Bonus babies

It's easy come, easy go for new University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen.

UI trustees are prepared to vote next month on a proposal to revoke President Killeen's retention bonus.

It's not anything that Killeen did that requires its elimination — $225,000 if he stays five years. Instead, it's a matter of public relations.

Credit rating down again

Illinois' finances are going from terrible to ... even more terrible.

During the 2014 gubernatorial campaign, Republican candidate Bruce Rauner repeatedly cited Illinois' declining financial standing as one reason to replace incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn.

Out of date

Now an afterthought, Playboy magazine is trying to reclaim its lost youth.

Way back when, men who read Playboy magazine offered a running joke to explain their interest — it was, they said, only because of the articles, not the racy pictures.

Task force gains approval

The county has signed off on a report that should be interesting, among other things, to read.

Champaign County Board members last week approved the establishment of a racial justice task force whose goal is to determine why the makeup of county jail inmates is out of sync with the demographics of society as a whole.

Profs drive hard bargain

Getting off the censure list won't be easy.

New University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen and acting Chancellor Barbara Wilson have indicated they hope to persuade the American Association of University Professors to remove the UI from its censure list.

Joe says no

After thinking it over, Democratic Vice President Joe Biden decided that a third run for his party's nomination would not be the charm.

All those shouts of "Run, Joe, Run" turned into so much hot air Wednesday when Vice President Joe Biden finally stopped hemming and hawing, announcing he will not seek the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Obama says troops will stay

Wars end when one side either wins or loses.

Months ago, President Barack Obama famously declared the war in Afghanistan to be over.

But both sides have to agree to stop fighting, and the Taliban didn't take the hint from the president.

Fan fury

Sports reveals a part of human nature most people would prefer not to see.

Sometimes it's just not your day. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Things happen.

But don't tell that to University of Michigan football fans, at least the portion of them who flipped their lids after last weekend's unfathomable loss at home to Michigan State.

Democratic field gets slimmer

The first Democratic presidential aspirant has bit the dust.

This is not a question for the member of the philosophy department, but it's worth asking anyway.

If former U.S. Sen. James Webb announced he was dropping out of the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, would anyone care?

Getting out the vote

Nothing is more political in Illinois than the ground rules that surround registration and voting.

State Sen. Andy Manar's proposed legislation to automatically register people to vote when they seek a driver's license has all the earmarks of a problem in search of a solution.

Of course, that depends on which problem Manar's legislation seeks to address: