Cartoonist: 'I have failed in communicating my idea'

Cartoonist: 'I have failed in communicating my idea'


I have received several very angry emails addressed to you at The News-Gazette about my cartoon, "Teen angst in the era of #MeToo."

I want to assure you the meanings being ascribed to the cartoon are not what I had intended.

I take my job as an editorial cartoonist seriously, and I try to be thoughtful and think about an idea before I put it out for publication.

I assume you ran the cartoon because you interpreted it as I had intended: a commentary on modern life and the chilling effects surrounding the #MeToo movement and more specifically, the Kavanaugh hearings.

I really meant nothing more, and some of the interpretations are reading, I think, way too much into it. But if people are interpreting it this way, then I have failed in communicating my idea. But that is it. Contrary to some of the comments I've received, I am not a rapist nor a misogynist.

Many of my cartoons have supported women and issues of equality: Take the cartoon dated last Friday in which I lampoon Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee for their handling of Kavanaugh's accuser, Dr. Ford.

I've been cartooning for more than 35 years and have only had a few instances in which a cartoon engendered such a negative response that was completely unintended.

Syndicated cartoonist Robert Ariail authored 'Teen Angst in the Era of #MeToo.'