Editorial | For the Democrats: Pattsi Petrie

There's a three-way fight for the Democratic Party's nomination in Champaign County Board District 6.

The district in Champaign includes a large area of the northern and western parts of Champaign bounded by Bloomington Road on the north, Kirby Avenue on the south, Duncan Road on the west and Neil Street on the east.

Editorial | For the Republicans: Randy Rosenbaum

Judicial races in Illinois ought to be about judgment, experience and temperament.

As the March 20 primary election approaches, Republican voters in the six-county Sixth Judicial Circuit (Champaign, DeWitt, Douglas, Macon, Moultrie, and Piatt counties) have a choice to make between two candidates for their party's circuit judge judicial nomination.

Editorial | For the Republicans: Erika Harold

For the first time in a long time, Republicans actually have a chance to win the attorney general's office.

No one expected many Republicans to be fighting among themselves for the party's nomination in the race for attorney general, and there aren't.

Editorial | For the Democrats: Scott Drury

A small army of Democrats is running in the March 20 primary for attorney general.

Illinois' longtime Attorney General Lisa Madigan stunned members of the Democratic Party last year when she announced that, contrary to previous statements, she would not be running for a fifth term this year.

Editorial | For the Republicans: Bruce Rauner

To survive and prosper, Illinois must change, and Gov. Bruce Rauner, who is seeking a second four-year term, is the only Republican who can make that happen.

Editorial | For the Democrats: Chris Kennedy

The race for the Democratic Party's gubernatorial nomination is wide open.

Whatever one's political party or perspective, it's impossible to deny the fact that the state of Illinois is in deep trouble — the result of years of fiscal chicanery overseen by politicians of both parties who were oblivious to the consequences of their actions.

Editorial | Two sets of rules?

Is academic fraud in major college sports subject to NCAA jurisdiction or not?

If ever there was an institution used to issuing edicts without real accountability, it's the NCAA — especially when it comes to imposing, or not, penalties on schools for athletic rules violations.

Editorial | Different year, same old ruse

Do legislative leaders really care what the people think? Not as much as one would hope.

In a state where politics routinely trumps policy, politics often drives faux policy — especially when it comes to advisory referendums.

Editorial | Community leader

Few people throw themselves into the life of a community the way Tom Berns did.

With the death of former state Rep. Tom Berns on Monday, Champaign County lost one of its leading citizens.

Editorial | Slow-pitch baseball

With the baseball season getting closer, the game's overseers are promoting action and trying to limit inaction.

Major League Baseball has a problem that its top officials recognize and that its players and managers do not.

The average game lasts too long — last year, more than three hours each time — and the inactivity is putting fans and potential fans off.