Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Central High School has to be central

Our Champaign school board paid millions for land along Olympia Drive, beyond the North Prospect Avenue shopping center, north of Interstate 74. They did this to lever the public into accepting this as the location of a new high school, over public objection, without a public vote.

Bennett did great work for Parkland

Congratulations to Tom Bennett for his many years of service to Parkland College.

His retirement from the Parkland Board of Trustees closes a very successful chapter of his life, while also beginning a new one.

Obama oppresses with his policies

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln, June 1858, also Jesus, Matthew 12:25.

What will not change this year

Some predictions for 2015:

(1) Despite a one-party Congress and a determined Illinois governor, we will continue to endure governmental gridlock at federal and state levels. Self-crowned monarchs Obama and Madigan will always want to reign.

Congress is failing to care for vets

The Wounded Warrior Project ads on TV are just another example of the inability of Congress to do its job.

Comet article adds to false narrative

In the Jan. 25 edition, The News-Gazette published a space exploration article. A comet is being observed. It says the probe hints at "key to life" in the comet core. The "exciting findings" were complex mixtures of organic materials possibly containing carboxylic acids, which also occur in amino acids, which are essential components of life.

You want loyalty? Lower your prices

I loved Carol Mizrahi's Jan. 25 Voices column on coupons, loyalty cards, etc. Spot on!

Ammons' pardon not fair to others

I read with interest the Jan. 24 article about Aaron Ammons taking his wife's spot on the Urbana City Council.

Curious political doings in Urbana

It is difficult to understand what is going on in the city of Urbana. Two articles in The News-Gazette are showing the mayor as leading by only her wants.

Women should listen to little voice

Abortion hurts women. No matter how loudly abortion proponents deny this simple fact, that hurt is the simple truth.