Waste of money

Consolidating voting precincts where turnout is low should be just a matter of common sense. It wasn't for the Champaign County Board.

The Champaign County Board cast a disappointing vote this week that reversed an earlier decision it made to consolidate some campus voting precincts and save some hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Out like Flynn

One of President Trump's closest aides proved to be his own worst enemy.

The historical record will show that National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was the first major personnel casualty of the Trump administration. He lasted 24 days on the job, compared with the average stint of 2.6 years for individuals in that position.

Sorry lapse of judgment

A completely avoidable manhunt is underway.

It's clear now that the law enforcement response to the New Year's morning interstate car crash that led to the death of a Mahomet woman was little more than a tragic fiasco.

Tough medicine

People recognize how sick they are when they hear the doctor's recommendations on what's necessary to get well. It's the same for sick states like Illinois.

The state of Illinois — as has been stated in this space many times — is in deep trouble.

Playing politics in Urbana

There are so few Republicans in Urbana that they don't matter. Or do they?

There's only one contest in Champaign County's Feb. 28 primary election, but it's a really big one.

Urbana Alderwoman Diane Marlin is challenging longtime Mayor Laurel Prussing in the three-way Democratic Party primary. The third candidate is Evelyn Underwood.

Dems look to oust Rauner

Want to be governor? Get in line.

The November 2018 gubernatorial election may be more than 20 months away, but that timeline hasn't diminished the interest of Democrats looking to knock Republican incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner out of the state's highest office.

A healthy noncontroversy

A mob of politicians running amok could be a new symbol for state government in Illinois.

All hail state Rep. Tom Rooney, a Republican from Rolling Meadows. He has discovered a new problem in Illinois, one he intends to solve via legislation — HB 690. The good news is that it doesn't really matter if he does or not.

Happy ending

Good things happen when people work together.

Many people complain, almost always with fervor and sometimes with justification, that there's not enough good news.

Blame that on a cruel world, not media outlets reluctant to report glad tidings. But the Champaign County area recently experienced some good news, just the kind of thing to warm our hearts.

Bad news for Bear

Bear didn't get justice, but he does have a nice, safe and happy home.

Nothing infuriates people more than those despicable, sick individuals who abuse animals.

So the public, naturally, was infuriated last April when a disgusting story of abuse became public.

Speech under attack on campus

Is the idea of a college campus being a haven for the free expression of ideas passe?

The University of California, Berkeley, the birthplace of the campus free-speech movement in 1964, ain't what it used to be. Now it's the latest ground zero in the campus-based campaigns conducted by large groups intent on shutting — or shouting — down speakers with whom they disagree.