Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Race plays role in NFL's actions

Liberals' need for divisiveness is once again on display.

They are screeching this time about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations.

UI could hire without tenure

Two comments on the Salaita case.

Faculty fear their shared governance

With each edition of The News-Gazette comes more news and opinions of the Steven Salaita case. I cannot believe that such ilk as Bill Ayers, James Kilgore, and Salaita would attract any significant number of backers and certainly not whole departments such as philosophy, history and American Indian studies.

House race should address fewer jails

A staggeringly expensive new jail is once again under consideration by Champaign County. This should be one of the key issues in our minds as we prepare to cast our vote in the election for the state representative from the 103rd District.

Time remains to enroll at Parkland

As a board member of Parkland College, I know how taking classes at Parkland College can be a life-changing experience. We see it at graduation and every day at the college.

This fall, you can still enroll in our 13-week class schedule for classes commencing Oct. 13, but you only have until Oct. 7 to get your application in and to get enrolled.

N-G not covering 15th District race

I have been disappointed in Tom Kacich's local political coverage.

I live in Mahomet and almost no mention has been made of the John Shimkus/Eric Thorsland race.

There is unending coverage of the 13th District race, but almost nothing on the 15th District that serves Danville, Rantoul, Mahomet and many parts south and west.

Music festival was a well-run event

I would like to commend the sponsors and organizers of the Phases of the Moon festival for an outstanding job.

Despite the rain and initial glitches, it was truly an outstanding event in every respect.

The performances were great, everyone I talked to had a terrific time, and we are all looking forward to next year.



American Legion seeking members

Are you a veteran?

We are looking for new members to sign up with American Legion Post 711 in Philo.

If you have been in the armed forces and are seeking camaraderie with an elite organization, contact us today at 217-684-2889.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.



Faculty fuss keeps C-U, N-G talking

Twitter's brevity rules the Internet without nuances or subtlety.

Steven Salaita's obscenity-laced vitriol rewards him with unemployment.

The aftermath rewards reporters and observers of the University of Illinois' tenured tribes with glorious opportunities to publish a simple one word summary: Kerfuffle.



Professor resorts to bullying speech

Professor Vicente Diaz's reported, thug-like retort, "Are you going to stop me?" to a University of Illinois colleague is regrettable. As a citizen, I would be very concerned for one of my children, particularly those more outspoken or conservative, should they find themselves in his classroom.