Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Krista Vance/Voices: Colon cancer is no laughing matter

Caution: Graphic material below, but still worth the read:

Colon cancer doesn't have many benefits. OK, maybe none, but my fight with this horrible disease led to one of my funniest life experiences.

Guest commentary: On-site learning: 12 hours spent in county jail

By Astrid Berkson, Gary Maxwell and Pattsi Petrie

Guest commentary: Urbana should rethink TIF plan

By Durl Kruse

Sunday Extra: Counties could handle townships

By Dannel McCollum

In early December, a letter to the editor appeared in The News-Gazette signed by one Brian E. Smith, executive director of the Township Officials of Illinois.

Voices: Developing better leadership for the future

By Topper Steinman

Recently, I had the opportunity to keynote a conference with a group of high school students who are in an organization called FCCLA — Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

Guest commentary: A tidal wave of TV shows, but nothing to watch

By Jeffrey M. McCall

The critically acclaimed television drama of the early 1960s, "Naked City," concluded each episode with the narrator proclaiming, "There are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This has been one of them." In this era of oversaturated television programming, one would think there is a show being produced featuring each of the 8 million stories.

Guest commentary: Cuts hurt working families

A guest commentary by:


Speaker, Illinois House


Director, Channings Childcare Academy



Executive director and CEO, Garden of Prayer Youth Center,


and 17 others

Krista Vance/Voices: Food emergency offers up late-night surprise

(Technically, this was not my fault.)

People should really choose their words more carefully.

"Make yourself at home," the lovely owner of the bed and breakfast said.

So I did.

I get hot flashes. Full on "I'm burning up from the inside. I need to rip off as many clothes as I can without ending up in jail" hot flashes.

Sunday Extra: Let's discuss prison overcrowding

By Diane Gottheil

In recent times, we have read about proposals on both the federal and the state levels for reducing the prison population. Spurred primarily by the usual motivator — the great financial cost of our enormous level of incarceration — officials are realizing that action has to be taken.

Guest Commentary: Ask the chickens what they want

By Jim Fraley

Several major national restaurant chains and food service companies have announced recent decisions to move toward "cage-free" eggs. To most people, this seems logical. We want our chickens to be able to socialize and to roam freely, right?

An important — and in this case, overlooked — consideration is what the chicken wants.