A bountiful crop

In farming, there are good years, and there are great years.

A recent local tour has confirmed what many people can see with their own eyes — it should be a bin-busting corn and bean yield this year.

You're fired

The marriage between the state of Illinois and its private lottery manager was troubled from the get-go.

After a difficult three-year relationship, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has decided to cut the state's ties with its private lottery manager.

More DNA testing

Illinois should leave no affordable stone unturned in the pursuit of justice in our courts.

When it comes to the possibility of an individual being wrongfully convicted of a crime, there's no reason to deny the defendant an opportunity to show the government's allegation is false.

A worthy honoree

One person really can make a difference.

It sometimes can be easy to forget, but there are many good people among us — selfless, caring individuals who want to help their fellow man.

Marijuana in our midst

In early September, the state will begin accepting applications from people who want to smoke, grow and sell cannabis.

The reality of medical marijuana, a bad idea whose time has come, will soon be with us.

Hold still, Bossy!

Voters ought not be cowed by the debate in the ongoing gubernatorial campaign.

In an election year, everything is fair game.

But cow tipping?

Well, it's not like Illinois has any real problems to discuss. So why not?

Right direction

The state's employment picture is slowly getting better.

There is so little good news in Illinois that it's important to celebrate the few paltry morsels we get.

So three cheers for the latest decline in the state's unemployment rate.

Not-so-candid cameras

In Chicago, the camera doesn't lie, except when it does.

The city of Chicago has a big scandal — yes, another one..

Working it out

There's always time to fight it out in court.

A proposed mediation program aimed at sorting out differences between banks and individuals facing home foreclosure is a little bit like serving grandma's chicken soup to someone suffering from a cold. It can't hurt.

Love story

The authorities were not amused by a deceptive tale of true romance.

Nineteen-year-old Monica Ramirez allegedly did it all for love. But what she did and who she did it to has landed her in federal custody with uncertain future prospects.