Morbidly obese, Illinois must diet

In his continuing effort to save Illinois from itself, Gov. Bruce Rauner has targeted another political hornet's nest to knock down.

It's not clear how many people realize it, but the state of Illinois is in deep, deep financial trouble.

Obama clearing out Gitmo

President Barack Obama long ago declared the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over, so it should be no surprise that he's releasing the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. After all, when wars end, prisoners of war are released.

Keeping it clean

A clean electoral process is vital to maintaining sound government.

On the scale of political corruption in Illinois, Toby Sirois' misconduct doesn't rank very high.

That's why his punishment probably won't be too severe when Sirois is sentenced Jan. 26 for trying to coerce a local businessman into posting signs backing Sirois' candidate for mayor in Champaign.

Motorists are on their own

Check out the renewal dates on your license plates.

In the context of a busy life, it's pretty easy for motorists to forget to renew their license plates with the state of Illinois.

That's why the mailed reminders that Secretary of State Jesse White once sent out were so useful — they provided a helpful push to people who might otherwise have forgotten.

Top secret

It's not clear how deeply it resonated with the average citizen, but the news media sure got excited about Gov. Bruce Rauner's recent vacation.

"Rauner vacation destination a secret," screamed one headline.

Recall Rahm?

If there was ever a public official deserving of the role of public punching bag, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the guy.

Freedom for all faiths

Certainly all of America can agree on this: Religious freedom is universal.

The U.S. Constitution confers rights that we treasure, but that we can't always comfortably extend to others.

Hand over the records

Gov. Rauner is on a fool's errand trying to withhold details from his schedule.

What is it about executives from Illinois?

Paying for what didn't happen

There's a reason Champaign-Urbana escaped this week's flooding.

The floodwaters, at least in East Central Illinois, are starting to recede. Villa Grove, Sidney, St. Joseph, Danville and Watseka are among the communities that have been coping with closed roads, flooded basements and assorted damage because of the torrential rains that soaked the Midwest last Sunday and Monday.

Inaction on display

While the governor and legislative leaders move at a glacial pace on the state budget, the state entity that has cataloged the Ice Age remains closed to the public.

The old saying is, bad cases make bad law. Likewise, bad circumstances can lead to bad decisions.

Consider the Illinois State Museum.