Editorial | NCAA waiting to pounce?

After the trials comes the deluge.

The federal criminal investigation of illegal recruiting in college basketball didn't turn out to be the blockbuster that federal prosecutors suggested it would be.

But the revelations produced by trials involving shoe company executives, assistant college basketball coaches and player agents still provided the NCAA plenty to chew on.

Editorial | Can't stop it, so why try?

Is corruption so deeply embedded in Illinois politics that it's impossible to root out? Maybe.

Defense lawyers, bless their hearts, sometimes have to be creative when it comes to fashioning arguments on a client's behalf.

Editorial | Pickleball, anyone?

There's not as much real infrastructure spending in the state's new infrastructure spending plan as its architects would have the public believe.

News reports still are barely scratching the surface of the $45 billion capital improvements bill passed in haste and secrecy by the Illinois General Assembly.

Editorial | Board quotas removed from measure

Private corporations don't need any help running their businesses from public officials.

Proposed legislation that would have established racial and gender quotas on the boards of private corporations stirred up considerable opposition during the recent session of the Illinois General Assembly.

Editorial | New tax rates already in place

There are two ways to look at the governor's higher tax rates in waiting.

Amid all the discussion of some 300 new laws passed by the General Assembly, the people of Illinois may have overlooked one of the most important, both in terms of substance and symbolism.

Editorial | Teachers spike pension ball

Our legislators continue to fiddle while Rome burns.

With Illinois' public-pension systems buckling under the weight of many, many billions of dollars in debt, one would think the last thing our legislators would do is add to that monumental problem.

One would be wrong.

Editorial | State bets big on more gambling

Illinois needs many things. Are more opportunities to gamble one of them?

The deed — a massive expansion of legalized gambling in Illinois — is done. Its ramifications remain to be determined.

Editorial | Rantoul deal falls through

A California businessman is no longer pursuing an agreement to buy some of the former Chanute structures, but other parties are showing interest.

The village of Rantoul thought — and hoped — it had a deal to sell a handful of buildings at the old Chanute Air Force Base.

Editorial | Brainiacs rule

Uni High School students made a name for themselves at a national quiz-bowl competition in Atlanta.

It's no surprise that students from Uni High School in Urbana are aces in the brain game.

But, whether it comes out of the blue or not, it's important to recognize excellence no matter the endeavor.

Editorial | Rhetoric vs. reality?

The recent legislative session was historic — but in a good or bad way?

Gov. J.B. Pritzker could hardly wait to take a victory lap when the House and Senate adjourned their recent session after passing a slew of Pritzker-proposed measures.