An invitation not to move here

Many job creators will continue to avoid Illinois unless changes are made in the state's workers' compensation rules.

The debate over Illinois workers' compensation law can be highly emotional, as demonstrated Tuesday when the state House held a Committee of the Whole hearing on the issue.

Obama's kind of town

Illinois, specifically Chicago, is going to be home to another presidential library.

It may not be officially official, but it looks certain that President Barack Obama's presidential library will be located in Chicago.

What a year

How sweet it is.

It's been an extraordinary spring for men's sports at the University of Illinois.

Men's tennis, golf and baseball have been outstanding, among the tops in the nation in all three sports.

But even by that standard, the Fighting Illini baseball team has been astoundingly good.

A budget break

Some good financial luck led to a temporary reprieve for a handful of key social programs.

It's amazing what you can do with money if you have it.

Mapping out Illinois' future

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

The political process in Illinois delivers many disappointments, but few so devastating as last year's decision by a Chicago judge that struck down a proposed constitutional amendment designed to de-politicize the legislative map drawing process.

Running in the rain

Sometimes Mother Nature insists on pulling rank.

It's hard to argue that a marathon scarred by wind and rain — and ultimately called on account of lightning — was a success.

Who is Bernie Sanders?

He's not likely to make a big splash, but Vermont's openly socialist U.S. senator is welcome to jump into the presidential candidate pool.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' presumptive 2016 president nominee, got another opponent this week in her quest for the White House, but he's probably not costing her much sleep.

Destruction in Baltimore

Baltimore's twin challenge is to thoroughly investigate a suspicious death while preventing a repeat of the mob action that caused so much damage.

As portions of the city lay in ruins surrounding them, the Baltimore Orioles played the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday in a home stadium fans were forbidden to enter.

Standing by its man

It's no surprise when a professors' advocacy group goes to bat for an embattled professor.

The American Association of University Professors has made no secret of its unhappiness with University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise's decision last summer to withdraw a job offer to controversial Professor Steven Salaita.

A great honor

Danville's Mark Denman personifies the story of the local boy who made good.

Superintendent Denman has devoted his professional life to that city's school system.

Last week, the school board recognized his loyalty and record of accomplishment by naming a local elementary school after him.