Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Firsthand account of old, tired school

Dr. Howard needs justice. At 104 years old, the walls slowly sink into the ground, the ceiling falls apart, and the basement gets weaker with each flood.

Reeder wrong about early voting

The Oct. 22 Opinions page presented a guest column "Election law altered for just this year" by Scott Reeder.

Summarizing what happened when he voted early in Sangamon County, Reeder said, "Seriously, anyone could walk off the street, claim to be me and cast a vote on my behalf."

Ammons is right on crucial issues

Kristin Williamson, the Republican candidate for the state Legislature for the 103rd District, has attempted to remain close to her Democratic opponent, Carol Ammons, on the so-called "social issues." That is a clever tactic in this highly educated district.

UI, Beckman need to stick together

Yes, everyone is quick to say "get rid of Beckman."

Thank you, Loren Tate; you said it as well as I could.

Your "10 reasons" on Oct. 7 was a good lesson to read. You can only work with the tools you have.

Durbin has enabled Obama

Anyone who's served in the military knows the boot camp drill instructor rebuke, always delivered down the soldier's throat at high volume fever pitch, with the breath of a dead bat: "I want action, soldier, not excuses!"

N-G publication overlooked towns

As a longtime resident of Hoopeston, I was excited to open my Oct. 16 issue of The News-Gazette and discover a colorful insert, the 2014-2015 Danville and Vermilion County Answer Book.

N-G should probe 'fracking' closely

I would like to see a series of well-researched, factual articles about "fracking." Recent editorials reveal the editors' impatience with the regulatory process, even citing the Sierra Club's "endorsement."

The editors' position is "enough already, let's start creating jobs and energy independence."

O'Shaughnessy has right values

I would like to ask for your vote for Thomas O'Shaughnessy, candidate for circuit judge for Vermilion County.

Tom has spent his adult life in the study and practice of the law, having practiced for 32 years here in Danville.

Rauner the worst among candidates

With the upcoming election, we again have to vote for the lesser of two evils for governor.

One is digging Illinois out of a hole the Republican governors put us in. His opponent closes businesses and puts people out of work.

Race not an issue with drainage

Recently, a representative of the John Street watershed steering committee came to my front door, asking me to complete a survey.

According to the materials she provided me, the purpose of the survey was to "find any areas of continued flooding in the John Street Wastershed" and to "understand the participants' perception of traditional and alternative storm water management systems."