Letters to the Editor

Free legal advice a phone call away on April 26

Anyone in Illinois with a question about a legal matter can consult with a lawyer at no cost during the 33rd annual Ask-a-Lawyer Day, Saturday, April 26, from 9 a.m. to noon. The event is sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association in cooperation with several other bar associations.

Climate change is all about getting funding

It's all about money.

Add to your research project the title "as it effects climate change" and you get the money.

No "climate change" in the wording and you are shuffled to the back of the stack.

The "climate change" researchers have come out of the woodwork in recent years because they smell money and lots of it.

Combining post offices would be a bad idea

I have heard that the U.S. Postal Service is thinking about combining the Champaign and Urbana post offices. For Champaign residents, there would not be much difference, but for Urbana residents it would change for the worse. Urbana residents would have to go through the Mattis avenue and Neil street post offices.

Republicans attempting to limit right to vote

Over the last 200 years, many men and women, like myself, served and sacrificed for our country. Many paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives so that freedom and our way of life under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence would continue. Democracy: a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

UI student bothered by Chief needs help

I also read the April 8 article about the "walk with Xochitl" and immediately thought, this girl needs psychological help for her low self-esteem and delusions of persecution.

The Chief was retired years before she enrolled at the University of Illinois. If she was so upset about the possible Chief images, she should have gone elsewhere.

Court allows more money for corruption

No taxation without representation. On April 15, we were required to pay our taxes. But, thanks to the Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision, only a few hundred American citizens will actually be able to afford representation.

Act smart: Wear helmet, motorcyclists

This is a friendly but very serious message, to all of the motorcyclists in the central Illinois area.

As a nurse at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, on a trauma floor, I advocate for my patients daily, including those who are recovering from motor vehicle collisions. I am writing now as an advocate for the families of motorcyclists in regards to the use of head protection.

Echo chamber emits 'global warming'

The latest round of tripling down on a losing bet by climate clergymen like Don Wuebbles borders on the pathological.

Mrs. Obama's travel running up the tab

Has anyone added up how much the taxpayers have shelled out to send the first lady gallivanting around the planet? I'm referring to the trips she takes sans her husband.

The latest was to China — a costly trip for sure. She was accompanied by her daughters — more expense for us.

Is this fair? Is it legal? Like her spouse, she has absolutely no concern for the rest of us.

'Murder' wrong term regarding My Lai

In a March 20 letter to the editor, Michael Fuerst alluded to atrocities against civilians during the Vietnam War.

He went on to describe the "My Lai massacre 1968, in which U.S. troops murdered over 340 unarmed civilians in a Vietnam village."

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