To his friends and admirers, Coach Lou Henson has always been a Hall of Famer.

As News-Gazette sports columnist Loren Tate wrote Wednesday, it is about time that former University of Illinois basketball coach Lou Henson was admitted to the National Collegiate Hall of Fame. But better late than never.

Obama's irresolution

There are no halfway measures when it comes to war.

Whether they're beheading journalists, burning a Jordanian pilot to death, executing a female aid worker or murdering a large group of Coptic Christians, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group is determined to demonstrate its ruthless, belligerent intentions in the Middle East and beyond.

Bad news Bruce

New Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he's ready to take the heat. He'd better be.

There's a reason politicians have an aversion to delivering bad news. Voters don't like it.

That's why Gov. Rauner already is under water in public opinion polls.

Obama's truth-teller

When's the last time a top presidential aide ratted out his boss?

People who were familiar with Barack Obama's enthusiastic, long-standing support for same-sex marriage must have been surprised when he stated repeatedly during his 2008 presidential campaign and for a long time after that he opposed those unions.

Now the confusion has been cleared up.

Taking on union power

What's wrong with asking the courts to clarify the law?

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner said he'd shake things up.

Hence the headline "Fascism comes to Illinois" in a pro-union publication enraged by Rauner's executive order relieving state employees of mandated "fair share" payments to unions they do not wish to join.

The Chicago way

Rules here are made to be broken.

Is nothing in Chicago beyond the taint of corruption?

Silly question. Of course not.

The city has a storied history of straying beyond the rules, and the state has adopted its ethics.

Worthy idea

New Gov. Bruce Rauner continues to expand his agenda for change in Illinois.

Gov. Bruce Rauner this week issued an executive order establishing a commission to study reforms in the criminal justice system.

Chicago only credible location

It's getting close to decision time on the location of President Obama's library.

Parks are supposed to be for fun, not fighting.

But one might not realize that after listening to the current debate over the suggestion that the new Champaign Central High School be built on part of Dodds Park on North Mattis Avenue.

Anchor away

NBC News anchor Brian Williams is in trouble because he didn't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

After a week of hand-wringing, executives at the television network have suspended their star anchorman for six months without pay for telling tall tales.

Issue ripe for discussion

Why not talk about it?

Tonight's meeting of the Champaign Park Board could be big for supporters of the city schools.

What does one governmental entity have to do with the other? Many people have suggested that a portion of Dodds Park located along West Bradley Avenue would be an ideal location for a new Central High School.