Editorial | Trump challenger

Editorial | Trump challenger

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld has announced his intentions to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Never-Trumpers in the Republican Party got some good news this week when former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld announced that he intends to challenge President Donald Trump in the contest for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Weld's name may not be recognizeable to a large segment of the population, but he was a successful Republican governor in a Democratic state.

More recently, however, he's flirted with quixotic political adventures, once running for governor of New York and in 2016 running for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket.

He's a credible politician, but he may not be a credible candidate for the GOP nomination.

After all, Weld makes no secret of his ardent admiration for Democrat Hillary Clinton, and that's not a position most Republicans embrace.

Nonetheless, as an announced Trump opponent in next year's presidential primaries, it's a sure bet that the news media will intensely cover everything he says and does. Getting his message out will be no problem for the 73-year-old Weld.

Like many people, Weld simply cannot abide either Trump's manner or policies. He said, "I would be ashamed of myself if I didn't raise my hand and run."

In that sense, merely announcing his candidacy will meet Weld's desire to maintain his self-respect. Convincing his fellow party members that he's a serious candidate will be much more difficult.

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