Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

UI precluded any honest debate

We are writing to respond to the recent opinion piece by Nicholas Burbules and Joyce Tolliver ("Salaita Case Calls for Honest Debate"). We agree with these colleagues that the case calls for dialogue, but note that this very possibility was foreclosed when the chancellor rescinded Dr.

Invest now in transportation infrastructure

We cannot let investment in our strong transportation infrastructure go the way of state pensions, putting it off until tomorrow — until it's too late.

Our transportation system is the jewel in the state's somewhat tarnished crown.

An alternative to ACA is needed

By Andrew Wilk

Illinois AAUP defends Salaita's academic freedom

By Peter N. Kirstein

Salaita case calls for honest debate

By Joyce Tolliver and Nick Burbules

Mission remains the same

By Greg Cozad

As a member of the Stevick Foundation board since 2007, I enjoy readers' comments about The News-Gazette and its related entities. The Stevick Foundation owns 100 percent of the stock of The News-Gazette Inc., and our mission, in part, is to try to provide a newspaper and radio stations that add to the quality of life for area residents.

Plan B much cheaper than proposed tax hike

By Charles Schultz

At its Aug. 11 meeting, the Champaign school board approved the final draft for the wording of the November 2014 referendum asking for $149 million in property taxes. There are many reasons why this tax increase might fail.

The concerned citizen should be made aware of the many factors that are coming into play.

Voices: The devil wears flip-flops

By Carol Mizrahi

Flip-flops can be lethal.

Yes, that's what I said. Lethal! They can kill.

I know because they almost killed my son. He was riding his bike and approached an intersection that was clearly marked: STOP! BIKERS AND WALKERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.

Guest commentary: Ending racism still an uphill battle

By Keith Hays

In 1923, a crowd of more than 3,000 gathered in Urbana's Crystal Lake Park for a Ku Klux Klan rally. The crowd was too big to be accommodated in the Klan-owned Illinois Theatre on Urbana's Main Street.

Guest commentary: Parkland enacting exciting changes

By Greg Knott

The fall semester at Parkland College is just a few days from starting. I find this time of year very exciting, with new and returning students coming to Parkland, to learn new skills and knowledge that may help them start a new career, begin their college journey or perhaps take a class for personal interest.