Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

J. Fred Giertz: Incompetence ... or shrewd design?

Editor's note: This article was originally published in Central Illinois Business Magazine


For privacy's sake, Rauner needs to sign SB 1833

By Andrew Koester

Big Data is the new Big Brother. Every day, large corporations profit off our personal information. They know where we shop, what websites we read, our medical history, religious beliefs, political leanings — it's all collected and sold. Even seemingly innocuous actions taken online can reveal sensitive information.

Scott Kesler: Much work put in by our local farmers

By Scott Kesler 

Martel Miller: Black athletes should send strong message to UI

BY Martel Miller

Black athletes should no longer play for schools that practice racial discrimination.

Now is the time to send a strong message to the new president and next chancellor of the University of Illinois that, whether the UI intends to discriminate or not, the university's employment and enrollment numbers of African-Americans are unacceptable.

Dean Dempsey: Toxic wasteland

By Dean Dempsey

The San Juan River stretches nearly 400 miles and feeds the Little Colorado River.

It also borders the north side of the Navajo Reservation — the largest Native American reservation in the U.S. that spans across Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and a small portion of Utah.

The land mass is larger than the state of Virginia.

Michael T. Marron: It's time for change in Vermilion County

By Michael T. Marron

The mid-August rain kept me confined to the house on a recent Sunday, so I spent the early afternoon watching a show I'd TiVo'd. The program had aired on the American Heroes Channel and was titled "One Giant Leap."

Donna Reed/Voices: Tips for a successful high school reunion

We all have opportunities to return to our younger years when we travel back to our high school reunions. A "milestone" high school reunion is a few weeks away for me, and it's time to gear up for that memorable weekend. Perhaps I should contact friends with some thoughts I've had before the big event. With that in mind, here then are a few tips for a successful high school reunion:

County needs Racial Justice Task Force

By Evelyn Reynolds

At a glance, Champaign-Urbana has little in common with Ferguson, Mo., or Staten Island, N.Y. African-Americans make up 67.4 percent of Ferguson's population, a much larger proportion than Champaign County's 12.8 percent, and Staten Island is one of five bustling New York City boroughs, with more than double the population of Champaign-Urbana.

Student aid is on the brink

BY David Tretter 

This is an exciting and anxious time of the year for many students starting or heading back to college. Campuses will soon be buzzing with activity, from move-in days to organizing classes.

But for around 136,000 of the state's most financially vulnerable students, the excitement of the start of a new school year comes with real uncertainty.