Editorial | Sen. Warren's flawed judgment

Is the one-drop rule once again fashionable?

Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for reasons she sees as politically advantageous, argues yes. But one would hope not.

Editorial | Is the 'B' word in Illinois' future?

Political happy talk in Illinois is just that — talk.

As the Nov. 6 election approaches, Illinois voters are hearing two types of political rhetoric from many of those seeking legislative or executive offices.

For starters, there's the usual vilification of the opposition. Second, there's the happy talk about what the candidates want to do for the people of Illinois.

Editorial | Recorder/clerk merger makes sense

Area officials should follow lead of othercounties in Illinois to preserve tax dollars.

Despite oppressive financial woes, members of the Champaign County Board often act paralyzed when it comes to decisions to cut or consolidate government.

Editorial | School-safety complaints raise questions

Urbana parents need to feel confident that the district is providing the proper environment for learning.

There's a spirited debate going on about discipline problems in Urbana schools, specifically about the impact of a new therapeutic approach toward problem-causing students.

Editorial | More good news on employment

The unemployment rate is at its lowest mark in 49 years, and workers are bringing home larger paychecks.

The good news is that the jobs market just continues to boom.

The federal government's latest jobs report shows the national unemployment rate is 3.7 percent, the lowest in almost a half-century.

Editorial | Interim should be just that

Danville City Council should fill open mayor position with someone who isn't interested in running for the post in the spring.

The city of Danville will be electing two mayors over the next seven months.

Editorial | Tragedy could have been avoided

Laquan McDonald's shooting death revealed serious issues with Chicago's police department and the city's leader.

A defense lawyer for a Chicago police officer convicted in connection with the Oct. 20, 2014, shooting death of a Chicago teen called the event a "tragedy."

Editorial | More virtue signaling at UI

The prigs continue their relentless assault on other people's vices because they, in all their imagined glory, know better.

University of Illinois officials took another step forward in their endless campaign of virtue signaling recently when they announced they are extending their campus tobacco ban to include smokeless tobacco.

Editorial | Too big to fall?

Assuming no seismic shift in publicopinion, it's very likely Illinois voters next month will elect as governor a white-collar miscreant who scammed Cook County taxpayers out of $330,000.

It's nothing new for Illinois to elect corrupt individuals to high office, including governor.

Editorial | Backing Webber, Rosenbaum for seats on bench

Judging would-be judges is among the most important decisions voters make.

Many people don't think much about judges, unless they're involved in litigation before them.