Developing a plan of attack

Fueled by the necessary moral outrage, the university's new chancellor has issued a declaration of war.

Let's give University of Illinois Chancellor Robert Jones credit for plain-spokenness about his intentions to end Unofficial St. Patrick's Day, the annual binge-drinking event that took place last weekend.

A failing state

The public's instincts are right on the money about the state of the state.

As Democratic and Republican legislators try to hammer out a budget and economic reform package in Springfield, it would be helpful if they took into consideration the dramatic change state residents have indicated is necessary to right our flagging ship of state.

AFSCME wins round in court

Gov. Bruce Rauner's attempt to get a handle on labor costs has sustained a serious setback.

Members of a state employees' union who recently voted overwhelmingly to go on strike got a big break last week from a state appeals court.

Open primary a little too open


There's no reason not to take Republican mayoral candidate Rex Bradfield at his word when he says he didn't think there would be a problem with voting in last week's Democratic Party primary.

But still ... the Republican mayoral candidate voting in the Democrats' mayoral primary?

Good news for Willard

Travel options out of Willard Airport are scheduled for a dramatic increase.

The recent announcement that United Airlines will begin offering daily flights to Chicago is a big step forward for Willard Airport.

Best of all was the disclosure that United is initiating three daily flights to-and-from O'Hare Airport without receiving any local subsidies.

Budget talks still going

The contentious state budget negotiations in Springfield have featured more ups and downs than a roller coaster ride.

It's a good thing that failure is not an option, otherwise the people of Illinois would have good reason to be very worried about the inability of Republicans and Democrats in Springfield to wrap up the so-called "grand bargain" budget negotiations.

The name game

The announcement of the honorees for the university's new hall of fame has proved to be a real conversation-starter.

If ever there was a project ripe for second-guessing, it's the establishment of a sports hall of fame.

Voting numbers tell the tale

Overall voter turnout Tuesday in Urbana was a dismal 15 percent. But it was substantially worse than that in four campus precincts that were the subject of a consolidation request rejected by the county board.

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten was right, and that's really going to inflame the Democrats on the county board.

New leadership

It looks like there will be a new day in Urbana.

Voters in Urbana's Democratic Party primary opted for change by a considerable margin.

The voters — all 4,254 of them — should not be confused with the citizens of Urbana. Of the 26,862 people registered to vote in the city, just 15.8 percent took advantage of this basic right of citizenship.

Strike decision has big risks

Tensions continue to rise in the battle of wills between Gov. Bruce Rauner and a union representing state employees.

When unionized state workers voted to authorize a first-ever strike last week, Gov. Bruce Rauner urged them to accept his contract offer and remain on the job.