Editorial | Not as bad, but still bad

We're from the government, and we're here to help.

That's a reassuring bromide. But if in helping one entity the assisting bureaucrats punish many others, what's the overall benefit?

Editorial | Ohio, Michigan set good example

Illinois is falling farther behind the curve.

While the state of Illinois continues down the road to financial Armageddon and political oblivion represented by its sick status quo, other more successful states continue to shake things up.

Editorial | Double therapy

The sheriff of Cook County is giving new meaning to attempts at rehabilitation.

People and dogs have a symbiotic relationship that's been studied and tested in many ways.

Now Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, picking up on an idea from a fellow sheriff in Kentucky, is trying a new one.

Editorial | Offshoring is off-limits

In a state with many problems, it's good to see even small improvements.

Illinois governors have, for decades, paid members of their staffs out of the budgets of other executive departments that function under the umbrella of their office.

Editorial | Scandal within a scandal

Federal officials ignored a public-housing scandal in southern Illinois because they preferred continued human suffering to the consequences of public disclosure.

In Illinois, a political or governmental scandal is usually only a day away.

Editorial | Listen up!

A word to the allegedly wise should be sufficient.

U.S. Judge Colin Bruce last week issued an unmistakable warning to top University of Illinois officials they would be well-advised to heed.

How President Timothy Killeen, Chancellor Robert Jones and assorted officials down the organization chart respond will speak volumes about their collective judgment.

Editorial | Criticism comes with the territory

White House consideration to pull security clearances is petty.

President Donald Trump's instinct to attack those who attack him has, indisputably, served him well in his brief career in politics.

After all, he got elected president. So who can credibly assert that, for the most part, his hyper-aggressive approach isn't effective.

Editorial | Who'll give me $$$$$$$$?

It will be a landmark day when — and if — the Landmark Hotel property in downtown Urbana is sold

It's deja vu all over again.

Last year, the owner of the Landmark Hotel at Urbana's Lincoln Square put the property up for sale with a minimum bid of $1.2 million and a $5.4 million asking price.

It was no great surprise the property did not sell.

Editorial | Sad ending

Almost everyone was pulling for the Burnham Mansion moving project

The grand plan to save the historic Burnham Mansion has ended — not with a bang but a whimper.

It's a shame that preservationist Christopher Enck did not succeed in his efforts to cobble together a deal to move the property to 501 W. Church St., C. But it's not a surprise.

Editorial | New option to pay for college

The income-share-agreement concept was first proposed in the 1950s.

Given the high costs, parents and students are always looking for an affordable option to pay for a college education.

That's why a plan called an "income share agreement" is increasing in popularity.