Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

James F. Burns/Voices: Longtime Irish politician's past precedes him

By James F. Burns

Gerry Adams was in an Irish stew. Meaning he was stewing in anger and frustration over being denied entry into the White House for a pre-St. Patrick's Day bash with President Obama. The longtime leader of the Irish Republican Army's political wing was indignant over being relegated, in his words, to "the back of the bus."

Donna Reed/Voices: Pet 'P'eeves ... Phones and passwords

Everyone has pet peeves. There is even a National Pet Peeve Week, but it is months away, and this can't wait. Although potholes and politicians are definitely on my pet "p"eeve list, the award this time goes to phones and passwords. Here are the winners.

Pet "P"eeve number one: Phone etiquette.

Television puts 'madness' in hoops tourney

By Jeffrey M. McCall

Guest Commentary: Don't stick taxpayers with coal's costs

By Howard A. Learner and Carol Hays

Watch your wallets.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is allowing Peabody Energy to potentially stick taxpayers with $92 million of their mine reclamation costs.

This is unfair to Illinois taxpayers and threatens our landscapes, rivers and clean water.

Ray Elliott/Voices: Political correctness establishes a beachhead

By Ray Elliott

The headline in the March 21 issue of the Wall Street Journal caught my attention: "Notable & Quotable: Marines' 'Unconscious Bias.'" But I wasn't sure what that meant until I started reading the story.

Guest commentary: Legal theory not supported

By Vikram David Amar

Guest Commentary: Optimism is in the air for Chicago's MLB teams

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

What America needs is a respite from the rough and tumble world of presidential politics and ample time to refocus on Major League Baseball, 2016. After all, it does remain the national pastime.

Guest Commentary: Dems on 'break' while others suffer

By Jim Durkin

Illinois is currently in its ninth month without a state budget. A great majority of state government is being funded through consent decrees, continuing appropriations and local court orders.

Krista Vance/Voices: Colon cancer is no laughing matter

Caution: Graphic material below, but still worth the read:

Colon cancer doesn't have many benefits. OK, maybe none, but my fight with this horrible disease led to one of my funniest life experiences.

Guest commentary: On-site learning: 12 hours spent in county jail

By Astrid Berkson, Gary Maxwell and Pattsi Petrie