Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Sunday Extra: Let's discuss prison overcrowding

By Diane Gottheil

In recent times, we have read about proposals on both the federal and the state levels for reducing the prison population. Spurred primarily by the usual motivator — the great financial cost of our enormous level of incarceration — officials are realizing that action has to be taken.

Guest Commentary: Ask the chickens what they want

By Jim Fraley

Several major national restaurant chains and food service companies have announced recent decisions to move toward "cage-free" eggs. To most people, this seems logical. We want our chickens to be able to socialize and to roam freely, right?

An important — and in this case, overlooked — consideration is what the chicken wants.

Krista Vance/Voices: Food emergency offers up late-night surprise

(Technically, this was not my fault.)

People should really choose their words more carefully.

"Make yourself at home," the lovely owner of the bed and breakfast said.

So I did.

I get hot flashes. Full on "I'm burning up from the inside. I need to rip off as many clothes as I can without ending up in jail" hot flashes.

Guest commentary: Let the energy markets work

By Stanford L. Levin

It seems like we haven't learned much of anything as we continue to interfere in various energy markets. This results in inefficiencies and unintended consequences.

Robert Silverman/Voices: A yellow brick road of bacon

By Robert Silverman

Immigration and assimilation have always strolled hand in hand. Assimilation, or fitting in, is often synonymous with work and is an American strength.

Guest commentary: Study proves state can grow

By Todd Maisch

Gene A. Budig and Alan Heaps: Terrorism concerns driven by fear, not facts

By Gene A. Budig and Alan Heaps

Fear of terrorism on American soil is now part of our daily lives.

Scalia: A lasting legacy

By Ronald D. Rotunda

Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia — Nino to his friends — died in his sleep on Feb. 13, 2016, at age 79. He was the 45th justice to die in office since the beginning of the Supreme Court. He was the first Italian American to serve on the Court. He was also my friend.

Guest commentary: Former reps back independent map

During our combined five-plus decades of service in the Illinois House, we have been on the same side of some issues and disagreed on others. Today, we find ourselves on the same side of a very important issue that could be decided later this year — not by the legislators now serving in the General Assembly, but by the citizens of Illinois.