Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Carbon pollution standards: A faith issue

By Rev. Cindy Shepherd

She remembers when GIs ‘brought the biggest smiles you ever saw to people’s lips’

The sight of a squad of soldiers brought terror to people’s hearts during World War II, a veteran once told the historian Stephen Ambrose, author of “Band of Brothers” and a score of other books.

China's passion for education is impressive

I am spending May in Shanghai as a visiting scholar at Fudan University, where I am teaching a short course in American government for smart senior undergraduate students. I also lecture to graduate students on various topics in American politics. The English of my students is impressive indeed, and no translation is needed.

Teachers vital to success in 21st century

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

Earlier this month, the nation celebrated National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week.

We would be wise to support teachers in any way we can. In an increasingly competitive, technological and connected world, our individual and collective welfare depends on education. And education depends on teachers.

Don't use academic freedom as a rhetorical tactic

By David Green

Waste PCBs can be dealt with more intelligently

By J. Wayland Eheart

Corruption an enduring habit in Illinois

By James Nowlan and J. Thomas Johnson

Since our founding as a state, corruption in Illinois has been so commonplace that it is called "The Illinois Way" of doing government business.

Our state's reputation has been sullied and our economy harmed. It is not a matter to be passed off with a rueful chuckle.

Voices: There is no privacy: Get over it!

By Carol Mizrahi

Before my recent appointment at a local medical clinic, I was given a form to complete. More of the same, I thought, putting my pencil to paper. But halfway down the list of questions, I edited my thinking. This questionnaire was definitely not "more of the same." This one had gone where no others had gone before. "How many sexual partners have you had?" I was asked.

Unionizing NCAA invites more troubles

By Gene Budig

I served for 22 years as a university president or chancellor and am adamantly opposed to the unionization of college athletics.

Recognizing that unions bargain both compensation and work rules, I ask these unavoidable questions: