Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

College students need insurance too

I was concerned to read the Sept. 6 article, "UI researchers: Community college students uncertain about Affordable Care Act," which cited a study showing that many students don't know about the benefits of the new health care law.

Landmark Hotel bad use of money

The News-Gazette's Sept. 9 editorial "When markets speak, officials should listen" makes several good points as to why the Landmark Hotel was a poor investment and why governments shouldn't fund private development projects.

Caregiver worthy of local honor

I was very interested — and pleased — to read recently in The News-Gazette about the award that has been set up in honor of Gloria Valenti. I would like to add to her accolades.

Landfill decision could poison us

Periodically we hear of a water main rupturing, due to its old age. This prompts authorities to advise those persons affected to boil their water. Sometimes a few hundred persons are involved.

Now — fast forward — 50 years hence:

Breaking news!

New 'civility' is awfully rude

In the U.S., we have a long tradition of civil disobedience against morally repugnant social orders — against lawless British rule and slavery, against discrimination against women and the exploitation of labor, against warmongering, segregation, mass incarceration, etc.

Dey detracts from Salaita discussion

Concerning the very complex issue of the Steven Salaita crisis, I find Jim Dey's columns especially unhelpful. Perhaps Mr. Dey considers his role as a columnist different from that of a reporter, but in the ever-narrowing field of print journalism, both roles require professionalism and responsibility to the subject matter.

The trouble with tweets (in brief)

Is there anything meaningful that you can say with just 140 characters? Perhaps a pithy quote lifted from a more loquacious essay will fit within that limitation.

But no learned discourse can be contained within the Twitter defined canister. No reasoned argument with evidentiary support for its thesis can be advanced in a tweet.

Letters to the editor on Steven Salaita and the UI, part 3

Here are letters to the editor on the subject of Steven Salaita (here is the second  compilation, and

Was due diligence done properly?

After a lengthy University of Illinois career that included significant experience leading and serving on job search committees, I have a few thoughts regarding the recent non-hiring controversy.

Speech is subject to consequences

Regarding the Steven Salaita controversy, those who say this is a First Amendment issue are misguided. It's not necessary to address the importance of the First Amendment, but its misuse as a supportive argument does.