Not enough Labor Day

Too many people have given up on the idea of finding a job.

On this Labor Day, the economy is no longer in recession, and hasn't been for several years.

But the state of the American worker is not good, thanks to a lagging recovery that has many people still feeling as if the Great Recession had never ended.

All over but the shouting

President Obama last week clinched another big win.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski's recent announcement that she'll support President Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran made it official — the controversial proposal will pass.

So, despite all the shouting and the votes yet to come, it's a done deal.

Doing what comes naturally

The legislative urge to spend is irresistible.

Pulling on one heartstring after another, Chicago-area state Rep. Lou Lang made a passionate appeal to provide assistance to heroin addicts.

"In our rush to save money, we must not forget about human life," he said, urging fellow Illinois House members to overturn Gov. Bruce Rauner's partial veto of the Heroin Crisis Act.

Lottery losers

In Illinois, even lottery winners can't get paid.

It takes a whole lot of luck to win a state lottery.

In Illinois, it takes even more luck to get paid after winning.

One-man rule?

It may be more efficient to rule by fiat, but that approach is antithetical to our nation's laws and history.

Alaskans are, according to most news accounts, pleased with President Barack Obama's decision to give a new name — Denali — to that state's famed Mount McKinley. It means "the high one" or "the great one" in Athabascan, a family of native North American languages.

Forced turnover

The University of Illinois football season is off to a surprising start, and it hasn't even started yet.

It's usually after the season — or in especially dire circumstances at midseason — when big-time college football coaches are invited not to return for the following year.

Illinois has duty to downsize

It's considered unthinkable in Illinois to consolidate or dissolve wasteful and outdated units of government?

Can anyone imagine a unit of government so bloated and inefficient that it spends $448,000 a year to hand out $84,000 in assistance to the needy.

Close quarters

Is it appropriate for Speaker Mike Madigan's right-hand man to work for other entities seeking state funds?

If access to and influence over power is crucial to getting things done, no one is better placed to be effective than Steve Brown.

The road ahead

Former Illini Darius Paul faces a bigger problem than finding a new place to play basketball.

Darius Paul has said that he is sorry, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that his expression of deep regret is not sincere.

Times changing

With medical marijuana already legal in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislators are taking steps toward decriminalization.

Illinois law involving marijuana possession is changing, perhaps too fast for some and not fast enough for others.