Doctor's report

Candidate health also is an issue in Illinois' race for the U.S. Senate.

When it comes to U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, what voters see is what they get.

Worthy honoree

Dogs have twice the chance of sustaining a knee injury as people do.

It's always delightful to have the opportunity to salute lower-profile people who do important work, and it's our view that others share the same enthusiasm.

So kudos to Kim Knap?

Criminal gangs are major threat

The fight for control of profitable, criminal enterprises is the cause of much inner-city violence.

If readers want to understand one of the reasons why Chicago has become the murder capital of the United States, they need to look no farther than a trial that started last week in federal court there.

Unflattering portrait

Cast as a hero by some, congressional investigators assert that NSA contractor Edward Snowden betrayed his country.

The ranking ruse

Annual college ratings are a good conversation starter, but nothing to take too seriously.

U.S. News & World Report draws considerable attention to itself each year at this time with its college rankings, a questionable measure by any consideration but one that nonetheless raises concerns across the higher-education landscape.

Moving on up

The University of Illinois' administrative merry-go-round just keeps on spinning.

Acting Chancellor Barbara Wilson has landed on her feet, winning appointment as University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen's new second-in-command.

Good for her.

Buck leaders, push for reform

State Supreme Court will not allow a citizens' initiative to change how legislative districts are drawn. Local Democrats must propose necessary legislation.

The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday completed the destruction of its reputation as a nonpolitical branch of government devoted to resolving issues based on the facts and law.

To your health

History has repeatedly shown that the health of a president or presidential candidate is a big issue.

After weeks of speculation about the causes of her coughing fits, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fell headfirst into the health issue tar pit following a weekend event in New York City.

Cash and contracts

If money really is the mother's milk of politics, Comptroller Leslie Munger is making it easier to determine who's drinking their fill.

If this wasn't an election year, most people would be applauding state Comptroller Leslie Munger for boosting political accountability by making it easier to follow the money.

Another gusher

There's a new energy production boom in Texas.

Remember the energy crisis and predictions of $100-plus prices for a barrel of oil?

The hydraulic-fracturing revolution and the oil and natural gas it has produced have knocked those prices down to roughly $50 a barrel, saving consumers a fortune in the process.