Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Sunday Extra: GOP's plan to repeal ACA is a bad idea

By Cynthia Vingelen

Voices: Joseph Bauers: Europe trip full of memories ... some more vivid than others

By Joseph Bauers

Once, you could tour Europe on the cheap. If you were adventurous enough, or foolish enough, you did so without a single reservation. In 1974, all you needed was a cut-rate airline ticket, the essential guide book — "Europe on $5-$10 a Day" — and a railway pass. I know this was possible, because I did it.

Guest commentary: Exelon a vital economic engine in Illinois

Last week, Dynegy CEO Bob Flexon argued against legislation to subsidize low-carbon energy sources. This week, Exelon's response.

By William A. Von Hoene Jr.

Jim Nowlan: Marriage, education frame today's poor

I travel the state a lot. On Amtrak, from western Illinois into Chicago's Loop, I pass from left-behind rural towns and through new middle-class housing tracts on the suburban fringe.

Guest commentary: Now's not time for raising utility rates

By Bob Flexon

Today, Illinois consumers enjoy a competitive electricity market that has provided choice and low-cost electricity. Illinois is at the forefront of the national energy industry as a net exporter of electricity and a hub for electric transmission lines and gas pipelines.

Guest commentary: Keep crop insurance affordable

By Keith Mussman

Guest commentary: Satellite TV tax needs to be rejected

By Andrew Reinsdorf

Springfield is considering a new tax on satellite television customers. This is an old trick being played by a new hand; this is a discriminatory tax that's perpetually suggested every year in Springfield. The bottom line is that the cable industry wants to impose a satellite tax to make it less attractive for consumers.

Guest commentary: ADP technology could help save lives

By Chelsea A. Laliberte

In the blink of an eye, your life can be completely turned upside down.

Guest commentary: We must do more to prevent sexual violence

By Lisa Madigan, Bridget Gainer, Toi Hutchinson and Michelle Mussman

As college graduation season approaches, it is a time of great joy and celebration for thousands of Illinois families.

But for too many undergraduate women, the promises of graduation day are replaced by pain and loss.

Guest commentary: Becoming smart on crime

By Nazgol Ghandnoosh

Gov. Bruce Rauner has created a committee tasked with reducing Illinois' prison population by 25 percent in 10 years. Illinois prisons now hold almost 49,000 people, compared with about 11,000 in 1980.