Executive proclamation

Dick Durbin must have slept through his high school class on the Civil War.

There's no disputing that U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin is an effective politician. He's spent most of his adult life running for and getting elected to public office.

But when it comes to his analysis of history, Durbin is hardly up to snuff.


It's time to do away with the unaffordable pension sweeteners that provide a financial incentive for public employees to retire.

Gov. Bruce Rauner's Feb. 18 address calling for severe spending reductions to balance his proposed $32 billion budget has attracted considerable public attention and debate.

Obama vs. Bibi

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Diplomacy is in short supply in the relationship between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu.

Freedom for me, but not for thee

Complaints about a religious ceremony at Champaign Centennial High School should be reduced to ashes and scattered to the four winds.

'Rahmbo' is on the run

The Chicago political establishment took a beating in Tuesday's election.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is an abrasive, profane, bullying, egotistical jerk. But most people who have followed the career of this single-minded political animal know that.


Trey Ronk made Tuesday's Champaign Central Maroons basketball game one for the books.

Sports is supposed to be fun and, even though some people take it far too seriously, it usually is.

But sometimes it can transcend fun, elevating itself to heartwarming. Those golden moments are so thrilling they are remembered for a lifetime.


Major League Baseball knows it has a problem. Does it have a solution?

The late Bill Veeck, once the owner of the Chicago White Sox, romanticized baseball by describing it as a "game to be savored, not gulped."

Presumably, he meant that the pace of the game allowed fans to appreciate what was happening on the field and how it was affected by strategy.

Tough vote on override

The president is relying on loyal Democrats to sustain a controversial veto.

As expected, President Barack Obama has vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline, making official his vehement opposition to the production of energy that he believes will contribute to global warming.

New times at the library

Nothing is immune from financial hard times.

Administrators and board members at the Champaign Public Library have been planning for months how best to reduce expenditures and balance their budget.

Updated: Just saying no

As long as there's no penalty for ignoring the law, the state's Freedom of Information Act won't reach its potential.

It's no secret that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of public officials at all levels of government across the state of Illinois have no use for the state's Freedom of Information Act.