Guest Commentary

Decisive action? Not so fast

By Chapin Rose

On Tuesday last week, I was excited to hear over the radio that Gov. Pat Quinn finally acted to protect the water supply for three-quarters of a million Illinoisans. Indeed, the radio account repeated his press release title verbatim, "Governor Quinn Acts to Block Disposal of PCB Waste at Clinton Landfill."

Israelis are aggressors, not victims

By Niloofar Shambayati

During Israel's recent assault on Gaza, President Barack Obama, Congress and the American media have been sounding off the mantra of "Israel's right to defend itself" against rockets from Gaza — a self-evident right, if Israel were indeed the innocent victim of a military aggression, and not its perpetrator.

Voices: With the best of intentions

By Donna Reed

Why do our public schools never improve?

By Andrew Wilk

IHSA keeps best interests of student-athletes in mind

Greg Cohen

The Illinois High School Association is an easy target to attack. It is difficult for me to watch quietly as people attack this organization. The people attacking the IHSA get upset over one event, one decision or one action and don't recognize all the good the IHSA does for student-athletes in the state of Illinois.

Informed citizens, solidarity needed to save us

By David L. Green

The real war on women

By Laura Adrian

I am a woman. I can vote, I have a job, and I'm pursuing an education. Thank you, early women's libbers, for giving me those opportunities. But modern progressive feminism has gone far beyond suffrage and "votes for women." Once capable and virtuous, the new American woman is now petty and promiscuous.

Candidates need to address pensions

By Christopher Z. Mooney

You may not have noticed, but on July 3, the Illinois State Supreme Court dealt a body blow to the state's body politic.

Transfer payment economy is trouble

By Andrew Wilk

Just as filling potholes can only temporarily hide the fact that a road is crumbling, so does our refusal to recognize that government's unprecedented experiment with Keynesian stimulus — known to the uninitiated masses as borrowing and spending on a breathtaking scale — has likely just about run its course.

Congress can help ease family burdens

By Ann Callis

Being a mother is one of the biggest motivating factors for me to stand up and run for Congress. I proudly watched my son become an Army Ranger, and my daughter become a middle school teacher, and was inspired by both. I think all parents reading this will understand what I mean when I say I am in awe of who my children have become.

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