Editorial | Eye on the mayoral prize

Editorial | Eye on the mayoral prize

'I'm Susana Mendoza, and I'm running for mayor of Chicago, and I ask you to join me on this journey together.'

Wait a minute. Today is Election Day, and Susana Mendoza is running for re-election as state comptroller.

Indeed, she has repeatedly said she is focused on the comptroller's office, as Mendoza should be if she's running for the important post.

But the facts say otherwise. A candidate cannot be focused on running for one office while making advertisements announcing she's running for another. The inconsistencies defy the ability of the most slippery candidate to spin the truth.

Chicago television news reported that Mendoza's mayoral ad surfaced late last week, in time to raise questions about the candidate's veracity with respect to the comptroller's office.

The Mendoza campaign reported that the video clip showing her announcement for mayor was stolen (so what) and insisted that the ad was made as a precautionary measure just in case she decided to run in next year's mayoral contest (yeah, right).

The municipal primary will be held in February and the election in April. So there is a time crunch for those candidates running in the general election today who also plan to run for mayor next year.

But the time crunch is not so great that candidates are spared the necessity of being truthful with the voters, and she hasn't been.

Nonetheless, Mendoza's on today's ballot. She's a competent, but obviously crafty and calculating, candidate. (The News-Gazette endorsed her for her competence.)

But don't expect her to stick around long. If it's up to her, she'll be out of the comptroller's office and on to bigger and better things in a flash.

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