Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Ray Elliott/Voices: 'In this tunnel lingers memory of Marines ...'

By Ray Elliott 

Though Memorial Day is over, the speeches fading, the ceremonies concluded and the living still living free, the purpose of the day lingers in my mind. Like a lot of us, I didn't always contemplate the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom. It was something I took for granted.

The American flag, a living spirit

By James F. Burns

I've been to the moon. I've been burned. But more often I'm honored.

I'm your American flag.

Guest Commentary: Funding vital to prison system

By John Baldwin 

Despite the lack of a balanced state budget, the Illinois Department of Corrections has done its best to weather the storm, but we are now on the precipice of real issues that could lead to lasting consequences.

Shelley Maxwell/Voices: Another Mothers Day gone without Mom

By Shelley Maxwell

To Mom,

Wherever you are, I wish I knew you.

I wish I knew the color of your eyes. I've been told both "green" and "hazel," and I just need to be sure.

Television industry deceives nation's viewers


A baseball pitcher doesn't get to call his own balls and strikes. A convicted felon doesn't set his own prison sentence. That's because those parties have a self-interest in the judgment.

Follow the rules at the zoo

I watched a news video of the tragic events at the Cincinatti Zoo last weekend. "What do you say to your grandchildren?" was the closing comment.

I have been to this zoo — a wonderful collaboration of a botanical garden and zoological garden.

I have also been to the gorilla exhibit — large, deep and set apart from the crowd.

We need Clinton's reliable power

By Paul Telthorst

Closure of Clinton Power Station would be a huge mistake and result in higher electrical rates and a less reliable electrical grid supply system.

Katelynn Markstahler/Voices: A small voice crying out for suicide prevention

My name is Katelynn Markstahler, and I would like to tell you about an issue that has hit near to me for a very long time. But first I have to explain. My freshman year of high school was in 2012, and in English class, my teacher had each student write to a publication about an issue that they thought was a huge deal and needed attention.

Increased scrutiny for higher ed

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

As another academic year draws to a close, higher education is facing increasing criticism and scrutiny.

Seemingly, little progress has been made in long-standing areas of concern.

Coal mine with no answers

By Tyler Rotche

In December 2010, Sunrise Coal told investors "we will start the permitting process this spring and anticipate receiving a mining permit in early 2013."