Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Diane Buller/Voices | What happened to the rock?


We bought the house, and the rock came with it. Our first house.

Eleven years later, we moved across town for more house and less yard.

A sentimentalist, I lamented the loss of a slice of life left behind. The cherry tree where my kiddos climbed a ladder to pick cherries for my annual cherry pie had to stay.

Donna Reed/Voices | The etiquette of saying 'no'


I remember when friends who live a few hours from here invited us to spend my husband's upcoming birthday with them. At the time of the invitation, that sounded like a definite "yes." Sometimes, however, as an event draws closer, things change.

Guest Commentary | 'BlacKkKlansman's Jews


In "BlacKkKlansman," Spike Lee's 2018 Oscar winner for best adapted screenplay, the Ku Klux Klan gets humiliated. Underground black activist Stokely Carmichael/Kwame Ture is partially redeemed.

Guest Commentary | New Illinois movement about returning power to people


Earlier this year, I continued a conversation about the values, vision and policies of our state by introducing a resolution calling to separate from Chicago.

I am glad The News-Gazette has joined that discussion. Unfortunately, they've misinterpreted the legislation and its intent.

Rosemary Laughlin/Voices | Lectures paint presidents' pictures

One of the great pleasures of retirement is to put oneself into the audience of a good lecturer.

Ah! No college/certificate course credit as a goal. No employer requirement for technology training or workplace behavior. Just free choice to learn about an interesting topic.

Joseph Bauers/Voices | Our life inside a parallel universe


Living as we do in the Champaign That Time Forgot, we often find the world outside our friendly domain at the least puzzling, and oftentimes stark raving mad. Sometimes, I think we live in a parallel universe.

Donna Reed/Voices | Keeping our keepsakes


Recently on the PBS program "Antiques Roadshow," a lady brought in an antique doll belonging to her great-aunt and passed down to her. The lady said, "My aunt would never let me touch this doll. Actually, today on your show is the first time I have ever touched her." How sad. I thought of all the imaginative adventures that the two of them missed.

Rosemary Laughlin/Voices | Chickens on the bus


My sister has been a nun for nearly 60 years. That includes a vow of poverty.

She wears ordinary clothes now rather than a habit and veil, but she is allowed little disposable cash. A gift from her means "love and prayers" or the assurance of being named in a novena or special memory at a shrine.