Sunday Extra: Is obstruction of injustice a crime?

Sunday Extra: Is obstruction of injustice a crime?


Raised as a JFK Democrat and someone who recently voted for three Illinois Democrats in the 2016 November election, I find the serial smoke-and-mirror innuendos, illegal surveillance leaks and the CFR Section 45.2 violating investigation into POTUS by special counselor Robert Mueller to be profoundly disturbing and suspicious.

Despite fake news to the contrary, it really isn't the Russians who are sowing political chaos throughout our nation; rather, it's the corrupt Washington establishment, the present Democratic Crime Syndicate, their criminal deep-state leakers and the complicit national socialist media outlets who are doing so. To what end do these politically motivated entities hope to achieve by bamboozling sometimes-clueless Americans in this manner?

I believe this political chaos serves at least three purposes:

One: The present three-ring political circus provides a plausible but false political construct to soft-pedal how the unindictable felon Hillary Clinton lost the election. According to these partisan demagogues, it was the Russians, Russians, Russians ... hacks, hacks, hacks ... collusion, collusion, collusion which lost Hillary the election. However, the fact is, none of those alleged factors changed a single electoral vote as attested to by the various intelligence heads under oath before Congress.

Two: The Establishment's conspiracy chaos was also crafted to paralyze the Trump administration and its "drain the swamp" agenda. The eventual impeachment of President Donald Trump on some ginned-up "process crime" would simply be the proverbial icing on the cake for these Establishment police-state fascists.

Three: And most importantly, the Washington and Media establishments' chaos circuses would serve as convenient distractions from the reality that the neo-socialist Barack Hussein Obama spent the last six years secretly weaponizing government and radicalizing key governmental departments by embedding radical (possibly neo-Marxist) deep-state establishment operatives within the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, NSC, the State Department and the Justice Department. Obama also further radicalized the National Defense Authorization Act, the Patriot Act, and radically "enhanced" Ronald Reagan's prior EO 12333, thus creating the nascent AmeriKan surveillance state.

Curiously, all this big-government fascism posed no problems the last six years for left-wing Obamabots like James Hodgkinson, whose over-heated eliminationist rhetoric and spiraling anti-Republican hate (magnified by the left-wing echo chamber he lived in) ultimately expressed itself in such cowardly, deadly fashion. So, just a friendly reminder to left-wing sidewalk commandos who may be similarly marinating in the petri dish of illiberal rage and hate ... this deadly display of leftist fascism you're dangerously dabbling in just put every conservative, independent and libertarian American patriot on red-level alert.

Finally, this poisonous partisan hate-mongering by the left raises an interesting and salient question. In response to unjust illegal leaks and an endless parade of unfounded conspiracy theories cleverly crafted by desperate governmental and media establishmentarians in hopes of overturning a legitimate election, would an "obstruction of injustice" by an American leader who has sworn to clean up the previous regime's mess actually be a crime? I think not.

The public's answer will ultimately determine if there is or isn't any true justice left in a nation run by a systemically corrupt Washington establishment backed by an emerging Obamanation police state. Americans need to quit drinking the deep-state establishment's Kool-Aid.

Henry Seiter Jr. lives in Urbana.

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Sid Saltfork wrote on July 16, 2017 at 9:07 am

Break out the tinfoil !!!  Quickly, quickly, line your Trump hats !!!!  Wear your Trump x-ray sun glasses if you have them !!  Oh.... don't forget the cape, and hood of invisibility....