Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Will Kyles has my vote for Champaign council

In Sunday's News-Gazette were the Champaign City Council candidates' answers to the question "what do you consider the greatest challenge facing the city in the next four years?"

Many of the candidates' answers struck me as the kind of broad, pleasing, progressive platitudes that most citizens could agree upon. I know I broadly do.

Letter to the Editor | More details about Huff property in Urbana

While I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday's article, "An Entrancing Entrance," about the Huff house on Oregon Street in Urbana, I think some clarification is needed.

The article implies, but does not state, that the Huff family has continuously occupied it since it was built. The house was built by S.E. Huff — we found his signature scrawled on a plaster wall when we were stripping wallpaper.

Letter to the Editor | Indian pony would be a good mascot for UI

I noticed that there has been discussion lately regarding the possible selection of a new mascot for the University of Illinois. Bearing in mind the history of our state, it seems as though that it might be appropriate if we choose an Indian pony as our mascot. The pony could be adorned in appropriate regalia.



Letter to the Editor | Clearing up policy on abortions

Beth Felts Olmsted's letter of March 8 questioned Renee Mullen's love for life and called her letters "hate-filled."

These troubling thoughts she's had for a long time. She wrote that years ago, when she was pregnant and very ill, she had to decide between a medical procedure to save her life, but one which would inadvertently end the life of her unborn child.

Letter to the Editor | Don't be fooled by distractions

There are grounds (aggressive war and war provocations are "high crimes and misdemeanors," for which the Constitution — article two, section four — says impeachment is the remedy) to impeach the president, but it's silly to spend time doing so.

Even if Trump is impeached and removed from office, those crimes will continue.

Letter to the Editor | Make company remove coal ash

Protect the Middle Fork Vermilion from a negligent coal company.

It's been eight years since the Vermilion Power Station closed, and yet more than 3 million cubic yards of coal waste still sit in the floodplain of the Middle Fork Vermilion River.

Letter to the Editor | Mascot proposal has to be a joke

When I saw the picture of the proposed University of Illinois mascot on the front page of the newspaper, I thought it was an April fool's joke a bit early.

This ridiculous "uniform" reminds me of that great picture of Dukakis with a helmet trying to be a strong presidential candidate. We go from a proud, strong Illini Chief to this? Really?

Letter to the Editor | Support prison book program

Did you know Illinois has 28 state prisons and that as of January 2018, these prisons housed 43,657 prisoners? Most of these prisons do not have libraries, and the state spends no money on the few that exist.

Imagine having no access to reading material day after day while having few other ways to fill your days.

Letter to the Editor | Sparse coverage of recent walkout

Our winters are colder and our summers are hotter? I pose this question because the discussion is being raised by school age children.

With the recent organized school walkout, I could not help notice much coverage by the multi-national news distribution system.

Letter to the Editor | Duo will help Urbana schools

The voters of Urbana have the opportunity this election to impact the workings of the board of education at a critical time. For too long, the school board has operated without effective collaboration, openness and innovation around issues of equity and overall governance.