Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bipartisan work can improve ACA

Since the plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has repeatedly failed, it seems its time to start a new strategy.

How do we start? Here is one idea. Ten House Democrats are working to improve and fix the ACA. It seems both parties should work together.

Davis joins Trump to try killing ACA

The bill that Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, strongly supported to kill the Affordable Care Act may be dead for now. But Trump and the Republican Congress are determined to find a way to take health care away from over 20,000,000 of us, especially those with pre-existing conditions who need it most.

Multiple proofs of God's existence

Here's proof of God:

1) The size and complexity of the universe is proof of God. The complex mathematical laws that bring order to the universe are proof of God. The complex animal and plant life is proof of God.

Davis sucked into faulty tax policy

Like a child whose toy is broken, the Congress switched from health care to tax reform. The plan prepared by the GOP involves many controversial elements (such as a border adjustment tax, a tax that would increase the prices in stores like Dollar General by 10-15 percent overnight).

Shimkus backs anti-farm budget


Stop the nonsense with school funds

Now that we are halfway through summer, anticipation grows for the start of a new school year. Parents and students are starting to prepare for the year ahead.

Does Davis back NRA's racism?

On July 14, hundreds of women, men, and children marched for 18 miles from the headquarters of the National Rifle Association to the U.S. Department of Justice to protest the NRA.

UI sports spending beyond outrageous

The July 13 Tatelines by News-Gazette sports columnist Loren Tate was past timely.

The exorbitant athletic department's wants versus needs would make anyone of Mr. Tate's age a terrible athletic director.

How can anyone want or justify more lavish, unnecessary stuff just to keep up with the Joneses — when today's stuff is adequate?

Pitts offers views public should read

In defense of columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.: I love his columns, every single one.

I applaud his choice of subject matter and support his use of "divisive" language. I believe this country needs all the outrage and thunder he can muster.

Illegal to 'stuff' fliers in mailboxes

I read the comments in the July 20 News-Gazette from a homeowner of the Timberline Valley South subdivision. The homeowner wondered why local officials did not "stuff" information about the sale of the subdivision's lakes inside each homeowner's mailbox.

Here's the reason for that.