Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Sold down the river

Proposed water sale to Cronus a bad deal for C-U

By Kim Knowles/Prairie Rivers Network

Existence of faculty union will force administration's hand

By Robert W. McChesney

I have been a professor for 26 years, first in Madison and, since 1999, here in Urbana-Champaign. The public research university system has been very good to me, and very good for the people of this state and nation. I love this university and I bleed blue and orange; that is why I support the formation of a faculty union.

Achievement gap is America's problem

By Peter T. Tomaras 

Cheryl Brown Henderson, keynoter at this year's MLK Jr., Celebration said: "The achievement gap is real ... students don't get the message that education is important ... families need to be sure they are raising teachable children ... there are social issues that need to be addressed first."

Show proper respect during funeral procession

William Carlos Williams' poem, "Tract," started insinuating itself into my mind soon after the funeral procession left the Renner-Wikoff Chapel & Crematory on South Philo Road in Urbana and headed off for Grandview Cemetery to pay our respects to Vietnam veteran and Veteran of Foreign Wars Junior State Commander Ron Hubert. He had died unexpectedly in Marion, Ill., on Jan.

Success is defined differently for each individual

By Nick Elder

Electric companies relying too much on natural gas

By Stanford L. Levin

There's something to the old saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket, yet that's what we are doing in the case of electricity generation. Nearly all new electricity generation projects are using natural gas. This lack of diversification increases risks for the future.

'One Riot, One Ranger': Mob mentality and social media

By Mike Pemberton

Wiegand: Unit 4 should act now to address the needs of aging high school facilities

By Judy Wiegand

Recently, the Unit 4 Board of Education announced that it purchased land for a new Champaign Central High School on Interstate Drive next to the Ashland Park subdivision. As superintendent, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the process our district has used to arrive at this decision for our schools and community.

Coming face to face with some unpleasant realities

By Carol Mizrahi 

I've been unfriended!

Recently I got onto Facebook and found the following message from a company called Unfriendapp:


My first reaction was: "Who are you?" and my second: "How would you know about my friends?"