Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

No quick fix for state's pension crisis

By Robert F. Rich

Donna Reed: A bad kitty, a good dog and a '63 Chevy Nova

By Donna Reed

I live with escape artists. They each have their own motivations and means, but they all have escape as their goal.

Ongoing attempt to be less transparent

By Dennis DeRossett

As state government scurries to fill a projected $8 billion deficit in the 2016 fiscal year budget, it would seem to make sense to move beyond successful compromises and proven solutions already in place and instead focus on issues that truly have a significant impact on the state's finances.

Sunday Extra: Rauner another Springfield bully?

By John D. Cooney

Illinois had another governor not so long ago who showed pure contempt for the institutions of government and who vilified others to try and get his way. Is history repeating itself with a new governor skirting the rule of law and condemning our democratic system of checks and balances by castigating anybody not toeing his line?

Voices: How can we come together?

By Andrew Wilk

I keep updating this same commentary, yet I am neither obsessed nor uncertain regarding this subject; I am simply more and more concerned as tragic police-community interactions continue to polarize our nation.

Climate change and our nation

By Don Wuebbles and Jerry Melillo

Voices: Joseph Bauers: Europe trip full of memories ... some more vivid than others

By Joseph Bauers

Once, you could tour Europe on the cheap. If you were adventurous enough, or foolish enough, you did so without a single reservation. In 1974, all you needed was a cut-rate airline ticket, the essential guide book — "Europe on $5-$10 a Day" — and a railway pass. I know this was possible, because I did it.

Guest commentary: Exelon a vital economic engine in Illinois

Last week, Dynegy CEO Bob Flexon argued against legislation to subsidize low-carbon energy sources. This week, Exelon's response.

By William A. Von Hoene Jr.

Sunday Extra: GOP's plan to repeal ACA is a bad idea

By Cynthia Vingelen