they get a helping hand from family members and friends.

So congratulations to 7-year-old Allie Cooper of Danville, a second-grader with entrepreneurial and charitable instincts.

Allie recently set up a lemonade stand on South Gilbert Street with the goal of raising enough money to buy an "AmTryke" for a child with special needs.

She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, collecting $800 at last count, and donations are still pouring in.

There's little doubt that Allie got some help from family members and especially generous customers at her lemonade stands.

But isn't that always the way with charitable endeavors? Donors are necessary for success, but donations only come when some public-spirited citizen — in this case Allie — gets the plan off the ground.

So way to go, Allie.

She has set a shining example that demonstrates how much can be achieved if one has a good heart and good idea.

Allie is donating the proceeds from her lemonade stand to Danville's AMBUCS chapter. AMBUCS has for years provided these special cycles to children with physical and developmental challenges.

This program not only provides a recreational outlet to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to get out and about with their friends. But the activity gets these kids moving in a way that is physically and emotionally beneficial.

All together, Allie and AMBUCS make a good team, one in which the community can take pride.

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