Change of course

There's nothing so exhilarating as creating hoops for others to jump through.

The University of Illinois is broke and in dire need of support, as demonstrated by trips university officials make to Springfield in search of increased financial support.

But that rule doesn't always apply — the reality is that the UI is broke except when it's not broke.

Progressive tax plan falls flat

Illinois will continue to maintain a flat state income tax — now 3.75 percent — for the foreseeable future.

The so-called "fair tax" went down to defeat this week in Springfield, a result its supporters consider most unfair.

Two peas in pod

If misery loves company, Illinois residents have many reasons to say, "I love New York."

The Land of Lincoln remains No. 1 in official wrongdoing. Corruption-busting former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's reference to "corruption on steroids" still burns in the ears of those sickened by business-as-usual in Illinois.

Hail to Not-the-Chief

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Some people are expecting a lot from the university's first-ever mascot.

Campus disgrace

The vulgar, abusive and disruptive behavior aimed at the state's chief executive should not be tolerated.

It's unlikely the protesters who disrupted Gov. Bruce Rauner's talk Thursday on the University of Illinois actually knew any better. Such is the state of modern education.

Clock runs out on grid scandal

Famed NFL quarterback Tom Brady apparently won't escape responsibility for his role in the gaming of the big game.

Now that a federal appeals courts has affirmed the authority of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discipline misbehaving players, the air is about to run completely out of the great "Deflategate" case.

Solitary must be handled carefully

Illinois Corrections Department officials are well advised to review complaints about excessive solitary confinement and institute safeguards to prevent abuses.

Testimony before an Illinois legislative committee last week raised concerns about the extent to which prison inmates are subjected to solitary confinement for rules infractions.

A teeny, tiny sign of progress

Is the governor being realistic when he says he's optimistic? Or is he just masochistic?

Gov. Bruce Rauner last week signed bipartisan legislation providing $600 million in short-term aid for higher education, a move some see as a step toward a long-term resolution of the state's budget standoff.

Hastert's day in court

This week's sentencing hearing for onetime political powerhouse Dennis Hastert was unique for its ugliness.

The criminal case sentencing hearing is over — former U.S. House Speaker Hastert is going to prison for 15 months.

Review board on the agenda

Will Champaign try to keep up with Urbana on police review board issue?

Out of sight, but not out of mind for several years, a proposed police review board as an additional check on police misconduct is up for reconsideration before the Champaign City Council.