Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Gene Budig and Alan Heaps: Compromise is hallmark of democracy

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

The well-worn maxim known as "Miles Law" states that "where you stand depends of where you sit." Named after Rufus Miles, a federal administrator who coined the phrase in the late 1940s, it tells us that our opinions are less the result of free will and more the result of our past and present circumstances.

Sunday Extra: Voters should deny jail expansion

By Niloofar Shambayati

Guest Commentary: Comparing county-leadership proposals


There are two questions on the Nov. 8 ballot regarding leadership for the Champaign County Board. Shall the county board be led by an elected executive or by a countywide elected board chair? To understand these questions, it is helpful to understand how and why they are being presented to the voters.

Krista Vance/Voices: Confession of a talkative patient


How you know your doctor rocks.

1) From the get-go, they understand your sense of humor.

2) They appreciate the little things you do for them to make them happy and comfortable.

3) They are patient when you talk and talk and talk and talk.

4) They listen and listen and listen and listen to your endless chatter.

Sunday Extra: It's time for Rietz to go


In 2004, I was delighted when Julia Rietz defeated John Piland in the Champaign County state's attorney race.

Scott Reeder: Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Remembering Mom

Editor's note: In 2013, Scott Reeder lost his mother to breast cancer. He wrote this column for the first Breast Cancer Awareness Month following her death. He asked that this updated piece run to honor her and inform readers on what they can do.

My mother's breathing was ragged.

I held her left hand with each labored gasp.

Guest Commentary: War policies and the Green Party


A Green Party president, such as Jill Stein, would stop the vicious war-making over which the current U.S. president presides. Like all American presidents for more than a generation, President Barack Obama is making war around the world. And now his administration is threatening Russia with war in Syria — and beyond.

Jim Nowlan: The constants of campaigning

In 64 B.C., Quintus T. Cicero gave the following advice to his more famous brother, during Cicero's successful campaign for consul of the Roman Republic that year:

Exploit the weaknesses of your opponents (he had two), flatter voters shamelessly, promise them anything, and give people hope. He undoubtedly added, though it is not recorded: Spend buckets of money, as they did back then.

Sunday Extra: Trump as president ... a scary thought


You've let me down.

For years, whenever I've been unsure where to stand on an important issue, I have looked to The News-Gazette's editorials, and whatever position you take, I take the opposite. I have found this to be a near-foolproof method of staying on the right side of the U.S. Constitution and the moral precepts of Christianity.

Ray Elliott/Voices: Saying goodbye to a dear friend


Losing someone close is always difficult, even if it's a dog. And Skipper slipped away around noon not long ago after the vet had operated on him to relieve the pressure on the spleen caused by a mass and found other problems with the liver and other organs that precluded any quality of life and guaranteed a painful existence.