The banality of evil

Jurors will have to look hard to find a reason not to impose the death penalty in a South Carolina case of mass murder.

Evil comes in many forms, and the question often is what's to be done about it.

Heading to the courts

AFSCME's best shot at overturning impasse decision is to win in appellate court.

"Don't dictate, negotiate."

Close race

A former chair of the Champaign County Board is back in the saddle again.

Champaign County Board Democrats finally got themselves a chair who was elected mostly by Democrats.

Get to the bottom of the hacking

Computer hacking involving the recent election must be explored in-depth.

Who meddled? And why?

Cleaning out clemency backlog

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich left many messes when he was removed from office.

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich recently spent his 60th birthday behind prison walls, a consequence of his conviction on a slew of corruption charges and a 14-year federal prison sentence.

A bill that does nothing

Not knowing what to do about Chicago's skyrocketing homicide rate, some legislators have embraced inaction in the form of action.

When criminal activity gets out of hand, legislators often rush to the fore with proposals they say are designed to get tough on wrongdoers.

American hero

People like John Glenn don't come around very often.

In an age of relentless hype, the descriptive word "hero" has become too much a part of the lexicon, used with such frequency that it has almost lost meaning.

But John Glenn, who in 1962 became the first American to orbit the Earth, was the real deal.

Pipeline protests

Rule of law, not protests or emotions, will decide the fate of the nearly completed Dakota Access Pipeline.

President Barack Obama pulled the plug — at least temporarily — on the Dakota pipeline controversy when he instructed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to refuse to grant the final permit required to complete what is expected to be a $3.9 billion project.

Purdue points the way

Incoming students voluntarily attend a program on how free speech works on campus.

Free speech is a problem on today's college campuses.

Not, of course, for those who are trying to suppress it. That's no problem at all. All they have to do is feign victimhood, organize a mob and shout down the heretic of the moment.

Daily Bread a daily blessing

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Through sheer will, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen has been able for years now to maintain its commitment to feeding this community's homeless and hungry.

Later this month, this inspiring display of helping those in need will become even more impressive.