Letters to the Editor

Climate change about controlling people

Of recent, there have been letters concerning "climate change." Consider if elitists wanted a "cause" to involve the whole world in. Something they could dominate and control our lives with. Climate change, formerly "global warming," which they had to name change due to factual differences, would be ideal.

Compact C-U should reject Central HS site

It was good to see that the Champaign-Urbana area rated No. 5 in the nation in Smart Growth America's rating of compact metropolitan areas. Those of us who have lived here even a short time appreciate the short commutes and the close proximity of business centers to residential areas.

Pension law change from IGPA report

The recent consternation of University of Illinois officials regarding mass retirements is more than a little curious, because the legislative change that is triggering these retirements was devised and championed by the university itself!

Nuclear helps meet electricity demand

The potential Clinton nuclear plant closing is troubling.

But in his April 14 letter, David Kolata, the executive director of the Citizens Utility Board, misleads in his attempt to blame Exelon.

While natural gas prices are low, gas is used to follow demand spikes, and generally not base load. Gas and nuclear cover two different types of non-competing demand.

CFA statement is not vote for union

I am writing to address recent portrayals of the actions of the Campus Faculty Association at the University of Illinois. I am a member of the CFA and over the past year have visited colleagues across campus to help assess the interest level in forming a faculty union.

Room for another felon at the UI?

Nice to see all the good things coming out of the money from the Jerry Sandusky settlement (News-Gazette April 13, page A-1). Maybe he can join the faculty at the University of Illinois if he ever gets paroled.



About politics, climate change, travel

Some random thoughts on three letters to the editor in Thursday's News-Gazette.

Benefit raises $6,900 for local soup kitchen

We would like to thank all those who attended the fifth Empty Bowls Benefit soup dinner and raffle event sponsored by Silvercreek Restaurant that was held on April 3. Proceeds from this benefit amounted to more than $6,900 for Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. This was by far our most successful event as we served over 275 bowls of soup.

Bill will help debtors on student loans

Due to automation, the computer, outsourcing, and, coming, robots, quality jobs for college graduates are very hard to get.

Tuition costs have gone up far faster than inflation to the point where parents can't help much. While still teenagers, students have signed loan documents and incurred mounting debt. No truth in lending here.

Burglars made off with family treasures

My house was broken into April 13 while I was out of town. The police have told me there is no hope of recovering any of the jewelry and other items that were taken.

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