Guest Commentary

Unionizing NCAA invites more troubles

By Gene Budig

I served for 22 years as a university president or chancellor and am adamantly opposed to the unionization of college athletics.

Recognizing that unions bargain both compensation and work rules, I ask these unavoidable questions:

Act now to support Mahomet Aquifer

By Steve Carter and Bruce Hannon

Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Brew coffee. For most of us in this community these are part of a daily routine. A routine made possible by the Mahomet Aquifer. Our local communities sit above a layer of rock, sand, gravel and silt that provides us all with an abundant and pristine source of water.

Commentary elevates ideological 'beliefs' over evidence

By T. Jameson Brewer and Chris Lubienski

Renewable fuel standard benefits more than farmers

By Chris Hausman

If you've been reading these editorial pages lately, you would immediately recognize that it's open season on ethanol. As a farmer, I'd like to try to set the record straight.

Some economic consequences of motherhood

By Michael J. Hicks

Many women make great sacrifices at the expense of careers

Nursing Home Week is a time to celebrate Green House model

By Ann Wagle

In recognition of National Nursing Home Week, which starts today and continues through Saturday, we at the Veterans Affairs Illiana Health Care System celebrate the person-centered care movement that is transforming the delivery of care in long-term and post-acute skilled nursing care centers around the country.

Expert advice on steps to a stronger Illinois economy

By James Nowlan and J. Thomas Johnson

The Illinois economy has been struggling. In January 2014, the state's unemployment rate was 8.7 percent, second highest in the nation. From our employment peak in November 2000, Illinois lost 656,000 jobs and has regained only 257,000.

What can be done about our parlous situation?

Options for stopping mining companies

By John T. Scott

Dear folks who are opposing the coal mine at Broadlands-Homer:

Silence of faculty union advocates is deafening

By Nick Burbules and Joyce Tolliver

It's time to change the state budget process

By Richard J. Winkel Jr.

Illinois is deep in debt. The complicated way that we make state budgets in Illinois is one major reason lawmakers made such shortsighted decisions in the past, causing our current fiscal problems.

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