Give consent to consent decree

The Mahomet Aquifer consent decree deserves public support.

With city council members in Urbana and Savoy casting "yes" votes for the Mahomet Aquifer consent decree, just three units of government remain to be heard.


People like him don't come around very often.

What can you say about a guy who inspired a million laughs, became the namesake for a famous cartoon bear, happily played the fool so as not to become a foil and, not incidentally, was one of the all-time great winners and performers in professional sports.

Yogi — one need not even mention his last name — was one of a kind.

Defeats take toll on road plan

Is this the end of the road for the Illiana Expressway project?

If they keep driving nails into the coffin of the proposed Illiana Expressway, one day they're going to have to bury it.

At least one would think so. But while the proposed expressway intended to link Illinois and Indiana has proved hard to kill, it is, at best, on life support.

Petition progress

Supporters of a bipartisan legislative map-drawing process have achieved a signature victory. But the fight is far from won.

The long-standing budget standoff in Springfield — nearly three months in length, with no end in sight — is proof positive that change doesn't come easily, even in a state in such sorry shape as Illinois.

Walking out of the race

The Republican field of presidential candidates has become slightly less crowded.

Once considered a leading candidate for the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the race Monday and urged other GOP candidates to do the same.

Enforcing all the laws

No public official should pick and choose which laws to follow.

Kim Davis has been back to work in the Rowan County, Ky., clerk's office for more than a week now, her stand against issuing marriage license for same-sex couples undone by a stint in jail after she violated a federal judge's order to fulfill all the duties of her office.

No reason to wait

Criminal background checks of prospective employees are a matter of common sense.

It seems basic that any employer, particularly a prestigious public university, would want to know all about the people it might hire — the good and the bad.

Political standoff comes at big cost

There's a lot more at stake in the current state budget impasse than meets the eye.

Champaign schools officials are cringing in anticipation of a legislative decision to rewrite the state's school aid formula.

Meanwhile, their counterparts in Urbana, Rantoul and Danville are licking their chops.

Public service at its finest

Never satisfied with the status quo, former Champaign parks leader Bob Toalson was always looking for ways to make things better.

Of all the kind words spoken about Toalson, who died Tuesday at 83, the most definitive came from his friend, former Champaign City Manager Steve Carter.

Here we go again

Another local police department wants Tasers.

After the great time-and-energy-consuming Taser debate in Urbana, does the community have the stomach for another one in Champaign?