Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Guest commentary: Tax hike to support Champaign County facilities is right choice


In a recent editorial ("No real plan behind sales tax," Sept. 27), The News-Gazette raised questions about the referendum for a 12-year, quarter-cent sales tax to support Champaign County facilities. As finance chairman of the county board, I appreciate this opportunity to address those questions.

Guest commentary: Insight into the criminal-justice system


I am a retired public defender who served Champaign County for over 20 years. I have seen first-hand three basic realities in our criminal justice system.

Ray Elliott/Voices: Saying goodbye to a dear friend


Losing someone close is always difficult, even if it's a dog. And Skipper slipped away around noon not long ago after the vet had operated on him to relieve the pressure on the spleen caused by a mass and found other problems with the liver and other organs that precluded any quality of life and guaranteed a painful existence.

Sunday Extra: Trump as president ... a scary thought


You've let me down.

For years, whenever I've been unsure where to stand on an important issue, I have looked to The News-Gazette's editorials, and whatever position you take, I take the opposite. I have found this to be a near-foolproof method of staying on the right side of the U.S. Constitution and the moral precepts of Christianity.

Guest commentary: How then shall we vote?

By Henry Seiter Jr.

Given the caliber of presidential candidates from the two major parties this year, it now appears "the lesser of two evils" is the operative principle with many voters.

Mike Pemberton/Voices: Is 50 the new 70?

By Mike Pemberton

"I gotta go before we take off," I said to my son, Michael, as I closed the bathroom door.

I was 50 at the time; he was 20. We had checked into a St. Louis hotel prior to the Illinois-Missouri basketball game.

Gene Budig and Alan Heaps: Add education to agenda

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

It is time for a reality check.

Sunday Extra: Science should guide transgender therapy


The Sept. 18 commentary by Joe Gerber caught my attention. He opined that the best option for transgender youth is to help them self-identify with their biological sex, using clinically sound interventions and therapies.

Guest commentary: Return the power to the people

By Bruce Rauner

It's time we return the power of Illinois government back to the people. Our current political system is broken. It's rigged against us. The people of Illinois deserve a more just and fair system.

Unfortunately, the Illinois Supreme Court has now blocked a voter referendum that would have allowed you to vote for an Independent Map Amendment in November.

Guest commentary: Let's help confused kids make healthy life choices

By Joe Gerber

Whenever an issue becomes "political," it has nearly always already moved beyond responsible, reasonable conversation to the fever pitch of sound bites, talking heads, and "us versus them." The heart of the issue is often forgotten or ignored.