No limits

The discussion over the future of video gambling, whether it's in Champaign or elsewhere, is all about the money.

In 2009, former Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation allowing video-gambling machines to be located on virtually every street corner in the state.

Change worth agreeing to

The Illinois Legislature should agree to Gov. Bruce Rauner's amendatory veto related to private-school scholarships.

Democrats once again are denouncing Illinois' governor, this time for his amendatory veto of a so-called "trailer bill" that corrects some unintended errors last year's groundbreaking legislation that rewrote the state's school-funding formula.

Gerrymandering clogging courts

Even as the nation's highest court is on the verge of settling the issue, other federal courts are issuing decisions on the legal questions surrounding political gerrymandering.

Board opts for a sale

That was one small step for the county board, but not a giant leap for financial prudence.

Members of the Champaign County Board last week took a small step forward — actually, a big one by their standards — when they voted to put their money-losing nursing home up for sale.

But the circumstances in which they did so suggest this is far from a done deal.

Generous offer a boost for Crisis Nursery

Local philanthropists have made Crisis Nursery supporters an offer they'll find hard to refuse.

Charitable donors are looking to make a positive impact when they select the organizations they wish to support.

Corporate bonus babies

The future is undetermined, but the new tax bill is already putting money in people's pockets.

When President Donald Trump signed the Republican tax-cut bill in December, supporters of the legislation cheered while critics went fully postal in their denunciations.

Illinois, meet Connecticut

At least Illinois has some company in its financial misery.

In the latest demonstration of the concept that politics and policy have consequences, consider Connecticut, long considered to be one of the wealthiest states in the union.

Gerrymandering issue is back

Putting politicians on the hot seat is the best way to generate change.

Political reformers in a corrupt state like Illinois often are starry-eyed dreamers who, the facts show, like to dream big.

Oprah steals the show

In today's politics, never say never.

Wow. That was some Sunday night at the Golden Globes.

It started with honoring the best actress in the category of left-handed, cross-dressing man in the comedy/science fiction/drama niche and ended up with the nomination of a candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Trump battles with Bannon

Washington is the site of another falling out among friends.

It's hardly surprising that President Donald Trump has a new sparring partner. When he's not engaged in a feud with someone, no matter what their social status, he's looking for a fight.

But just whom Trump's new sparring partner is comes as a big surprise.