Special treatment

Don't you know who I am?

Members of the Chicago City Council are hopping mad.

Taxes too high? Too much crime in the street? Unacceptable levels of corruption?

No, that's not what they're angry about. They're distressed because a ruling by the city's ethics board prohibits them from accepting an offer by the Chicago Cubs to buy World Series tickets at face value.

Big news at business college

University of Illinois students have a chance to get a step ahead of their peers at other schools.

Thanks to a $5 million gift, the University of Illinois is poised to take a big step forward in preparing its students for an ever-changing world.

Higher salaries

The pay of public officials is a difficult issue to balance.

Monday night's salary debate by Urbana City Council members demonstrates once again how conflicted — and conflicting — discussions can be over salaries paid to our public officials.

Taking care of the insiders

Does state government serve the general public interest or powerful special interests? Silly question.

"First do no harm" — that's a guiding principle for physicians, asserting that whatever the intervention or procedure, the patient's well-being comes first.

Not half bad

Illinois isn't terrible at everything.

The Land of Lincoln has a lousy business climate, but a newly released survey reveals that the taxes it levies on business aren't as bad as some people might suspect.

The Tax Foundation reports that Illinois' annual tax climate index ranks near the middle of the 50 states — No. 23.

Reverse the curse

Cub fans, for good reason, are in a state of euphoria over their team's success.

There's no evidence that hell has frozen over. Nonetheless, the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series.

Good for them. Even better, good for those long-suffering Cub fans who have been waiting for too many years for another bite of the World Series apple.

Pointing the finger

How could basic government oversight — making sure water is fit to drink — have gone so wrong?

The Flint, Mich., water crisis of 2015 is not over yet.

The water issues have been addressed, but the fight among the bureaucrats over who is to blame has yet to be resolved.

Judge not

Some ideas are so bad it's hard to think that anyone ever thought they were good.

Readers have undoubtedly heard the timeless defense of plans that go disastrously wrong — like the time that the owner of the San Diego Padres invited actress Roseanne Barr to sing the national anthem before a ballgame.

Clash over limited cash

Too many are competing for too little.

Understandably frustrated over the state's inability to pay money they say the state owes them, a coalition of social service providers is asking the Illinois Supreme Court to intervene.

Head start on coach firings

Given their professional perishability, football coaches are well advised to earn as much as they can as fast as they can.

College football head coaches all across the country are on thin ice. But they're lucky compared to two who have already been fired before the season is half over.