Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Sunday Extra: Prioritize student mental health

By Michael Pridemore and Kim Pridemore

This is an exciting time for college freshmen and their families. Many of these students are enrolling in colleges and universities throughout Illinois. There is great anticipation about the opportunities awaiting these young people as they embark on their college careers.

Guest commentary: 1970 convention targeted redistricting reform

By Frank Cicero Jr.

The Independent Map constitutional amendment being contested in the Illinois Supreme Court presents the first opportunity ever for Illinois citizens to have their state legislative districts fairly apportioned without the partisan self-interests of legislators controlling the process.

Ray Elliott/Voices: Documentary of monumental significance

By Ray Elliott

Throughout the 18 years of the Roger Ebert Film Festival, Roger and his staff have brought a number of important and significant movies and documentaries to the restored Virginia Theatre with themes exploring love, terminal illness, aging, organ donation, war and any number of other subjects of consequence.

Ellen Nuss/Sunday Extra: Death with dignity

By Ellen Nuss

A few months ago, a 90-year-old man from Tolono committed suicide by stepping in front of a train.


Guest commentary: Nuke closures are not the answer

By Stanford L. Levin

Guest commentary: Americans should call on Trump to apologize

By Pat Quinn

When brave young Americans give their lives in the line of duty, we should honor their sacrifice by showing their families our wholehearted respect and admiration.

Guest commentary: NATO's mission remains steadfast

By John Shimkus

Many Americans served in Europe during the Cold War. I was one of them, serving on the border of the former Czechoslovakia from 1981 through 1984. I served in the 1st Battalion, 54th Infantry, a part of the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Armored Division. Our battle plan called us to defend the German town of Marktredwitz.

Sunday Extra: Make Alma Mater part of UI halftime

By Elizabeth Austin

On a fall day last year, my husband and I — both proud University of Illinois alums — went to Champaign to see our first football game in many years. It was a great day, and we were having a wonderful time.

Mike Pemberton/Voices: Hypersensitive to hypersensitivity

By Mike Pemberton

"I bet that an 18-year-old Marine with his face down in the sand, under fire at Iwo Jima was thinking to himself, 'Gee, I'm glad I'm not a freshman at Notre Dame.'"

— Abe Lemons, basketball coach, circa 1972, responding to Notre Dame coach Digger Phelps about pressure associated with freshman eligibility in varsity sports.

Uncertainty surrounds higher education

By Gene Budig and Alan Heaps

In a matter of weeks, yes weeks, our colleges and universities will be in full swing for the 2016-17 school year.

And what can we expect? A survey of 12 college presidents and a review of the literature give us pretty clear insights. If pushed to define the upcoming academic year in a single word, the word would be "uncertainty."