Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Victim cannot speak for herself

Regarding Melissa Merli's Feb. 20 article about Samuell Lotts and his art being featured at the Cinema Gallery in downtown Urbana, Joyce Unzicker had no comment.



Superintendent of Unit 4 should quit

It seems as if the Champaign Unit 4 school district has been dragged through one controversy after another, as of late.

As a taxpayer and member of this community, I feel the time has come for Superintendent Judy Wiegand to step down. Under her watch, there's been a continuously growing rift between the district and the local community.

Spalding Park area a worthy site

The frustration of finding the best location for a new Central High School is obvious to this entire community.

The current building could be repurposed for administration, or other educational needs, or even renamed Dr. Howard (just a thought). There have been many comments and opinions offered and made known by the citizens of Champaign.

Comcast gone, problems gone

It has been interesting to read the letters concerning problems with Comcast.

Many weekends we experienced loss of Internet service on Friday evening, lasting until sometime Monday. We also permanently lost access to TV channels that were supposed to be included in our package.

Flawed thinking behind proposal

The following are several reasons which memorialize the faulty thought process of the Champaign school board:

1) "Bettin' on the come." The school board bought $3.2 million of farmland north of interstate 74. They then turned to the voters of the district and asked them for money for various purposes. The voters turned them down.

Obama headlines sum up his policies

Here are some headlines regarding Obama's reign as "chief emperial officer":

"Obama refuses to say 'Islamic terrorism.'"

"Obama profusely praises Islam while excoriating Christendom."

Aren't Salaita's views all the rage?

I really do not understand all the fuss over this Steven Salaita fellow, when all he seems to have done is exercise his freedom of speech and express his anti-Semitic views. I thought that was perfectly acceptable these days, just like being anti-Christian.

It's all in vogue even, so long as you don't offend a Muslim.

Carle needs space for more surgeries

I am planning on having a desperately needed surgery at Carle. I have been waiting to have this for over a month.

When I asked why it couldn't be done sooner so I could function, I was told by my surgeon that the operating rooms were all booked up far into the future.

We shouldn't be focused on race

In "Critics: Let Wise go over diversity shortfall" people argue for the dismissal of UI Chancellor Phyllis Wise for not perfectly squaring racial demographics of the university with those of the state of Illinois.

Why are we focused on race? Shouldn't we be basing admission on performance?

Illinois undergoes transformation

Last week was your wake-up call Illinois. Gov. Rauner stated that our fiscal problems were caused by unions, their members and state employees.

Really? I would like to know what facts led him to that conclusion. In his recent address he revealed his budget. Community colleges and K-12 are getting an increase in funding. That is a good thing.