Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Zippy was fun; don't knock him

Peter Barry's recent letter made me a tad angry.

I imagine that, because he's disgruntled over the retirement of Chief Illiniwek, he chose to ridicule the university mascots, including the mascot at the school I attended.

As a graduate of the University of Akron, twice, I can vouch for Zippy. He was a fun addition to my university experience and is sweetly remembered.

Wind farm is an economic winner

I write in response to Jim Allen's letter, which claimed that those who voiced support for the Harvest Ridge Wind Farm have only done so because they were paid.

This is incorrect and misleading.

I have no stake in the wind farm. I don't own any farmland, and I am not getting paid by the wind company.

Call to help needy apex of dishonesty

In the recent "Another Thanksgiving" editorial, the editors write that in spite of "general" affluence, "too many people suffer from a variety of maladies that range from poverty and family dysfunction to physical and mental illness. ... Let's be sure as the Christmas season approaches to keep those people in our hopes and prayers."

Letter to the Editor | Near-crash ended in a good way

'Tis the season for Christmas miracles.

Today, a pickup truck driving on my left didn't see my little beetle on the right. When merging right, he ran me off the road. He came within a hair of smashing into the left side of my car.

Letter to the Editor | WCIA did right thing on tornado

What is wrong with people?

I find it absolutely disgusting that people actually complained that WCIA interrupted the SEC championship game with tornado coverage.

Letter to the Editor | Thomas critique was poorly done

I agree with Mark Jaeger's letter about the limited value of publishing columns by Cal Thomas.

Letter to the Editor | Boost farmers by backing biofuels

Now that the midterm elections are over, it is time to focus on the job at hand.

That means protecting American farmers and making sure the Environmental Protection Agency protects a strong Renewable Fuel Standard that allows for continued growth in the market for homegrown biofuels.

Letter to the Editor | Explanation due from school board

The Urbana School Board has the legal right to consider personnel issues in closed session. But it has an obligation to discuss creation and implementation of policies in public session.

It seems that public discussion was insufficient in this case. Board members owe the public an explanation of how they cosidered the policy issues relevant to the personnel actions they took.

Letter to the Editor | Don't kid yourself, informed students

I write in reference to a Nov. 28 letter "Remarks About Students Insulting" by Mr. Humphrey.

His dare is accepted. I disagree with Humprhey's assessment that student voters in November's election were fully informed. Partially might be a better description. Or indoctrinated?

Being fully informed requires understanding of both sides of the political issues.

Letter to the Editor | Critics of WCIA have their priorities wrong

I like to watch sports, read about sports and even participate in sports when the opportunity presents itself.

Given all that, I am having a hard time understanding why anyone would complain about a televised sporting event being pre-empted due to a tornado warning.