Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Krista Vance/Voices: A little 'quality time' with the folks

By Krista Vance

I'm currently at a family reunion in Louisiana, and I have a confession. You have to promise not to tell the police or I'll be charged with premeditated murder ... I'm going to smother my parents.

I was so excited when my mom offered to share their hotel room with me. She sold the idea with, "Krista, think about the quality time we'll have."

Background checks' many flaws

This article is written in response to the Dec. 11 News-Gazette editorial and to explain some shortcomings of the criminal background check procedures for new University of Illinois hires.

Mike Pemberton/Voices Steak and jazz, hold the politics

"Whatta ya gonna do?"

My wife, Yolanda, and I often voice our favorite line from "The Sopranos" when life takes an unexpected turn, reminding ourselves we cannot control others' actions, only our response.

Guest Commentary: Adversarial, not deliberative

By Nicholas C. Burbules

Over the past year or more, many of us have watched with dismay as the Academic Senate at Urbana has descended into a forum for extreme points of view that neither serve the university well nor represent the views of a majority of faculty on campus.

Donna Reed/Voices: 'She almost saw me'

By Donna Reed

Around the holidays, it's a fitting time to remember just how important our words and even our presence can be to our children.

What a gift it could be for a child in our life, regardless of age, for us to really see and hear them; to let them know that what is important to them is understood by us.

Guest commentary: Focus on safe, ethical treatment of suspects

By Luis Cuza

Your Dec. 18 editorial about the Freddie Gray trial completely missed the opportunity to address changes needed in police practices and training.

Ray Elliott/Voices: Sometimes forgotten, forever appreciated

By Ray Elliott

They don't normally march in parades; they don't normally have banquets and ceremonies in their honor; and they don't normally receive much publicity for their service.

Steve Rutledge/Voices: It takes one eye to aim, but two to understand

By Steve Rutledge

Close one eye and look down a street, and you should notice a limited ability to see in three-dimensions, because it takes both eyes to have depth perception.

This experiment illustrates that it takes more than one eye or perspective to understand the problem of policing and violence in our community.

Sunday Extra: Recruiting STEM workers at young age

By Gilbert Hantzsch

The concept of recruitment needs to change. Private companies head to college fairs and develop materials to engage future employees.

But the real push for STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — recruits needs to begin earlier, much earlier.