Public says no big deal

Politicians who expected the public to be outraged by their torture report on the CIA dramatically misread public opinion.

True and false

"Selma" may or may not be a good movie, but no one should rely on it for historical accuracy.

It ought to be no surprise that there's another faux controversy raging in Washington, D.C., the land of faux controversies.

Boston massacre

It's time for an accounting in Boston.

January is traditionally a time for looking ahead and contemplating the future, but not so this year in Boston.

Candid camera

There should be no further confusion about the legality of citizens recording public interactions with police officers in Illinois.

As his term of office winds down to its Jan. 12 departure date, Gov. Pat Quinn still is wrapping up uncompleted business on his agenda.

Chicago or bust!

For some reason, officials overseeing the selection site for President Obama's presidential library are making their decision harder than it needs to be.

We've said it before and we'll say it again — there is no appropriate location for the proposed Barack Obama Presidential Library other than Chicago.

Time to go

Elected officials who run afoul of the law cannot be tolerated.

After U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm, a New York Republican, pleaded guilty last week to income-tax evasion, he immediately announced that he intended to remain a member of Congress.

"As long as I'm able to serve, I'm going to serve," he said.

What will be new this year?

We all could stand some self-improvement.

In reality, today is just another day — one of the 365 that make up a year. But most people don't see New Year's Day that way. Perhaps that's why Jan. 1 is described as the world's most celebrated holiday.

Pay hike, revenue bust

Illinois taxpayers will enjoy a bigger paycheck in the coming year, but that's a mixed blessing.

The start of the new year creates a classic good news/bad news scenario for the people of Illinois.

Box office bonanza

"The Interview" makes its debut.

Well, so much for the notion that threats of violence would caused cancellation of the release of "The Interview," Sony's comedy that pokes fun at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Meet-and-greets best way to go

The public will get its chance to take the measure of the candidates vying for appointment to the local state Senate seat.