Editorial | For the Republicans: Erika Harold

Editorial | For the Republicans: Erika Harold

For the first time in a long time, Republicans actually have a chance to win the attorney general's office.

No one expected many Republicans to be fighting among themselves for the party's nomination in the race for attorney general, and there aren't.

There are just two candidates competing in the March 20 primary election for the GOP nomination — Champaign's Erika Harold and DuPage County Board member Gary Grasso.

There was only one Republican running when longtime Democratic incumbent Lisa Madigan announced last year that she had decided not to run for re-election. That changed everything, drawing eight Democrats and Republican Grasso into the fray.

Just as the nominee on the Democratic side was an easy endorsement to make, so it is on the Republican's side as well.

Harold is the superior candidate because of her legal ability, her overall perspective on what this office can be and do, and her political appeal as a thoughtful and conscientious public servant.

Indeed, there is much about Harold that will appeal to independents and Democrats, as well as Republicans.

She's running for a partisan office, because that's how our political system is structured. But law enforcement is supposed to be above politics, and Harold recognizes that to approach the attorney general's office in any other way would only breed disrespect for the law and further disrespect for politics in this state.

But let's start with the personal because, after all, Harold is a local girl who made good. She's a product of the Urbana schools, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Illinois and a graduate of Harvard Law School. She's also a former Miss America who used her contest winnings to finance her law school education.

A serious person, she used her year as the reigning Miss America to deliver a well-received anti-bullying message and has devoted her free time and energy to a variety of causes, including prison ministry, while practicing law.

She ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014. Whether she wins this race or not, Harold is a winner in life, one who has much to offer the people of this state.

She's talked about continuing the consumer advocacy of Attorney General Madigan but also using the office — in a nonpartisan way — to address corruption issues. She's also thoughtful about the office's potential as a bully pulpit to discourage negative social pathologies — like inner city violence — that plague this state.

There's more to report. But readers get the idea. Harold is a great candidate who can get voters from a variety of perspectives excited. Republicans are well advised to nominate this fine candidate.

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Mr Dreamy wrote on February 28, 2018 at 7:02 am

So a complete lack of experience is superior to Grasso’s vast experience, yet Sami Anderson’s “youth” makes her less qualified? 

Ericka Harold is local, so what.  Roy Moore was local in Alabama. So much for the desirability of “local”.

Your hypocrisy is shameless.