Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Coach needs time to develop team

As lifelong Illini fans and University of Illinois graduates, we want the Illini to have a winning football program as much as anyone can. But we are greatly disturbed by the voices we hear insisting that coach Tim Beckman must be bowl-bound this season or be fired.

Dey's articles on Salaita a pleasure

Jim Dey has long been a talented reporter and editorial writer for The News-Gazette. But I must shower him with extra accolades for his coverage of the Steven Salaita saga.

His columns on this ongoing tale have been nothing short of brilliant, and, well, highly entertaining. I look for his Salaita story first thing each morning.

Coal mine would have future costs

Advocates for Sunrise Coal's Bulldog Mine near Homer praise its imagined, near-term benefits but say nothing about the real, long-term costs incurred after it's abandoned.

Consider what future taxpayers will pay to keep its immense, 47-acre, 75-foot-high coal waste pile from polluting the neighborhood.

UI leaders must state their reasons

The University of Illinois' reneging on the appointment of Professor Steven Salaita is certain to have a serious negative impact on the future recruitment and retention of faculty and a new president.

Sure, people who need jobs will apply, but will the most outstanding candidates? Nor should anyone be surprised if this administrative muck-up drives faculty from the Urbana campus.

Decision reflects corporate mindset

The Steven Salaita case is an example of what is wrong with universities, locally and nationally. As universities become more like corporations, administrators become more like corporate managers. They have lost sight of their primary role in providing an appropriate and supportive environment.

Decision sensible: It's about money

The decision by Chancellor Phyllis Wise and by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, led by Chris Kennedy, not to hire Steven Salaita and James Kilgore is dubious legally and personally reprehensible. And it unintentionally challenges opponents to troll the tweets and emails of every professor, and to out any and all that go beyond the bounds of civility.

Dey is showing his right-wing bias

How wonderful of Jim Dey to claim "self-pity and moral posturing" over the cancellation of hiring Steven Salaita. It's all so wonderful for the right-wing idealists to claim their rights are being violated, UNLESS it's a view that disagrees with their own.

Chancellor wise in her decision

Chancellor Phyllis Wise is the wise one. One thing we do not need in this area is another person with uncontrolled rage like Steven Salaita.

I find it hard to believe there is not someone just as well qualified, but who has the ability to express his opinions in a healthy way.

Stand up, Ms. Wise, and don't let the vocal minority get their way. Do the right thing.

Core issue: Name calling, profanity

I write regarding the University of Illinois' decision not to hire Professor Steven Salaita. I am an emeritus professor who served 34 years as a UI faculty member, and who was and still is active in the Academic Senate.

Kilgore, Salaita stories not news

As a long-time News-Gazette subscriber and University of Illinois employee, I am frustrated by the increasingly muckraking antics of some of the paper's writers, especially Jim Dey.