Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Sunday Extra: Casino cafes are not good for Main Street

What's your opinion? We'd like to hear from you, in a Letter to the Editor.

By Bruce Brown

Sunny days ahead for America's pastime

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

Sunday Extra: Obama has brought little hope, almost no change to war policy

What's your opinion? We'd like to hear from you, in a Letter to the Editor.

By C.G. Estabrook

Many Americans are unaware that President Obama is:

Seeking a logical path forward for Unit 4

By Judy Wiegand

Robert Silverman: 'Oldest hatred' has worldwide following

By Robert Silverman

Anti-Semitism experiences worldwide growth. Some are shocked, yes "shocked!"

The true surprise is anybody being shocked. After all, anti-Semitism is not known as "the oldest hatred" by accident.

Stale stories on education serve little purpose

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

April brings both hope and fear to thousands of anxious teenagers. It is the month when many high school seniors receive acceptances and rejections from the colleges of their choice.

New Central: 'Yes' vote on April 7 will be huge step forward for our community

By J. Mark Nolan and Andy Quarnstrom

As members of the Friends of Champaign Schools, we are proponents of providing all children in this community the very best opportunities for success.

New Central: Proposed location does not protect best interests of students, community

By Laurie Reynolds

On April 7, voters of the Unit 4 school district will be asked to approve a $144 million bond for school construction. Though I am a staunch supporter of public schools and happy to pay more taxes to support them, I will reluctantly vote no.

Peter Buckley: The reluctant campaign

By Peter Buckley

Krista Vance/Voices: Colon cancer: The one with built-in poop jokes

By Krista Vance

Who knew I would have choices? I certainly didn't. I thought it would be as simple as one size fits all. I was wrong. There's no mystery why underwear comes in different sizes and the same applies to Depends.