Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Comprehensive school plan lacking

By Dan McCollum

Hideous One, Hideous Two unpleasant to the eye

By Joseph Bauers

Former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once famously said that he could not define pornography, but he knew it when he saw it.

It's time to fix state's education funding inequities

By Jason Barickman

It's time to think big on Medicaid reform

By Anthony T. Lo Sasso

Now that the election is behind us and Illinois voters have made a strong statement in favor of change in Springfield, it's time for the state to embrace serious change in its biggest looming budgetary problem: Medicaid.

Transportation vital to ag industry

By Richard Guebert Jr.

The spirit of the season

By Donna Reed

Spreading the spirit of Christmas is indeed a gift that one can give at this holiday season. Such a gift is neither purchased nor wrapped, but there is no mistaking its presence.

Once upon a recent Christmas past I was the recipient of such Christmas spirit.

Column fails to touch on injustices

By Gary Storm

Facts get in way of N-G's opposition to firefighter staffing legislation

I was extremely disappointed to read The News-Gazette's editorial about the firefighter-manning legislation overwhelmingly approved by the General Assembly.

My disappointment isn't with your right to disagree with our position. Rather, your position is based on a deficit of factual information.

Journalists must do their homework

By Janice Collins

Few of the stories have been verified. No charges have been engaged.

Serving as election judge a rewarding experience

By Ruth Wegman

My neck is stiff; my mouth is dry from talking; and I've never sat in the same chair for so long. But I'm having a good time. It's Nov. 4, my first day to serve as an election judge.