Let's see some ID

Sometimes little things can be big things.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed bipartisan legislation last week that's designed to make it easier for former prison inmates to make a smoother transition back into society.

It might seem like a small thing — but a valid identification card is only minor if one already has one. Many inmates don't.

Sentencing laws need a review

During his tenure in office, the president has granted clemency to 1,324 federal inmates.

President-elect Donald Trump has been making so much news that it would be easy to forget that this country's current president, Barack Obama, is still very much in charge.

Moving out

More and more Illinoisans have had enough.

Back in October, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale released a poll that revealed just how unhappy people are about living in this state.

Taxpayers must dig deep again

Corruption in government comes at a high price.

With taxes at all levels in Illinois on their way higher and higher, it's important to note the extra taxes Illinoisans pay that aren't leveled in many other states.

Why more votes than voters?

Was fraud systemic in Detroit? Could be.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's request for a recount of the Michigan didn't generate any change in the overall results.

But it may have resulted in a discovery of systemic vote fraud in Detroit, where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received 95 percent of the vote.

The banality of evil

Jurors will have to look hard to find a reason not to impose the death penalty in a South Carolina case of mass murder.

Evil comes in many forms, and the question often is what's to be done about it.

Heading to the courts

AFSCME's best shot at overturning impasse decision is to win in appellate court.

"Don't dictate, negotiate."

Close race

A former chair of the Champaign County Board is back in the saddle again.

Champaign County Board Democrats finally got themselves a chair who was elected mostly by Democrats.

Get to the bottom of the hacking

Computer hacking involving the recent election must be explored in-depth.

Who meddled? And why?

Cleaning out clemency backlog

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich left many messes when he was removed from office.

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich recently spent his 60th birthday behind prison walls, a consequence of his conviction on a slew of corruption charges and a 14-year federal prison sentence.