Guest Commentary

Public may not be in favor of higher taxes on wealthy

By Brian J. Gaines

Unit 4 Schools need a 'Plan B' in place

By Dannel McCollum

The Champaign Unit 4 school administration and board are relentless in their determination to create a new high school campus somewhere in north nowhere. This would entail land acquisition for which the district apparently has cash on hand.

Universities need to hold themselves accountable

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

Those who question the fundamental value of a college degree need to stand back and accept undisputed facts.

Voices: Small town drama ... 'It'll be great'

By Mike Pemberton

A blessing and burden of small-town life is the need for people to participate in a variety of activities. Some are predictable — school fundraising, church socials — others come out of nowhere.

Medicaid growth gobbles up tax money

By Chad Hays

Welcome to the land of make believe — Springfield. A place where spending more money than in any year in history is presented by the governor as a spending cut.

Time to protect Prairie State from coal mining

By Jack Darin

Private vs. Uncle Scams: Pick your poison

By Carol Mizrahi

Some scams have been around for years, like paying upfront for a job that doesn't exist or for training sessions and work materials that never arrive. There are phony lottery and sweepstake scams, fake retail stores on the Internet — which look just like the real thing — and the ubiquitous "I'm stranded in Timbuktu. My purse was stolen. Please wire money!"

Should the Post Office become a national bank?

By Andrew Wilk

Chamber wants Illinois to become Mississippi

By David Green

State-level "business climate" generally refers to regulations imposed by states beyond what is required by the federal government. (This definition generously excludes consideration of the willingness of state governments to bribe corporations not to relocate to other states).

No consistency in school free-expression rulings

By Jeffrey M. McCall

Public school administrators must have their heads spinning as they try to sort out recent court decisions regarding free-expression rights of students. Principals have the almost impossible task of balancing constitutionally protected student expression with keeping order in schools where education is the primary objective.

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