Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Katelynn Markstahler/Voices: A small voice crying out for suicide prevention

My name is Katelynn Markstahler, and I would like to tell you about an issue that has hit near to me for a very long time. But first I have to explain. My freshman year of high school was in 2012, and in English class, my teacher had each student write to a publication about an issue that they thought was a huge deal and needed attention.

Increased scrutiny for higher ed

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

As another academic year draws to a close, higher education is facing increasing criticism and scrutiny.

Seemingly, little progress has been made in long-standing areas of concern.

Coal mine with no answers

By Tyler Rotche

In December 2010, Sunrise Coal told investors "we will start the permitting process this spring and anticipate receiving a mining permit in early 2013."

Krista Vance/Voices: Elevator escapades: I need a hero!

By Krista Vance

The elevator doors opened at the eighth floor, and I looked up into the eyes of a very tall man.

"Oh no," Emily groaned.

"Yes!" I whispered-yelled in her ear. "This is gonna be fun."

The tall man and his companion entered the elevator, and I moved next to the buttons. "What floor?"

"First," the man said.

States taking a gamble

By John Kindt

During April 2016 legislative hearings before the Illinois House Executive Committee, it once again became apparent that Illinois has not only given away billions of dollars to gambling insiders since 1990, but also proposes to continue giving away billions of dollars more. All 50 states should note this trend.

James Burns/Voices: It's time for all of us — young and old — to unite

By James Burns

"... America, America, God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea." Destiny, morality, unity.

"Under a spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy stands; a mighty man is he, with large and sinewy hands." Strength, stability, primal power.

Mike Pemberton/Voices: Give me liberty or give me ... some free stuff?

By Mike Pemberton

It was a crisp, sunny, fall day in 1999.

I cruised into Champaign-Urbana on eastbound Interstate 74 in my Honda Accord on the way to a business meeting. Spotting my exit, I glanced in the rearview mirror, signaled and changed lanes.

Cherry tops.

Time to abolish lieutenant governor's office

By Bill Brady

Are voters really informed enough about the issues?

By Jeffrey M. McCall

It's time to apologize to our teachers

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

May 3rd is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Unfortunately, this nation too often neglects to thank those who do important and seemingly impossible work. The more than 3.5 million K-12 teachers fall into this category. We owe them big time. So let's send them our apologies and our thanks.