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Guest Commentary: Faculty support for union not as clear-cut as claimed

In January 2014, union organizers on the Urbana campus distributed a glossy brochure entitled, "We Support the Faculty Union" (sic: there is no faculty union).

It included a number of featured advocates and testimonials, and on the inside cover listed about 700 names in fine print.

Sage advice from our country's founders

By Peter T. Tomaras
Today hear not my voice, but those of our nation’s founders — perceptive, wise, prophetic.

Time for the sun to rise on clean energy, not coal

By Jeff Biggers

As Illinois, as well as farmers and residents in Vermilion County, find themselves again in the throes of a short-term coal rush with devastating health and environmental impacts, it's time to turn the page on the past and transition to a future with more sustainable economic development.

Use of local food good for nutrition, economy

By Cathe Capel and Becky Roach

March is National Nutrition Month and what better time to talk about food — local food.

Knowing where our food comes from can help us choose to eat more fruits and vegetables to have a more healthful diet. But increasing our use of local foods can do so much more than improve our nutrition — it can boost our economy.

Balancing budget will not be easy

By Richard F. Dye

The state of Illinois' budget problems are severe, even after all the budget cuts of recent years, and even assuming the pension changes enacted in December 2013 survive a constitutional challenge.

Guest commentary: Europe, Ukraine cannot be free of Russian energy

By Corey Johnson and Tim Boersma

Guest commentary: Effort to unionize UI faculty is cause for concern

By Richard Blahut

It is with great concern for the University of Illinois that I write this letter, putting thoughts in writing that I would prefer to leave unwritten. Unfortunately, an effort to unionize the campus faculty is underway, much of this effort behind closed doors.

Guest commentary: Everyone wants to talk, but few are listening

By Carol Mizrahi

The wise old owl sat on an oak

The more he heard, the less he spoke.

The less he spoke, the more he heard.

I wish more folks were like that bird!

Guest commentary: It's time to face reality


We are approaching the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, that point in time when America emerged intact from the ruins of a ravaged world as the most powerful nation in the history of our planet. We had an industrial base in place that had served as the arsenal of democracy — and which now stood ready to bombard both friend and foe with consumer goods.

Guest commentary: The rage of 'white suburban moms'

By Andrew Wilk

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