Judicial role-playing

Anyone remember that old sad-sack daytime television show "Queen for a Day"? A Cook County judge recently took a page from that book for a show of her own.

The Cook County court system is no stranger to judicial scandals like the Greylord caper that involved the feds' effort to identify and convict corrupt judges.

Rauner veto draws anger

The politics that surround the issue of voting can get nasty.

Gov. Bruce Rauner kicked off another fight with legislative Democrats this week when he vetoed a bill that would provide for automatic voter registration.

More nonsense from Legislature

Legislators already have the power to not spend money in the state's road fund. So why do they need a constitutional amendment to bar them from doing so?

If the people of Illinois are confused about how our elected officials operate this sorry state, they're not alone.

The people in charge don't seem to know either.

More Clinton email problems

Hillary Clinton promised separation between the U.S. State Department and the Clinton Global Initiative; she didn't keep her word.

Feds still reject marijuana

The federal government isn't backing off its negative opinion about the dangers of smoking marijuana.

One wouldn't know it from the rush to decriminalize and legalize — even prescribe — marijuana, but it's still considered a dangerous drug that has no medical purpose?

Says who?

Big bucks for the mayor

Politics and government in Illinois is frequently an insiders' game.

Even in this time of tight government budgets and increasingly resentful voters, some Illinois politicians just can't resist doing what they've always done — feather their own nests.

Watch that wallet

Voters will have some costly economic decisions to make and endure in the November election and afterward.

Taxpayers — be ye city, county or state — had better get ready.

Public officials at all levels are chomping at the bit to get into your wallets.

Investigating the police

President Barack Obama's Justice Department is continuing its critical reviews of big- and small-city police departments.

In what has become a familiar pattern of criticism, the U.S. Justice Department earlier this week released a scathing report that condemned the Baltimore Police Department for systematically harassing its black residents.

Ryan rides his own wave

It's impossible to predict what will happen in November, but Tuesday was a good day for congressional Republicans.

In this summer of GOP discontent, few elected officials have been the target of more insults than U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan of neighboring Wisconsin.

No break for Blago

Even with five of 18 charges thrown out on appeal, the former governor did enough criminal harm to justify the original sentence.

Hoping for a big reduction in his 14-year prison sentence, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich came away empty-handed.