Editorial | Too big to fall?

Assuming no seismic shift in publicopinion, it's very likely Illinois voters next month will elect as governor a white-collar miscreant who scammed Cook County taxpayers out of $330,000.

It's nothing new for Illinois to elect corrupt individuals to high office, including governor.

Editorial | Backing Webber, Rosenbaum for seats on bench

Judging would-be judges is among the most important decisions voters make.

Many people don't think much about judges, unless they're involved in litigation before them.

Editorial | For 104th Illinois House District: Mike Marron

Residents of the 104th Illinois House District are among the lucky exceptions to the common, but disastrous, political refrain of one candidate running unopposed. They actually have two — Republican Mike Marron of rural Fithian and Democrat Cindy Cunningham of rural Royal.

Editorial | For Champaign County clerk: Matt Grandone

The News-Gazette closes out its endorsements for Champaign County offices today. For county clerk, Republican Matt Grandone is endorsed.

Grandone, a longtime employee of the office, faces Democrat Aaron Ammons in the contest to succeed current clerk Gordy Hulten, who is vacating the office in a bid for county executive.

Editorial | Danville should go with city manager

As the Nov. 6 election approaches, citizens in Danville face an important decision about what type of municipal government they prefer.

Will they retain the current mayor/city council form of government or opt for what many consider to be a more professional approach — a city manager/city council model?

Editorial | For governor: Bruce Rauner

Evaluating the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor of Illinois is more complicated than it appears.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, seeking a second term, has had a rough four years. But that's not dispositive.

Editorial | Backing Susana Mendoza, Erika Harold in November

The News-Gazette's election endorsements continue today with recommendations for the offices of Illinois comptroller and attorney general.


The News-Gazette endorses Democratic incumbent Susana Mendoza for re-election.

Editorial | Supporting Jesse White and Mike Frerichs

The News-Gazette continues its endorsements for the upcoming election today with an examination of the contests for Illinois secretary of state and treasurer.

Secretary of state

As this newspaper has done in the past, it again endorses Democratic incumbent Jesse White for re-election.

Editorial | For Champaign County executive: Gordy Hulten

Two years ago, voters narrowly approved — by 393 votes — a plan to make Champaign County the second in the state with an elected executive.

This fall, voters will choose from among two good candidates for an office that could help lead a marooned county government toward progress on a host of issues.

Editorial | For Champaign County treasurer: Laurel Prussing

The News-Gazette is backing Laurel Prussing in the November election.

In an extremely close call, The News-Gazette endorses veteran political warhorse Laurel Prussing.