No choice, again

Urbana voters decided nearly 20 years ago to fix what wasn't broken. Now why don't they fix what they broke?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again — Urbana's system of electing school board members from specific subdistricts, rather than communitywide, has been a miserable failure.

Champaign council choices

It's a light election season in Champaign, but voters do have some choices to make.

Of the five seats on Champaign's eight-member city council (Mayor Deb Feinen casts the ninth vote) up for election, two races are contested.

Kuhl, Miller for park board

There are two park board seats up for election in Champaign.

Election contents for public entities like park districts generally are low-profile events that feature few voters and even fewer candidates.

Marlin for mayor

Democrat Diane Marlin is well prepared to lead the city of Urbana.

If past is prologue, the real election for mayor of Urbana was held Feb. 28, the date of the primary election when Alderwoman Diane Marlin handily defeated longtime Democratic incumbent Mayor Laurel Prussing.

Ruling paves way for new ruling

The "fair share" dues issue just won't go away.

The stage is just about set for an epic legal battle over the legal authority of labor unions to compel nonmembers to pay what are called "fair share" dues.

Smoke signals

Is Illinois ready for legalized marijuana? A new public opinion poll indicates the answer is "yes."

As social attitudes change, so do the laws that reflect them. On no issue is that more clear than in the accelerating movement across the country to decriminalize and eventually legalize marijuana.

Constitutional prescription

Federal judge strikes down an Illinois law that infringed on the First Amendment rights of those in the medical marijuana industry.

For those in the medical marijuana business in Illinois, you'll soon be free to make political contributions. Until last Friday, that wasn't the case.

Public funding for private hotel

Developers have made Urbana an offer it should refuse.

The project sounds so good. How could anyone say "no"?

Convert today's "beast" into a renewed "beauty," reflective of her original charm and architectural integrity.

Create a "catalyst" for further downtown redevelopment, attracting new businesses and customers.

And another hat in the ring

Democrats so far have five candidates running to unseat the governor in 2018.

Here's one thing Democratic voters will not be saying a year from now: There aren't enough candidates for governor.

Hard job to fill

Not only will Urbana have a new mayor, but also a new police chief.

When a high-profile public official retires, the reaction is uniformly positive. "Years of great service." "Big shoes to fill" and other time-honored compliments.