Trust issue will take heavy toll

Hillary Clinton's serial misstatements will undermine her ability to be an effective president.

Thanks to a combination of her own strengths and her opponent's weaknesses, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of being elected president.

Polls shows her holding a comfortable lead over Republican Donald Trump.

No pay for unpopular

Legislators of both parties are literally paying the price for their inability to work together.

State legislators — Republicans and Democrats — in Illinois are in the doghouse, and, boy, do they know it.

Ending the killing

The public menace posed to this community by immature, impulsive gun-toting young men cannot be underestimated.

A Champaign County jury last week convicted a 19-year-old Urbana man of murder in connection with a 2015 drive-by shooting.

Tear down that wall

There is a good reason why trust between the police and the Chicago community is at a low ebb.

The October 2014 shooting of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald and the subsequent cover-up that came uncovered has shaken the political foundation of Chicago to its very roots.

Judicial role-playing

Anyone remember that old sad-sack daytime television show "Queen for a Day"? A Cook County judge recently took a page from that book for a show of her own.

The Cook County court system is no stranger to judicial scandals like the Greylord caper that involved the feds' effort to identify and convict corrupt judges.

Of course it was a ransom

Iran has demonstrated once again that kidnapping can be a very lucrative business.

Remember all those self-righteous denials a few weeks ago about the $400 million payment the United States made in return for the release of American hostages?

Rauner veto draws anger

The politics that surround the issue of voting can get nasty.

Gov. Bruce Rauner kicked off another fight with legislative Democrats this week when he vetoed a bill that would provide for automatic voter registration.

More nonsense from Legislature

Legislators already have the power to not spend money in the state's road fund. So why do they need a constitutional amendment to bar them from doing so?

If the people of Illinois are confused about how our elected officials operate this sorry state, they're not alone.

The people in charge don't seem to know either.

More Clinton email problems

Hillary Clinton promised separation between the U.S. State Department and the Clinton Global Initiative; she didn't keep her word.

Feds still reject marijuana

The federal government isn't backing off its negative opinion about the dangers of smoking marijuana.

One wouldn't know it from the rush to decriminalize and legalize — even prescribe — marijuana, but it's still considered a dangerous drug that has no medical purpose?

Says who?