Sign of the times

An expiration date on special street sign designations does not reflect negatively on the individual or institution named honored.

Too much of a good thing, as vampish movie star Mae West once said, can be wonderful. It also can be, well, too much.

A Fighting Illini

When the chips were down, James Brady became the embodiment of grace under pressure.

Brady, a presidential press secretary, was just another prominent University of Illinois graduate pursuing a successful career when, in March 1981, he became part of history. In doing so, Brady also became a role model for those trying to deal with serious setbacks.

Spendthrift government

All that federal money was just burning a hole in the pockets of state officials.

In the context of nearly $55 million flushed down the drain, what does it matter how a small percentage of that amount was misspent?

Open borders?

This country can't handle all the people from other countries who want to live here.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel last week extended open arms to as many as 1,000 of the mostly young illegal immigrants who have been pouring across the U.S. border from Latin America.

Selling school plan is big job

It's hard to sell something people don't want to buy.

After a protracted process that wandered hither and yon, it looks like the Champaign school district has settled on a $150 million building plan that it hopes voters will approve in November. The school board is expected to formally approve the referendum request at its Aug. 11 meeting.

Legislators limit voter choice

Election law in Illinois is often about rigging the game.

Springfield resident Josh Dill would probably make a lousy member of the U.S. House of Representatives, so his impending ouster from the ballot as an independent party candidate from the 13th Congressional District is no great loss to the public.

New watchdog

It's never a good idea to let the foxes decide who's going to guard the henhouse.

There is no doubt that Springfield lawyer William Roberts has had a successful career and enjoys a fine reputation.

Bottoms up

Drinking a cold beer on a hot day at the state fair sounds appealing.

People like freebies. But there's no such thing as a free lunch, and there's no free beer either.

NCAA makes a deal

The beleaguered leaders of the college sports establishment are facing up to the concussion issue.

With another college football season in the offing, the announcement Tuesday that the NCAA settled a class-action lawsuit on head injuries is certainly timely.

What's the rush?

Implementing a revolutionary process of energy exploration has proved to be an elusive dream in Illinois.