'Cause he's the taxman

Senate President John Cullerton's mileage-tax proposal took off like a lead balloon.

Well, that didn't take long. One day the veteran Chicago Democratic legislator was touting the virtues of his latest great idea, and the next he was throwing dirt on its grave. The blowback must have been tremendous.

Paying price for inaction

Our state's poor beleaguered legislators are among the latest victims of the budget standoff.

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger poured more gasoline on the state's budget fire over the weekend, and the explosive flash it produced has singed state legislators' wallets.

Another vacancy

Here we go again.

Members of the Champaign City Council are looking more and more like competitors in a game of musical chairs than a legislative body.

No sooner had the council selected Greg Stock to fill the District 4 council seat vacated by Marci Dodds than veteran District 3 council member Vic McIntosh announced that he, too, is stepping down.

Why give up a good deal?

Democrats have waited a long time for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to step down. They might have to keep waiting.

Secretary of State White has held office for so long that it's a fair bet most people don't know who held the post before White was elected in 1998.

Cutting government

Illinoisans have known for decades that the office of lieutenant governor is pointless. Why not get rid of it?

A few months ago, Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti was leading a special task force studying how local units of government could be consolidated and run more efficiently, saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

Rhetoric doesn't match reality

Pay attention to details when proponents of a constitutional amendment establishing a progressive income tax make their case.

Illinois' two top legislative leaders — House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton — have indicated they're for the "fair tax," a tax that ought not be confused with one that is fair.

Gas tax plan an eye-opener

How does the idea of carpooling with Big Brother sound?

Those who have been following the ongoing state budget battle between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative Democrats, particularly House Speaker Michael Madigan, know a proposed state income tax increase lies at the dispute's center.

More litigation off the table

The University of Illinois is trying to put its legal issues in the rearview mirror.

Thou shall go out of business?

The penalty ought to fit the crime.

The state of Illinois is on the brink of imposing a potentially ruinous $80,000 fine on the owner of a Paxton-area bed-and-breakfast over the owner's refusal to compromise his religious views on the subject of same-sex marriage.

It's all about the money

It's hard to believe the U.S. Supreme Court granted Major League Baseball an antitrust exemption because it's a sport, not a business.

Fans of professional baseball teams like the Cardinals and the Cubs are fixated by numbers — things like batting averages, runs batted in, and wins and losses.