Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary: State's auditor general must go

By Adam Andrzejewski

After Illinois Auditor General William Holland retired last fall, three years into his third 10-year term, the General Assembly appointed state Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, as his replacement.

Guest Commentary: Education continues to take back seat

By Gene A. Budig and Alan Heap

Corporations of today see economic strength continuing in the U.S. if creativity and performance are recognized and rewarded, and executives are willing to shovel more private dollars to the schools if they produce needed and timely reformation.

Robert Scoble/Voices: Small-town America primed to beat Silicon Valley

As Rackspace's Futurist I'm known as one of Silicon Valley's top tech influencers. I didn't say that, did.

So, when I say Silicon Valley is being beaten, and is at risk of losing more companies to small towns, here's why. Recently, I've visited three of those towns, Urbana, Champaign and Blacksburg, Va.

Let political winds pass across Illinois

By Brian W. Stewart 

Mike Pemberton/Voices It's winter ... time to binge

By Mike Pemberton

"Let me run upstairs and slip into something more comfortable," my wife, Yolanda, says with a sly smile.

It's Saturday night and we've returned home from the local Mexican restaurant, La Casa Del Sol, after Mass at St. Anthony's.

Guest Commentary: We must keep race conversation alive

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

When we look back at 2015, we can hope it was the year when Americans once again seriously re-engaged with issues of race. For too long, many have swept this important but sensitive issue under the rug.

Background checks' many flaws

This article is written in response to the Dec. 11 News-Gazette editorial and to explain some shortcomings of the criminal background check procedures for new University of Illinois hires.

Krista Vance/Voices: A little 'quality time' with the folks

By Krista Vance

I'm currently at a family reunion in Louisiana, and I have a confession. You have to promise not to tell the police or I'll be charged with premeditated murder ... I'm going to smother my parents.

I was so excited when my mom offered to share their hotel room with me. She sold the idea with, "Krista, think about the quality time we'll have."

Guest Commentary: More work to be done for medical cannabis industry

By Ross Morreale

Medical cannabis has been available to Illinois patients for nearly two months and we have already witnessed countless success stories about how this natural remedy is helping people live an improved quality of life. In many cases, this improvement comes after all other treatment options have failed.