Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Mike Pemberton: Free to roam, with or without money in your shoe

By Mike Pemberton

"You travel, slip a few bucks into your shoes," my dad told us. "Never know what might happen."

"Okay, Dad," my siblings and I would say, shaking our heads when he wasn't looking, never knowing from where this advice emanated. I never witnessed Dad stick money in his shoes, and I never have done so, but it became family lore.

Rauner's workers' comp plan is bad medicine for workers

By David J. Fletcher

The News Gazette recently published an editorial in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner's plan to rein in workers' compensation costs as part of his self-touted re-engineering plan for Illinois.

UI leveraging statewide assets for economic revitalization

By Larry Schook

One of the truest measures of a university is its impact on lives. Certainly, that includes the students we educate but it extends much further — to the citizens across our state and beyond that we are so proud to serve.

Krista Vance/Voices: From bikinis to Batgirl, swimsuit season is upon us

By Krista Vance

Well, it's nearly swimsuit season, and the reason I know this is because the big-box stores have had bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, Speedos, boy shorts, and cover-ups on display for the past five months.

The process of picking out a swimsuit is not easy. There are many factors to consider: style, color, size, coverage, comfort, support, tan lines, etc.

Sunday Extra: AT&T in need of a wake-up call

By David Kolata

In claiming that Illinois' system for regulating telephone service is behind the times, AT&T seems to have forgotten that consumer protections never go out of date.

Solutions for fixing state's pension crisis

Editor's note: John D. Colombo, the Albert E. Jenner Jr. Professor and interim dean of the University of Illinois College of Law, spoke with News Bureau business and law editor Phil Ciciora about what's next for pension reform in the state of Illinois.

Q: Was there anything from the Illinois Supreme Court's ruling that particularly stuck out to you?

Lower tuition plan for 2-year colleges is smart, necessary

BY Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

Earlier this year, President Obama introduced a plan "to make community college as free and universal as high school."

This proposal, which generated both support and opposition, is important for two reasons.

Voices: The more things change, the more they stay the same

BY Robert Silverman

Basic questions remain on mine

By Tyler Rotche

Good farm policy deserves support

By Mark Pflugmacher

I grow soybeans in Champaign County. Farmers, like me, believe it's important to care for the environment because we want the next generation to be able to enjoy the farm community like we have.