Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Guest commentary: Thank a teacher this Thanksgiving

By Cinda Klickna

Guest commentary: Applauding the life of Tim Nugent

By Jim Gallo

It is said that our lives on this earth are like a pebble dropped into the water. Everything we do touches others as the water ripples out. If this is true, then Tim Nugent's life is more like an earthquake causing a tidal wave — a tidal wave of positive influence on millions of lives.

Guest commentary: Narrowing the digital divide

By John Shimkus

In August 2008, minutes after then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi shut the chamber's lights out during a debate over what to do in response to high gas prices, I helped lead my Republican colleagues in a revolt on the House floor that turned "all of the above" into a household name for the kind of energy policy America needed.

Krista Vance/Voices: To the front of the buffet line I go ... with kid in tow!

By Krista Vance

I'm a line jumper, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Since it's considered gauche to stand at the beginning of the line and demand that everyone uses hand sanitizer and wears facemasks before continuing down the table, I've come up with a solution.

I pretend to be kind and help a little kid get their food while simultaneously filling my plate.

Guest commentary: EPA risks reversing progress

By Jeff Jarboe

nnovators, farmers, workers and motorists in Illinois and across the nation are waiting on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to make a critical decision that directly affects them, a decision that also will have a huge impact on whether the U.S. can wean itself from foreign oil.

R. Stan Marsh/Voices A painful, necessary story to tell

September was ovarian cancer awareness month.

I can think of nothing in life more agonizing than losing a loved one, unless that loss is to an elusive disease that, but for ignorance, could have been found early enough to have been effectively treated.

Guest Commentary: Remembering Rashidi Wheeler

Rashidi Wheeler died while playing football for Northwestern University. During a "voluntary" practice that may have violated NCAA rules, he was running rigorous sprints with a fellow player on a Northwestern practice field. A videotape caught the moment he collapsed.

Guest Commentary: Safe food comes from healthy animals

People today are talking more about, and taking a greater interest in, how their food is produced. But they're also a bit confused about the role of antibiotics in meat production. As one of the more than 62,000 American pig farmers who raise the animals, I am concerned too, but for a different reason.

It's actually quite simple — produce healthy livestock, get safe food.

Guest Commentary: Frances Nelson after the ACA

By Scott Anderson and Nancy Greenwalt