Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Robert Hays/Voices | And so I'll cry myself to sleep


She spends much of her time now talking to the pretty woman staring back at her from the bathroom mirror. Usually it is a friendly conversation, laughing and joking, enjoying one another's company. But at times the face turns ugly, turns into someone menacing and threatening, someone who makes unreasonable demands and brings on great anxiety.

Capitol Fax | Rauner claims he's 'grown' in office

Gov. Bruce Rauner's campaign-reset speech last week has been described as "contrite," a "mea culpa" and even an "apology."

It most certainly wasn't an easy speech to deliver for a man who never publicly admits mistakes. I mean, he claimed last month that his administration did an "excellent job" at the state's Quincy veterans home, where 14 residents died.

Illinois Bicentennial | Decatur Staleys were ahead of the game

Decatur Herald & Review

A.E. "Gene" Staley's successful corn manufacturing company in Decatur was already producing starch, glucose, sugar and syrup in 1919 when it added professional football to the assembly line.

Guest Commentary | A death certificate for Chief Illiniwek


This past spring, two University of Illinois trustees set out on a secret mission to solve the seemingly unsolvable Chief Illiniwek problem once and for all. And they did it. But I doubt they're happy with the result.

They hoped to return with Chief Illiniwek on a pedestal. Instead, they came back with his head on a stick.

Illinois Bicentennial | Important lines of defense on Rock Island


In summer 1814, skirmishes between the U.S. and British-backed warriors under the leadership of Black Hawk flared up and down river from Rock Island.

Brett Rowland | No need to set minimum salary for teachers


State lawmakers sometimes forget that public schools are governed by locally elected school boards.

Gov. Bruce Rauner recently vetoed a bill that would have set a statewide minimum teacher salary of $40,000 by the 2022-23 school year.

Illinois Bicentennial | A life of labor

Peoria Journal Star

She lost her own family, so she adopted a new one, a huge one, lifting up the cause of labor while rising to become one of the most famous women in American history.

Guest Commentary | Population problem persists


Bruce Kauffmann's column headed "When the population bomb bombs" spins toward the optimistic view that science can conjure magic to support any increase in population. What scientists say, however, is different.

Krista Vance/Voices | Bridging the gap between past, future


You can't leave New Orleans without a reading from a fortune teller.

So, I visited a local palm reading establishment. I was fortunate because the famous and amazing Nostradamus (pronounced dame) was available to tell me my future.