Help wanted

The search will soon begin for a new provost at the University of Illinois.

Just when things were starting to settle down a bit, the University of Illinois has another big hole to fill near the top of its organization chart.

No mercy

A federal jury in South Carolina gave a mass murderer what he appeared to want.

The sentence of death returned this week against 22-year-old Dylann Roof is not the end of this stomach-turning case, but in fact the beginning of what could be years of appeals filed on behalf of this ninth-grade dropout.

Prison report in

Coming up with a fix for the state's overcrowded prison system poses a problem that could lack a solution.

Nearly two years ago, Gov. Bruce Rauner established a commission to consider criminal justice issues, specifically what changes could be safely made to reduce the state's prison population.

UI tuition freeze welcome

It wasn't all that long ago that the University of Illinois was raising tuition every year. But times have changed.

People who have been paying attention know that the high cost of obtaining a college education and the long-term debt students run up in the process pose a significant problem for families today.

Cybersecurity hugely important

This country's top intelligence officials have unanimously pointed the finger at Russia.

Testimony at a U.S. Senate hearing and the release of a newly declassified intelligence report lend credence to the widespread suspicion that Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to interfere with the recent presidential election.

Tuition plan will be revealing

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed a dramatic expansion in social welfare spending.

With a new president on the verge of being sworn in as the nation's chief executive, the first shot recently was fired in the campaign for the White House four years from now.

Another billion in the hole

The state's descent to the bottom is picking up speed.

Illinois is in desperate financial straits.

Readers have heard that before in this space, perhaps so many times that the words have lost their meaning.

But hang on for just a moment, because as hard as it may seem, circumstances looks like they are getting even worse.

Penny for your tweets

Tweets, like talk, are cheap. It's what comes after that matters.

Not even sworn into office, President-elect Donald Trump already has made his mark as a communicator.

He's presiding over a Twitter transition and, eventually, a presidency. Or at least it seems that way.

That was then, this is now

What seemed like a smart, efficient political power play a few years ago has come back to haunt U.S. Senate Democrats hoping to derail the Trump train.

U.S. Senate Democrats, still coping with the shocking results of the November election, aren't hiding their disdain for many of President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet choices.

House Democrats getting nervous

A defeated state House Democrat says his party has a problem.

Democrats in the Illinois House have had it pretty easy in recent years courtesy of a comfortable arrangement with House Speaker Michael Madigan.