Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Guest commentary: Candidates need to be seen as well as heard

By Barbara Wysocki

How is it that people who want to represent us don't want to talk with us? Why step forward as a candidate and then be unavailable for a public forum to present alternative ideas? Why do so many local races have just one candidate?

Guest commentary: Time for journalism industry's comeback

By Jeffrey McCall

The dim news for the journalism industry just keeps coming. A recent Gallup news poll shows public trust of the media is at historic lows. Only 40 percent of the public has a measure of trust in the media. This long-term trend indicates trust in the media has dropped 15 percentage points during the last 15 years.

Voices: Modern-day Keystone Cops

By Carol Mizrahi

Once upon a time the words "Secret Service" conjured up images of virile, responsible men, dressed in suits, packing pistols and wearing earpieces and sunglasses, charged with the formidable task of protecting the president of the United States.

Like I said, that was "once upon a time."

Guest commentary: Gas tax may hurt more than it helps

By Don Fullerton and Julian Reif

Last year, the Panzier Lane bridge in Jefferson County collapsed while a truck was driving over it. The driver was unharmed, but as reconstruction began last month, officials estimated it will cost more than half a million dollars to repair.

Opposition to proposed EPA rule is surprising

By Wes Jarrell

Kasem's end-of-life nightmare a lesson for many Americans

By Daniel Wilson and Sean Crowley

Curing political corruption in Illinois

By Kent Redfield

A former governor was convicted of public corruption a few weeks ago. What many Illinoisans probably found surprising wasn't the verdict, but the fact that the governor was from Virginia. One wag tweeted, "That's so Illinois!" When it comes to public corruption, Illinois is the punchline of every joke, even when the corruption is not our own.

Community in crisis

By the Rev. Jerome Chambers

The Ferguson, Mo., community may just as well take the law into its own hands than to become a gazing stock for the world community. Ferguson has been enslaved to the judicial mischief of a prosecutor who cares nothing for black folks.

Guest commentary: Beckman Institute celebrates 25 years

By Art Kramer

This year the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois celebrates its 25th anniversary. To put this anniversary in perspective, I'd like to share with you some of the research that reflects the institute's long history of accomplishment in state-of-the-art science and technology:

Guest commentary: Time to focus on responsibility

By Topper Steinman

"It's my right to ..." (fill in your verb). We hear it a lot.