Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Saving Illinois from Clean Power Plan

By J. Winston Porter

President Obama's new Clean Power Plan calls for a 32 percent reduction in carbon emissions from the nation's power plants by 2030. But the plan is shaping up to be little more than a taxpayer handout to the wind and solar industries.

Businesses rely on strong clean water rules

By Andrew Clarke 

On March 25, 2014, the oil company BP reported a malfunction at its refinery in Whiting, Ind., only a few miles away from the city of Chicago. For as much as four and a half hours, crude oil spilled into Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for seven million people in the greater Chicago area.

Joseph Bauers/Voices: The mystery of the Little Green Things

By Joseph Bauers

The little green things came into my life with a job I had in a plastics factory while I was in college. It was a watchman/janitor position, reserved for students at the local university. During the school year, we worked weekends, and if we pleased management enough, we might catch on full-time summers doing maintenance work.

What others are saying about ... the use of Tasers

Earlier this year, the Urbana City Council gave its police force the OK to purchase and use Tasers in t

Meghann Hiser/Voices Taking a stand against drug/alcohol addiction

By Meghann Hiser

I'm sitting here taking a break from my University of Illinois homework and decided to get on Facebook. The first thing I saw was an article from the Effingham Daily News that four young people have been found dead, from what they now know were heroin overdoses.

Guest Commentary: Illinois taxpayers in need of property tax relief

By Adam Andrzejewski

Illinois' high property tax is driving the American Dream underground. Citizens are evading crushing property taxes with a new kind of dwelling — the "shouse" or shed/house.

Guest commentary: Fiscal futility

By Martin J. Luby

We have all read a lot in the last few years about Illinois' two major financial deficits. First, there is a large mismatch between sustainable operating revenues and costs for existing programs — this is our structural deficit, which is on the order of $6 billion per year. Second, Illinois has an immense pension deficit, estimated to be greater than $100 billion.

Budig and Heaps: Overreliance on TV revenue could haunt colleges

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

With the surprising emergence of a boisterous Donald Trump and the growing concerns about truthfulness surrounding Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, a dozen leaders from significant state universities anticipate a wild fall on campus.

Carol Mizrahi/Voices: Designers add insult to injury with lethal labels

I'm no Princess and the Pea so if I feel under attack from manufacturers' and designers' clothing labels, you probably do, too. And that's because we are. The fabrics used for labels today are cheap and rough in texture. When sewn into the neck area of a garment, they chafe and scratch, often leading to skin abrasions, infections, welts, and burns.

Munger: Budget mess threatens nonprofits

By Leslie Geissler Munger