Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Peter Buckley: The reluctant campaign

By Peter Buckley

New Central: 'Yes' vote on April 7 will be huge step forward for our community

By J. Mark Nolan and Andy Quarnstrom

As members of the Friends of Champaign Schools, we are proponents of providing all children in this community the very best opportunities for success.

New Central: Proposed location does not protect best interests of students, community

By Laurie Reynolds

On April 7, voters of the Unit 4 school district will be asked to approve a $144 million bond for school construction. Though I am a staunch supporter of public schools and happy to pay more taxes to support them, I will reluctantly vote no.

Krista Vance/Voices: Colon cancer: The one with built-in poop jokes

By Krista Vance

Who knew I would have choices? I certainly didn't. I thought it would be as simple as one size fits all. I was wrong. There's no mystery why underwear comes in different sizes and the same applies to Depends.

Mike Pemberton: Nothing fishy about this story

By Mike Pemberton

No need to privatize prof hiring

By Michael H. LeRoy 

Who hires professors? Almost always, an academic unit recommends a hire and the board of trustees makes the hiring official. A recent UIUC Senate resolution seeks to remove this power from the board of trustees.

Edward A. Kolodziej: Iran treaty would be a step forward

By Edward A. Kolodziej

Facts should be kept in mind to arrive at an informed opinion about the prospect of an agreement limiting Iran's capacity to produce enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb.

David Eisenman: Shedding some light on outage issues

By David Eisenman

The bad news: If your streetlight's out, it's likely to stay out until you report it — especially if you live in Champaign.

The good news: When you call, you are likely to get quick service. Better than I got.

Carol Mizrahi: How come life is full of so many mysteries?

HOW COME ... bed sheets are almost always sold in sets when every fool knows that sheets don't wear out in sets. A bottom sheet gets more wear and tear than a top sheet; yet it's hard to find a single top or bottom sheet, and if you do, you'll be charged 50 percent more than if you buy a set?