Let's make a deal

Aren't people hired with the expectation that they'll do a good job?

Contract negotiations are all about give and take, offers and counteroffers, making concessions in one area to advance in another.

Everyone knows it. Nonetheless, the contract signed by new University of Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman is instructive on the question of how big deals get done.

No evidence in Gray case

A precipitous prosecution in a high-profile case is falling apart.

Baltimore prosecutors have failed for the third time to obtain a conviction in connection with the April 2015 death of a man in police custody that led to widespread riots.

Keeping vigil

More security cameras are coming to campustown.

The Champaign City Council voted this week to approve the installation of eight cameras at high-volume intersections along Green Street — specifically Sixth and John streets and Fourth and Green streets.

Trust, but verify

Not everything Illinois legislators do is cringe-worthy. Here's an example.

Legislation requiring life insurance companies to step up their efforts to identify families entitled to death benefits reflects the good work elected officials can do when the private sector seeks to avoid its responsibilities.

New wrinkle in search cases

Search-and-seizure law is constantly evolving, courtesy of decisions like this week's ruling in a Utah case.

The U.S. Supreme Court handed law enforcement a significant victory in a search-and-seizure case, acknowledging a police stop was unlawful but preserving the evidence of illegal drugs seized.

Nothing doing in Springfield

Despite pledges to the contrary, the House is not in session.

There's no denying the Illinois General Assembly ended its spring session ignominiously and limped out of town with its most crucial work undone.

Illinoisans are used to substandard work by the legislators. But even by that standard, their performance was disappointing.

Earlier hours

Danville is attempting to deal with its crime problem by requiring young people to go home sooner.

At loose ends over how to confront the problem of violence in their community, Danville city officials have decided to touch up their curfew law in the hopes it will take more young people off city streets.

Beware the zealots

The soda tax is coming.

Just a few weeks ago legislators in Springfield briefly raised the idea of levying a new tax on soft drinks. The controversial proposal — one that would increase the cost of sugary drinks by roughly 40 percent — apparently was too hot to handle, and it was suddenly dropped from discussions.

Unit 4 plan a tough sell

School board members face a range of tough choices on school construction.

Although the final details remain to be determined, the Champaign school board is expected to make a third bid in November to persuade voters to raise taxes to pay for school construction and renovation.

Shifting sands threaten GOP?

The public giveth, and the public taketh away.

Voters can be fickle, a characteristic often reflected in the snapshots of time that show up in public opinion polls.