What a year

Champaign Central has put together a baseball season that defies credibility.

In baseball, teams are considered good if they come out on top in two of every three games.

Tax fraud

A program that is supposed to help people in need is manna from heaven for tax cheats.

There's a shortage of bipartisanship in Congress, but one thing most Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the Earned Income Tax Credit is a good way to help out low-income working families.

No big deal

The legal fight surrounding Illinois' new public pension law is just getting off the ground.

A Sangamon County judge last week issued a stay in the enforcement of the state law mandating major changes in public pensions, but those looking for deeper meaning in the judge's ruling are wasting their time.

Season lost

What started out as a small problem quickly became a big one.

In a university community that follows its sports teams with enthusiasm, few things draw more interest than stories of athletes in trouble.

Heavy hand on tax vote

Gov. Pat Quinn has his hands full trying to persuade the General Assembly to cast a tough tax vote in an election year.

Legislative Democrats, particularly in the Illinois House, have a political problem — they want to make the state's temporary 5 percent income tax permanent but fear the political fallout of voting for it.

One office better than two

There's nothing wrong with Champaign County Board members giving people a chance to vote for smarter government.

Inside story

Dishing the dirt is a longtime tradition in the nation's capitol.

Nothing gets the gossip-mongers in Washington more excited than a tell-all memoir from a former high-ranking member of an administration still in power.

A gift that gives

A $1 million gift to boost medical care and scientific research should pay big dividends.

Family members of Dr. Eugene Greenberg found a great way to his honor his career and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for helping others.

Public not buying cell ban while driving

Illinois' ban on driving while talking on a cellphone is going over like a lead balloon.

It didn't take a genius to predict major enforcement problems when Illinois' ban on driving while talking on a cellphone took effect on Jan. 1.

Public clear on library plan

The public has no trouble understanding Illinois' dire economic straits, so why can't our Legislature?

There's a bizarre debate going on in Springfield between Democrats and Republicans over whether to spend $100 million to subsidize construction of a presidential library in Chicago for Barack Obama.

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