Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Gene Budig and Alan Heaps: Immigration again at the forefront

By Gene Budig and  Alan Heaps

Guest Commentary: Let's clear up some misconceptions about AAUP

By David A. O'Brien and Harry H. Hilton

Recent articles in this newspaper and elsewhere reveal a number of misconceptions about the nature and purpose of the AAUP.

Guest Commentary: Sundown towns remain problem

By James W. Loewen

Recently, Tom Kacich wrote a column in The News-Gazette, "Racism accusations need better proof," referencing my website on "sundown towns,", and particularly my list, "Possible Sundown Towns in IL." Sundown towns are communities that for decades were "all white" on purpose.

Guest Commentary: Preserving clean water is vital

By Carol Ammons and Brittany King

Ray Elliott/Voices The hanging of Elizabeth Reed

By Ray Elliott 

Time was when there wasn't much for convicted murderers to look forward to after completion of their sentences. Take old Elizabeth Reed from Purgatory Swamp south of Palestine, Ill., for example.

Proposed task force is a bad idea

By Dennis Kimme

The Champaign County Board is considering the creation of a "Racial Justice Task Force" to investigate "racial disparity" at the county jail. As a longtime criminal justice planner, and as a county resident, I oppose this proposal because I believe the premise behind it is flawed and even harmful.

Sunday Extra: Nursing home moving in wrong direction

By Jim Hronek

I was hired to work in an office at Champaign County Nursing Home about three months after the move was made to the new facility in 2007. As part of the interview, there was a tour of the building.

Robert Silverman/Voices: 'The honor system'

By Robert Silverman

College major widens gender gap in STEM employment

By Margaret L. Usdansky and Rachel A. Gordon