Sunday Extra | History item failed to tell full story

Sunday Extra | History item failed to tell full story


In response to "Area history: In 1918, Henry Sansone of Champaign and George Lane of Urbana were held in the county jail in connection with the death of Mrs. Stella Johnson of Urbana, who either fell, jumped or was thrown from an auto operated by Sansone. Sansone and Lane claimed the woman committed suicide. But their stories otherwise did not match, according to a deputy sheriff."

When you publish an article in your newspaper as old as 100 years, you should put the rest of the story in the paper also. You make my grandfather appear to be a murderer, which is farthest from the truth.

This is how news has received the title "fake news" these days.

So I will tell you what the true story is.

My grandfather drove a taxi for part of his living. He picked up this woman, who was pregnant and in labor.

My grandfather helped her into the taxi and thought he shut the back door. He was nervous and was hurrying to get her to the hospital. As he turned the corner, the car door flew open and she was thrown out and killed.

My grandfather didn't know if he hadn't gotten the door quite shut or if she had accidentally opened the door while gripping the knob during a contraction.

My grandfather was so distraught over her dying that he had to spend some time in the hospital.

As for the other gentleman in your story, I don't know if he was also a passenger or the owner of the taxi company.

Please be careful about what you print for your "Area history."

My family is very upset that you made our beloved grandfather appear to be some sort of shady character when the truth was he was trying to help this lady.

You may not hear from the relatives of the other people involved, but I'm sure the woman involved also needs to rest in peace.

Toni Sansone Lemmon lives in Champaign.