Editorial | New wrinkle on old problem

Editorial | New wrinkle on old problem

Rising politician Nick Sauer fell quickly.

Former state Rep. Nick Sauer was one of those back-bench state legislators with whom few people were familiar.

But he found a way to remedy his name-recognition problem, unfortunately in the most unfortunate way.

Sauer this week became the latest member of the Legislature to be indicted when he was charged criminally by a Lake County grand jury.

Unlike his legislative predecessors in crime, Sauner wasn't charged with unlawfully trying to feather his own financial nest.

He was too honest for that. Instead, the first-term Republican from Lake Barrington found a more personal way to allegedly run afoul of the law.

The charges allege that Sauer posted private sexual photos of former girlfriends online without their permission.

Readers may recall last year's controversy after one of Sauer's girlfriends went public with her complaints about his despicable behavior. He quickly resigned from the House, not the last but certainly the latest in a string of bad legislative actors to run afoul of the law.

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