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Guest commentary: Money spent on mascot name could be better used

Talk of renaming sports teams is all the rage these days.

In fact, the University of Illinois at Springfield is paying an out-of-state consultant about $20,000 to recommend new names for the university's athletic teams, according to a conversation I had with the school this week.

Guest commentary: Lincoln made Thanksgiving a U.S. holiday


The first Thanksgiving is often associated with the Pilgrims. Over two centuries later, President Lincoln was the first to make it official.

This is our town

Devastating tornado will only strengthen village residents' appreciation for life

By Tim Miles

The news cycle never stops to take a breath, does it? It's an insatiable beast, and because most world news happens in somebody else's town, it's gotten relatively easy for us to move on as well.

In the 24-hour news cycle, everything is breaking news so nothing is.

Will pension reform save or destroy higher ed in Illinois?

By Jeffrey Brown and Avijit Ghosh

Dogged journalism is a blessing, not a curse

By Lee Hamilton

Let's start with the obvious: A democracy needs intelligence agencies.

It needs to know what's happening in the world — and understand the plans of allies and enemies — to keep the nation prepared and secure.

50 years later, 'torch being passed to new generation'

By Mike Lawrence

The television room in the fraternity house was often crowded and clamorous, filled with cheers and jeers while the brothers on the couches and the NFL teams on the screen battled.

Medicare for everyone best way to expand the risk pool

By Thomas O'Rourke

The Affordable Care Act is a flawed model of financing health care.

Celebrating a century of service

By Carolyne D. Brooks

Triumph, trivia of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

By James M. Cornelius

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