Editorial | Costly mistake

Feuding with a neighbor is OK; fighting with one is not.

A jury in Bowling Green, Ky., last week delivered an expensive message to those who think that launching a physical assault is a sensible way to resolve a dispute.

Jurors awarded more than $580,000 in damages and medical expenses to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, the victim of a 2017 assault by his neighbor.

Editorial | More problems at Urbana High

This week's brawl shows anew how school officials are failing their students.

Constantly in public-relations spin mode, the Urbana school system once again is trying to recover from another self-inflicted wound.

Editorial | Ad explains what's at stake

The Washington Post's Super Bowl spot was a worthy effort to describe the vital role played by American newspapers.

Sports dominates American popular culture, and no sporting event is bigger than the Super Bowl. It's an annual exercise in excess that is nominally about determining the NFL season champion.

Editorial | A battle they won't win

The Catholic Church and others can speak out against the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, but it's still going to happen in the near future.

Now that J.B. Pritzker is safely ensconced in the governor's office, it appears that he and state legislators will move with dispatch to make Illinois the latest state to legalize marijuana.

Editorial | Pull the plug

It's time to cut back on legislative perks.

A Barrington Hills state legislator has a good idea how this state's politicians can demonstrate that they're not just looking out for themselves, but the public's best interests.

David McSweeney wants to do away with the lavish pensions that state legislators qualify for once they take office.

Editorial | Tobacco double cross

Governments tax tobacco sales because they want the money, not because they want to stamp out the source of the revenue.

Contrary to public perceptions, the major tobacco companies and state governments across the country have long had an unholy partnership.

Editorial | Candor from comptroller

Get ready for more bad news on the state budget.

State Comptroller Susana Mendoza is spending most of her time these days running for mayor of Chicago. But back at the office, her worker bees have been reviewing the state's finances, releasing a report last week that lays out the numbers.

Those looking for something to cheer them up should skip this horror story.

Editorial | Concerns in Wisconsin

The Foxconn Technology controversy puts the spotlight on taxpayer-funded subsidies for private-sector investments.

Companies make all kinds of decisions for all kinds of financial reasons.

What they do, mostly, is their business, except when they're the beneficiaries of generous taxpayer subsidies.

Editorial | Downsizing government

The committee on committees concluded it needed fewer committees.

When it comes to the Illinois General Assembly — Lord knows — there's not much good to say. After all, just look at the state the state is in.

But, just as when pigs fly, they deserve a round of applause, so, too, do our legislators deserve a thumbs-up when they make a good decision.

Editorial | Speech is back on

State of the Union addresses are part of the American political tradition.

Now that the federal government has been fully reopened, it's back to business as usual in Washington, D.C.

That means, among other things, that President Donald Trump, courtesy of an invitation from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, will deliver the annual State of the Union address on Tuesday.