Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Christians blindly follow Trump

I'm an embarrassed Christian. It's been humiliating and defeating watching my fellow Christians and church as a whole throw blind and full support behind such a horrible person in Donald Trump. Every single word coming out of Trump's mouth is in direct contradiction to our Bible and the wonderful teachings of Christ.

Letter to the Editor | Immigration rules creating hardships

While publicly President Donald Trump directs his ire toward illegal immigrants, behind the scenes his administration makes radical policy changes to the U.S. legal immigration system.

These changes, which receive little publicity, are making the already awful and dysfunctional system of legal immigration much worse.

Letter to the Editor | We have our own 'Field of Dreams'

I just finished watching "Field of Dreams" again and was reminded again of why I love this movie. I have never been down to see "the field," but then I realize I don't need to go there.

Here in central Illinois, we don't need to travel that far, for we have our own fields right here. With the EI League, we can experience it every Sunday.

Letter to the Editor | Rodney Davis should speak up

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I believe Rodney Davis thinks of himself as a good man. He says he values country, honesty, family and respectful public discourse.

Letter to the Editor | All children should be loved, cared for

Rosemary Laughlin's review of the local production of Annie included a quote at the end from a 12-year-old child saying, "We are all human and deserve to be loved and cared for." This quote was related to the issue of some children being separated from their parents due to illegal immigration.

Letter to the Editor | Young adults must be more responsible

The University of Illinois and the City of Urbana recently decided to lower the speed limit on Lincoln Avenue between Pennsylvania and Nevada to protect the students who struggle to use responsible caution or to look up from their phones before they step out into the street in front of moving vehicles.

Letter to the Editor | Take emotion out of voting process

The single fastest way of stopping outside influences facing our elections is knowledge.

The process begins with a humility check. Ask yourself, maybe, just maybe, I am wrong about XYZ issue.

Letter to the Editor | Nation's health centers serve important roles

Health centers like Promise Healthcare and our programs Frances Nelson and SmileHealthy are part of a nationwide network of community health centers.

We are the family doctor for more than 27 million Americans. Our mission to provide affordable options for primary care is well-established.

Letter to the Editor | Recent editorial had misleading statement

Thank you for drawing attention to the very difficult issue of sexual assault in your editorial of July 31, 2018. As you note in the piece, a federal judge recently advised the University of Illinois to assess the Title IX procedures that come into play when a student accuses another student of sexual misconduct.

Letter to the Editor | Pull amendment from farm bill

The U.S. House and Senate have each passed their own version of the farm bill.

Now it's time for a House-Senate conference committee to work out the differences between each version and come up with a final bill.

There are only a few members of Congress who have a role in addressing these differences — one's our very own Rep. Rodney Davis.