Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A disservice to students and staff

Tim Popovich was fired by the Champaign school district as director of facilities on May 12, citing his lack of urgency among other weak accusations.

Mark Smith isn't the savior of Illini hoops

Here is my new take on Illinois men's basketball.

Hypocritical Trump cartoon wasn't funny

Regarding the editorial cartoon on May 23, it seems inappropriate to poke fun at President Donald Trump curtsying to the oil potentates, while you are driving your car and heating your home.



Lake ownership comeswith insurance costs

I would counsel patience to the Timberline Valley South residents whose backyard drainage basin is being held hostage ("Troubled waters in northwest Champaign," May 21).

The new owners do not know it yet, apparently, but nobody is renting the property out for any reason, let alone a fraternity party or fishing tournament.

Nation's debt should be front-page news

Among the many articles in Sunday's paper about the big issues of the day, the most important was back in the Business section. There, economist Laurence Kotlikoff reminded us of our nation's $20 trillion debt, a topic few people want to acknowledge.

Trump team changes its story

It's time to see this administration's actions for what they are: obstructions of justice.

"I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job," President Donald Trump said to a Russian official. "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off."

Not right working soil on windy days

Farmers create Illinois' version of a haboob.

I was driving on May 17 on Interstates 74 and 72 and was witness to the dust storms that day. To my surprise the most severe dust was being created by tractors working the fields.

I realize farmers sometimes only have a few days to get their seed in the ground, but at what price?

Military medals awarded, not won

In the May 23 news article about the Champaign school board meeting, The News-Gazette stated that Brian Riegler was the "Purple Heart-winning" new principal at Centennial High School.

To clarify, the Purple Heart and other military medals are awarded, not won. Toaster ovens are won.

Students relying on loan program

On May 23, President Donald Trump submitted a budget proposal calling for a 13.5 percent cut to education programs. These steep cuts are spread through K-12 and aid to higher education, cuts we would feel at home in Illinois.

We need Congressman Rodney Davis to oppose these cuts now.

Illinois has ruined its good living

When I moved to Illinois, it was to find a place where there were things to do and where life was a little simpler.

Never would I imagine a state to be intentionally running itself so poorly. State and local governments misuse taxpayers' money. Self-interests are more important than doing things to benefit the state.

It is a state of anti-growth.