Power plays not productive

If time is money, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrats in the Legislature are wasting plenty of both.

Democrats in the Illinois Senate took a step in the right direction this week when they passed legislation giving voters expanded authority to seek tax savings by consolidating local units of government.

Senate Dems back tax hikes

Sound and fury signifying nothing?

Illinois Senate Democrats on Tuesday exercised their legislative control of that chamber by approving a $37.3 billion state budget that includes $5.4 billion in higher state income and sales taxes.

Past time for pay cut

It's not often that public officials make an argument that they're paid too much.

Rich disappoint Connecticut

Taxing the rich sounds good to some.

The debate over appropriate taxation levels in the 50 states goes on without end — tax cutters and tax hikers rarely finding common ground on what is both equitable and effective.

Congress sets legal consensus

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced a change in policy for federal prosecutors, one that requires tougher enforcement of drug laws and reverses a softer approach implemented by the Obama administration.

Let's look under the rock

A bad state lease deal raises disturbing questions.

Illinois taxpayers recently took another unnecessary financial beating in a questionable leasing deal for which they paid far too much in exchange for far too little.

The questions surrounding the deal are these:

— Is this government corruption as usual?

— Or is it government incompetence as usual?

A special counsel

Donald Trump's impulsive and ill-conceived conduct is turning aspects of his nascent presidency into a circus the country doesn't need.

Then and now

Will the University of Illinois' rhetoric on ethics match reality?

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen last week said "we didn't know" about the backgrounds of two relatively new employees who were subsequently implicated in a multiyear illegal patronage hiring scandal at the Illinois Department of Transportation.

A billionaire's burden

J.B. Pritzker, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, felt the sting of high property taxes. He appealed and won.

Even billionaires think property taxes in Illinois are too high.

Lousy credit report

Because the University of Illinois and the other state universities need state appropriations to fully fund their operations, some of those schools are seeing their credit ratings sink to junk-bond status.

It's like the boy who joined his friends skipping school.

He knew he was in with the wrong crowd and would get caught.