Union politics

President Obama, looking neither like a lame duck nor afraid of a fight, took his case to the Congress and the people.


Nothing could be finer than a crisis that is minor.

Well, it's about time Americans have the opportunity to become agitated, indignant, even self-righteously pious, about something that doesn't matter much.

On the verge of history

Clearly not enthusiastic about addressing the same-sex marriage issue, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided it has no alternative.

The U.S. Supreme Court disappointed a lot of people last fall when it declined to review a series of cases addressing the constitutionality of state laws limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

Policing police

Repealing procedural safeguards is a dangerous business, even if the goal is to get the bad guys.

It is axiomatic that any government power that can be abused will be, particularly if there's a cash incentive for doing so.

NCAA caves

National revulsion is no excuse for punishing the innocent.

The NCAA demonstrated last week that, if it's pushed up against a wall and given no other viable alternative, it will recognize limits on its legal authority.

This time we mean it

It's ain't over till it's over, and then it still ain't over.

University of Illinois trustees voted in September to reject a contract offer to former Virginia Tech Professor Steven Salaita.

Following considerable weeping and gnashing of teeth by Salaita supporters, trustees issued a statement last week reaffirming their decision and saying they will not revisit it.

Sunshine is best disinfectant

Illinois' new governor wants to change how people view state government for the better.

Elected officials new to the job often move quickly to signal a change in direction, and Gov. Bruce Rauner is no exception.

Yes on Tasers

It's time to put this issue to bed.

After lo these many months, Urbana City Council members are on the verge of deciding whether to provide a handful of Tasers for police.

The council was scheduled to finally vote on the issue Monday, but opted for a two-week delay. The delay is entirely consistent with the city's hyper-cautious approach to this question.

Early departure

Supporters of the University of Illinois owe a debt of gratitude to retiring board of trustees Chairman Christopher Kennedy.

A gubernatorial election has brought change to Illinois, not just in the state's highest office but down the chain of command as well.

Senator Bennett

There's a new political player in East Central Illinois.

After a surprisingly long gestational period, local Democrats finally produced a successor to former state Sen. Michael Frerichs, now the state treasurer.