Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Herbert Morgan/Voices: Fourth of July fireworks — ¿comprendes?

By Herbert Morgan

The first thing she said to me was "Hola!"

I responded, "Hello."

The second thing she said was, "Speak Spanish!" Before we could exchange names or shake hands or embrace, she abruptly walked away, discarding me in her wake.

3 reasons to elect county executive

By Laura Weis and Chris Murray

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce and the Champaign County Farm Bureau are proposing a change, one that if passed, will change the structure of county government in Champaign County to an executive form from its current county administrator style of government.

Donna Brazile: It's always right to do right

By Donna Brazile

Rep. John Lewis was 20 when he took his first stand. On a Tuesday in May 1960, Lewis walked into a Woolworth's and sat down at a lunch counter for whites only. Police arrested him. Lewis served jail time for attempting to order lunch.

A year to the day, Lewis took his second stand. This time, he got firebombed.

Working toward a realistic energy policy

By Stanford L. Levin

Fossil fuels aren't going to go away, no matter how much wishful thinking there is. Periodically, people express targets or predict that all electricity will be generated from renewables by a certain date. This isn't going to happen. And remember that electric vehicles must get their electricity from somewhere; they are not, in fact, zero emission.

Donna Reed/Voices: Among the weeds

Planting a garden in spring is a wondrous thing. A long winter is over, and the thought of being out in the fresh air and sunshine tending fresh flowers and vegetables is something many of us wish for during those never-ending cold months. A few years ago I learned the hard way to be careful what you wish for.

Whom will candidates choose as running mates?

By Cal Campbell 

Now that each major political party has selected its candidates for the national election to be held in November, wouldn't you like to know how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will select their running mate?

Krista Vance/Voices: Kayaks and camo ... a father-daughter adventure

By Krista Vance 

I'm proud to say I come by my crazy naturally. My dad's from Louisiana, and everyone knows Southerners are slammed nuts.

Bless their hearts.

During my parents' last visit, my mom dropped my dad and me off at the local outdoorsy store.

Cable news channels are big winners of primary season

By Jeffrey M. McCall

The presidential primary election season has mercifully ended, and the clear winners are the cable news channels. Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN all saw substantial ratings growth during the primary campaign.

Co-ops remain sturdy businesses

By Keith Taylor

You can argue that the economy has largely bounced back from the state it was in seven years ago, but it's no secret that traditional community economic development models have stalled and often fail.

But one approach to community economic development is rapidly gaining attention: cooperative business development.