Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A few thoughts on issues of the day

I would like to address a few misconceptions. The first is about nursing home activism. Please read the referendum: "Shall the Champaign County Board be Authorized to Sell the Champaign County Nursing Home?"

The voters gave the board authority to sell the nursing home — but not obligate it. With no levy and state budget, rest assured that selling it is a likely future scenario.

Rauner positions ruining the state

Gov. Bruce Rauner came to Springfield promising to turn Illinois around with what he called business-friendly reforms. I believed his reforms would do more harm than good, but I thought Rauner was sincere in his desire to improve the lives of Illinoisans.

Party-bound Davis shuts out others

As the latest excuse for refusing public discussions, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, says town halls are "grandstanding events" for his opponents. Obviously projecting his way of politicking (he admitted that "we did the same thing when the Democrats took over in 2008"), he imagines angry crowds like those the GOP arranged at town halls in 2009-10.

What did writer study in college?

Another David Green letter diatribe in the April 19 News-Gazette.

I assume that, when he attended college, his major was political science and his thesis was on Socialism and Welfarism.

Either that or he slept through Econ 101.



Distracted driving a choice we make

Every time you get behind the wheel, you're about to encounter potential dangers over which you have no control.

Traffic. Weather. Other drivers.

All you can do is react to them as best you can.

But there are other risks that you, the driver, can take control of and eliminate.

All or nothing on crime mugshots

Some while ago a smart woman noticed that the photos accompanying the crime reports in The News-Gazette were nearly all of black men.

It appears photos have disappeared from the print editions of the paper. So that letter had an effect, and I thank her for writing.

Leave Parkland faculty, take seat

It is regretful, from several perspectives that the Rochelle Harden debate is unfolding at this time.

First, Parkland College, as all of Illinois higher education, is under severe stress. Parkland needs all board members focused on assuring its future — not this distraction.

Circus has history of abusing animals

Before readers buy tickets to the Kelly Miller Circus in Rantoul on May 4, they should consider the notorious company's long, well-documented history of abusing and neglecting animals and endangering the public.

Davis effective in discussing issues

Congressman Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, has been attacked for not holding town hall events.

Davis has made himself available to his constituents in small groups where issues can be discussed in detail.

As a farmer, I have been proud of the way Rodney looks to our grass-root organizations for positions on issues impacting agriculture.

Early learning key for young children

East Central Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children asks East Central Illinois to come together for children during the Week of the Young Child (April 24-28) to honor young children and those who make a difference in children's lives.