Legislators 'fine' with marijuana

The change in public attitudes toward marijuana use is reflected in a groundbreaking new law.

Given the history surrounding the "evil weed," Gov. Bruce Rauner last week signed a remarkable piece of legislation.

Help wanted and needed

Recent stories show how critically important community involvement is.

People don't live in East Central Illinois for the scenery.

We live here because it's home: family, neighbors, friends.

It's truly the people who make our communities livable.

Coming soon: Police videos

The city of Champaign is moving forward with body-worn cameras for its entire police force. The benefits are clear, even if the expenses are not.

In January, Champaign police officers are expected to be wearing a new piece of equipment: a body camera.

Insurance sticker shock

What stunned Urbana city officials was not too stunning to others. Health insurance cost increases pinch most employers.

No employer wants to hear this: Your cost for providing health insurance for your workers and their families is rising 9 percent.


Forward thinking

Illinois Democrats used the national convention as a stage to test out candidates for governor.

Illinois Democrats gathering this week in Philadelphia appear to be more focused on 2018 than 2016. Two familiar names were being tossed about as potential challengers to Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Unlimited appeal

The governor campaigns for term limits. But a positive Supreme Court ruling for the Independent Map Amendment would be better.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is on the campaign trail this week, but not for himself. At least, not directly.

City of bitter love

Democrats open their convention this week in Philadelphia with Trump-like drama.

Old game plan: Make this week all about Hillary Clinton. Focus attention away from her opponent's negativity and show how the former secretary of state is a shining beacon, guiding a great nation through the fog of slow growth, anxiety and terrorism.

Job market weakling

The latest jobs report from Illinois contains many numbers — and they all say the same thing: The Prairie State is close to last.

The state released its unemployment report last week, and the news is depressingly familiar.

The new man on campus

Robert Jones brings an impressive career and personal story to town, as he takes over the top job on the Urbana campus.

By all appearances, both on paper and in person, the University of Illinois has hired an outstanding person to lead the Urbana campus.

Trump's drama in Cleveland

Republican National Convention goes off script, but it apparently doesn't matter. Donald Trump is the message.

If any other presidential nominee had had a national convention like the one Republicans put on this week, that candidate would be in trouble.