Endorsements for statewide candidates

Here are The News-Gazette's endorsements in four statewide offices up for election Nov. 4.

Attorney General

Attorney General Lisa Madigan, a Democratic incumbent, was once in the shoes of her Republican challenger, political newcomer Paul Schimpf.

Champaign Co. Board: Lack of choices disappointing

The conspiracy by our elected officials to deny voters a choice for the county board is working beautifully.

There are 11 seats on the Champaign County Board up for election Nov. 4, and they cover every square inch of the county — Districts 1-11.

Slim pickings in county races

The two-party system is failing voters in Champaign County.

Citizens who are interested in county government don't have much to vote for this election year.

Most of the races for the county board are uncontested, and so are three of the four contests for county-wide office.

Judging the judges

The public has a chance in the Nov. 4 election to render a verdict on members of the local judiciary.

To the consternation of many people, Illinois elects its judges — kind of.

Time to go in new direction

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin has had his chance. It's time for a change.

A new Central High School and makeover for Centennial?

A new Central High School on the city's northern fringe?

Does Centennial High School need a makeover?

On Election Day, Champaign voters must answer one of the most important questions they have ever faced: Approve or reject a $149 million bond issue to build a new Central High School and to upgrade and expand Centennial?

Here are two views on the massive proposal:

Phony issues on the ballot

Proposed constitutional amendments and advisory questions on the fall ballot exemplify this state's shallow and utterly cynical politics.

Voters face a long ballot this year when they exercise their franchise — state, local and county races, local tax referendums and five ballot questions put in place by state legislators.

Strict oversight on state hiring

A breach of trust in an important state department cannot and will not be ignored.

A federal judge this week made an obviously correct decision to put a monitor in place to oversee hiring at the scandal-ridden Illinois Department of Transportation.

Loudest are not the largest

After being pilloried for weeks, Chancellor Phyllis Wise wins one.

Recent meetings of University of Illinois faculty members, including those on the faculty senate, carried a flavor of almost universal condemnation of Chancellor Phyllis Wise's decision to withdraw a job offer to a former Virginia Tech English professor who tweeted himself into trouble.

Pull plug on new gambling

There is bad law and badly written law. Illinois' video gambling legislation is both.

A recent News-Gazette story revealed the extent to which video-gambling machines have worked their way into the fabric of Illinois, a significant contributor to the problem being a law that permits the machines in any establishment with a liquor license.