Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Please give to the Champaign library

The Champaign Public Library makes our community better — a better place to grow up, live, work and raise a family. It shines as one of the top-rated public libraries in the nation. We cannot imagine our city without this incredible institution that is there for everyone.

Champaign gets credit; let 'em pay

I agree with Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing in not funding the bid for the Illinois High School Association basketball tournament.

Tuesday's front page of The News-Gazette is a prime example: "Champaign's bid ...." Urbana is never mentioned.

Politicians put party agenda first

It's a shame when voters have to vote for a candidate not because of his qualifications but because the qualifications of the other candidate are even worse.

Now the Republicans have control of both houses, what will that mean for the voting populace: probably nothing.

Monticello officials spent too much

I read with interest The News-Gazette's Nov. 23 guest commentary regarding expenses paid by municipalities at the Illinois Municipal League's September meeting in Chicago.

Meal expenses for two Danville officials over the three-day event totaled $190 while Orland Park imposed caps on meal expenses.

Urbana should negotiate with Carle

Urbana and Carle Foundation Hospital have a serious and reasonable disagreement regarding the appropriate contribution Carle should be making to the city coffers. This disagreement stems largely from an unfair property tax policy imposed on Urbana by the state of Illinois.

Higher minimum wage can also hurt

I agree with James Handy's Nov. 21 letter on the minimum wage affecting part-time workers receiving Social Security.

My husband is on Social Security and works part time as a delivery man and he is happy with what he makes for what he does.

Mayor shows off her Carle vendetta

When it comes to petulant bureaucrats, Urbana's Laurel Prussing, "mayor for life," is the gift that keeps on giving.

Her petty vendetta against Carle has warped her decision-making yet again. For every high rate tax dollar Carle might not pay, it brings in $3 of revenue from visitors.

Parks available for new high school?

I read with interest Champaign park board President Joe Petry's letter in the Nov. 16 News-Gazette.

Radicals find home in Illinois

I read Jim Dey's history lesson on this domestic vermin (James Kilgore at the University of Illinois) on Nov. 23, and I was left wondering about the sad state of what passes as higher education in Illinois.

Hotel prices key to IHSA tourneys

I commend the people in Champaign County for wanting to host the Illinois High School Association basketball championship games again, but does anyone remember why they left Champaign?