Editorial | A colossal mistake in judgment

The highly secretive process by which federal judges are investigated for alleged misconduct makes it impossible to determine what is going on with the case of U.S. District Judge Colin Bruce. But it's clear that his decision to exchange emails with a one-time co-worker in the U.S. attorney's office, no matter how innocuous they were, was a major error in judgment.

Editorial | Paper or reusable?

The customers have spoken, and one of the nation's largest retail chains says it is beginning to phase out disposable packaging. Soon, plastic bags won't be an option at Kroger Co. stores, such as Ruler Foods in Champaign.

Editorial | States' rights to pollute

A new Trump administration plan to give states control over power-plant emissions doesn't benefit the health of residents of Illinois and other states that are gradually shifting from coal-burning power plants to cleaner energy sources.

Air pollution doesn't stop at state lines.

Editorial | Get accustomed to the term 'Dutch Reach'

A new law requires the Illinois secretary of state to include in the 'Rules of the Road' information on the 'Dutch Reach' method of opening a vehicle door to avoid injuries to bicyclists. It also requires that the term be included in the pool of questions to obtain a driver's license.

Editorial | Summer slumber is over

By the end of the weekend, there will be about 40,000 more people in Champaign-Urbana than were here a few weeks ago.

To the returnees, we say welcome back. To those who have been here all along, we say please be alert.

Editorial | Davis should address questions about former aide

The arrest last week of a campaign aide to U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis continues to make news, in part because the congressman didn't immediately address whether the aide was sent to a campaign event for his opponent or whether he went on his own. Davis' campaign said Tuesday that it did not send him to the event. But will that be the end of the story?

Editorial | State getting a little tougher on distracted driving

A new state law that won't go into effect for almost a year will make it more difficult on motorists who text while driving.

Currently, a motorist's first offense for texting while driving is a non-moving violation. After July 1, 2019, it will become a moving violation. That could hurt violators in the pocketbook, and more than just the $75 fine.

Editorial | Church hierarchy must change

The stunning revelations of child sexual abuse in Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania have the attention of the Vatican, which correctly called them "criminal and morally reprehensible," and the Catholic bishops of the U.S., who acknowledged that much of the blame for abuse rests with the church hierarchy.

Editorial | Military parade rained out

President Donald Trump may have had a good idea with his suggestion for a Veterans Day weekend parade in Washington, but for the wrong reason.

Editorial | Thank you, Aretha Franklin

Few entertainers could cross demographic lines like the late Aretha Franklin. Her glorious voice and styling leaves us with great memories of summer nights, young love, driving with the top down, the need for respect and, of course, that scene in an iconic Illinois-centered movie where she sang, strutted and danced her way through a Chicago diner.