Applications are in

Applications are in

After a court fight forced a trustee's resignation, Parkland College is looking to fill out its full complement of trustees.

Just as there was widespread interest from candidates for the Parkland College Board of Trustees election held in April, so too is there similar interest from applicants seeking appointment to an open seat.

Parkland, which announced on Oct. 2 that it was accepting applicants, disclosed earlier this week that the college has received 13 applications, all but one from Champaign County residents.

The board is required to fill the vacancy, created by the resignation of Rochelle Harden, within 60 days of her Sept. 27 resignation. Between now and then, the six remaining board members will review the applications and conduct interviews with the applicants during an open board session.

It is somewhat surprising, and a little bit disappointing, that 12 of the applicants are from Champaign County and one from Piatt County.

Parkland includes all or parts of 11 counties (Champaign, Ford, Coles, DeWitt, Douglas, Edgar, Iroquois, Livingston, Moultie, McLean and Vermilion). So where is the interest from citizens in the other counties?

Three of the applicants competed in the April election. But it's our hope that having been a trustee candidate will not be a factor in the board's ultimate choice.

The board has a chance here to select a candidate based on qualifications alone, perhaps picking up someone with expertise the current board does not have. It would not be unreasonable, however, for the board to suggest to the successful applicant to make a commitment to run in the next election as a condition of appointment.

Board members, after all, benefit from experience, and the more institutional knowledge they have, the better the public will be served.

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C in Champaign wrote on October 12, 2017 at 12:10 pm

Thanks for letting us know where they are from... I'd rather know who they are.

And why would it be reasonable to ask for a committment to run in the next election? there is no rule that says you have to serve, or try to serve more than one term.