Happy Thanksgiving

On this day — of all days — remember that gratitude is one of the key ingredients of happiness.

Can another year have passed? Is it really Thanksgiving, a day that signals the beginning of the holiday season in which an orgy of Christmas shopping is scheduled to begin?

Public pays for the cover-up

Given the choice of obeying the law or not, too many public officials choose to try to keep public information secret.

Government bodies in Illinois have a bad habit of denying legitimate requests for information from news outlets, often hoping to delay release of the information until long after a story has become newsworthy.

Big man on campus

A native of Greece who once eschewed the cold winters of Illinois, Andreas Cangellaris will have his hands full when he fills a hot seat in the University of Illinois' provost's office.

Congratulations are due to University of Illinois College of Engineering Dean Andreas Cangellaris on his appointment to his new job as provost.

Sleazy, but not illegal?

The public has been reminded once again that it's not what you know, but whom you know.

New Jersey U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez can breathe easy, at least for now. Although he has been revealed as a personally corrupt individual, he avoided conviction on a variety of federal corruption charges.

Don't be fooled

When headlines get ugly, our lawmakers hunker down and wait them out.

The public record demonstrates clearly that members of the Illinois House and Senate aren't particularly keen on serious oversight of their political or legislative activities.

Moore's law

Even before the revelations of his inappropriate interest in young girls, Roy Moore was an unacceptably flawed candidate and public official.

The Roy Moore fiasco continues to play out in Alabama as the Dec. 12 special election to fill the state's vacant U.S. Senate seat draws near.

The gift of giving?

If people look hard enough, they can find something to complain about in anything.

Those who believe the faculty senate at the University of Illinois exists to make mountains out of entities that don't even qualify as molehills got some additional evidence this week.

GOP's tax bill is a work in progress

Republican lawmakers can look forward to much work — amid great uncertainty and disagreement — as they continue work on a tax-reform bill.

It remains to be seen whether congressional Republicans, operating with narrow majorities in the House and Senate and facing unanimous opposition from Democrats, can pass the first major rewrite of the federal tax code in 30 years.

Time to sell the nursing home

Well, taxpayers, here you go again. Hang on, it's going to be another rough and costly ride.

The latest news from the Champaign County Nursing home was a disappointing, but not surprising, call to action that county board Democrats ought not continue to ignore.

Speech free of consequences?

Student protesters resent not being allowed to run amok.

When the president of the University of Oregon criticized a group of student protesters for taking over the platform from which he intended to deliver a recent "State of the University" speech, the protesters were outraged.