Venture to Vegas is latest market plan

It's no secret that airlines offering flights out of the University of Illinois' Willard Airport in Savoy have encountered major problems drawing enough passengers to justify continuing the service.

New teen drivers face tougher rules

The Illinois General Assembly has passed tougher rules governing newly licensed teenage drivers, and it's fair to assume that the kids probably won't appreciate them very much, at least at first.

Grateful community needs answers after shootout at park

We and others in the community, we are sure, are elated that the shootings last Thursday night at Champaign's West Side Park had a relatively positive ending. All three Champaign police officers wounded in the gunfight apparently will survive, although Officer Shannon Bridges remains hospitalized and obviously faces a difficult physical and emotional rehabilitation. We wish her and her wounded colleagues, Officer Jack Armstrong and Deputy Chief John Murphy, full and speedy recoveries.

We also hope for the best for the apparent shooter in the incident, Donnell Clemons, a homeless man who at last report was still in critical condition at a local hospital.

Private gifts are key to UI's Bright Future

The University of Illinois set the bar high last week when it announced its goal of raising $2.25 billion.

But the success achieved in the so-called quiet phase of the UI's effort has the campaign off to a fast start.

A chance for video competition

Illinois stands on the brink of creating real competition for consumers who currently are stuck dealing only with the local cable company.

But for that to happen, the Illinois Senate must consider a cable competition bill that already has passed the House. Then Gov. Rod Blagojevich must sign the bill into law.

Deedrich follies are county board's doing

One day in the early 1960s, when Casey Stengel was managing the expansion New York Mets, he gazed upon his collection of rejects, rookies and retreads and asked in exasperation, "Can't anybody here play this game?"

One might ask the same thing of those who run Champaign County government, particularly as it relates to the county board's on-again, off-again dismissal of county Supervisor of Assessments Kurt Deedrich. Fired one day and awarded a golden parachute the next, Deedrich remains Exhibit A for the sloppy approach to local government that has cost taxpayers dearly in time, aggravation and money.

Court ruling on Chief just common sense

Champaign County Circuit Judge Michael Jones, quite sensibly, this week dismissed two Chief Illiniwek-related lawsuits.

Legislators playing 'Let's not make deal'

Not much is getting done in Springfield, where the budget stalemate continues, but there's sure a lot going on.

Gov. Blagojevich, who's not known to have a vigorous work ethic, has challenged state legislators to work harder to pass a budget. But legislators responded by ridiculing Blagojevich's reputation as a slacker.

More funds OK'd for DeLand water plant work

DeLAND – Village board members adopted an amended budget to pay for the installation of a generator at the water plant.

At the Monday meeting, David Strange, superintendent of water works, said the cost for installation was a lot higher than earlier estimated.

Feds indict little fish who knows big fish

Federal prosecutors returned an indictment last week that didn't draw much public attention, but has the potential to have a major effect on a variety of corruption investigations.

Few people will recognize the name of Ali Ata, a Chicago-area businessman who headed the Illinois Finance Authority from January 2004 to March 2005. But if they've been following the indictments, trials and convictions of leading state politicians, they'll certainly understand the connections.