Editorial | Aquifer bill is a winner

It wasn't a particularly heavy lift — HB 4746 passed both the Illinois House and Senate unanimously — but the legislation signed this month by Gov. Bruce Rauner is important to residents of the Mahomet area whose homes are located near a natural gas storage field.

Editorial | New targets of Russian meddling

It's difficult to believe there are people who doubt Russia's meddling in U.S. politics, including election campaigns, but there are. The evidence, meanwhile, continues to mount and show that it's still going on.

Editorial | Campus component

There's a certain symmetry to the Campus Florist shop on Green Street closing in October after 77 years in business. Owner Anne Johnston and her late husband, Seely, were close friends of an Illini legend who wore No. 77.

Editorial | Champaign County moves into solar-power age

Thanks to the 2016 adoption of the Illinois Future Jobs Act, counties all over Illinois are acting on solar-farm ordinances and proposed solar farms. Champaign County joined the parade last week with the adoption of a solar-farm ordinance.

Editorial | Illinois Constitution Day

Sunday is Constitution Day in Illinois, but you'd hardly know it based on the lack of bicentennial-related events scheduled in East Central Illinois.

Illinois will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the adoption of its first Constitution Sunday with several events around the state. Unfortunately, none will be held in East Central Illinois.

Editorial | Paper or reusable?

The customers have spoken, and one of the nation's largest retail chains says it is beginning to phase out disposable packaging. Soon, plastic bags won't be an option at Kroger Co. stores, such as Ruler Foods in Champaign.

Editorial | A colossal mistake in judgment

The highly secretive process by which federal judges are investigated for alleged misconduct makes it impossible to determine what is going on with the case of U.S. District Judge Colin Bruce. But it's clear that his decision to exchange emails with a one-time co-worker in the U.S. attorney's office, no matter how innocuous they were, was a major error in judgment.

Editorial | States' rights to pollute

A new Trump administration plan to give states control over power-plant emissions doesn't benefit the health of residents of Illinois and other states that are gradually shifting from coal-burning power plants to cleaner energy sources.

Air pollution doesn't stop at state lines.

Editorial | Get accustomed to the term 'Dutch Reach'

A new law requires the Illinois secretary of state to include in the 'Rules of the Road' information on the 'Dutch Reach' method of opening a vehicle door to avoid injuries to bicyclists. It also requires that the term be included in the pool of questions to obtain a driver's license.

Editorial | Summer slumber is over

By the end of the weekend, there will be about 40,000 more people in Champaign-Urbana than were here a few weeks ago.

To the returnees, we say welcome back. To those who have been here all along, we say please be alert.