Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Our country's 'Kodak Moment'

By Andrew Wilk

One of the quickest ways for a business to fail is to ignore change. The most recent — and dramatic — example of this was the recent bankruptcy of Eastman Kodak, a company once so completely ensconced in America's consciousness that it was synonymous with the photographic image.

And now it has slid into oblivion, a mere shell of its former self.

Do profs have right to be cyberbullies?

By Michael H. LeRoy

In my research on First Amendment employment disputes involving university faculty members, more than 70 percent of these 209 court cases were won by schools. Courts ordered reinstatement in only 1.9 percent of trials.

Voices: I hate New Year's Eve

By Carol Mizrahi

Guest commentary: Veterans should not be excluded

By Patrick J. Connolly

Guest commentary: Broad lessons from Rolling Stone mess

Journalism enters dangerous territory when reporters look to tell "stories" that are more dramatic, more sensational and more confrontational than what is provided by real life. Rolling Stone magazine found this out with its recent, misguided story about sexual assault at the University of Virginia.

Guest commentary: Where are the problem solvers?

By Robert Silverman

In these pages on Dec. 7, Gary Storm explained continued and repeated attacks into Israel writing that "Palestinian frustrations lead to low-tech missile strikes." And he whitewashed BDS, the group boycotting and sanctioning everything Israeli.

Guest commentary: Salaita report unconvincing, inconsistent

By Peter N. Kirstein

I would like to respond to your article on Dec. 23 on the recently released undated University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure "Report on the Investigation into the Matter of Steven Salaita."

Guest commentary: McCollum's comments were inaccurate

By Arlene Blank

After reading the headline on Dan McCollum's guest commentary in the Dec. 14 edition of The News-Gazette, I knew I had to read his comments.

Guest commentary: Illinois needs a succession law

By Brian Gaines

Exercise your rights to record

By Kwame Raoul

You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. And in Illinois, you have the right to record police officers.