Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Illinois undergoes transformation

Last week was your wake-up call Illinois. Gov. Rauner stated that our fiscal problems were caused by unions, their members and state employees.

Really? I would like to know what facts led him to that conclusion. In his recent address he revealed his budget. Community colleges and K-12 are getting an increase in funding. That is a good thing.

Keep Central High School 'central'

The Unit 4 tax referendum is rapidly approaching. Publicity and public awareness are increasing while public uncertainty and concerns about the location of the proposed new Central High School are mounting. Let's consider the following:

We shouldn't be focused on race

In "Critics: Let Wise go over diversity shortfall" people argue for the dismissal of UI Chancellor Phyllis Wise for not perfectly squaring racial demographics of the university with those of the state of Illinois.

Why are we focused on race? Shouldn't we be basing admission on performance?

Dr. Cook gone; community loses

I was very disappointed to learn that Dr. L. Scott Cook is no longer at Carle. The details are pretty secret so I am unable to comment except to say, Carle is losing an excellent surgeon and a fine human being.

Jackson wrongly waves race card

Jesse Jackson is once again accusing someone of racism, in a situation where it is completely unwarranted. Even Victor Henderson, the attorney hired by the Jackie Robinson West Little League team in Chicago, said, "We are not raising the race card".

Rauner and his neoliberal agenda

Bruce Rauner's financial and political ascendancy presents object lessons regarding neoliberal financial machinations, impoverishment of the public sphere (including pensions), collusion between the two corporate parties, and alienation of voters.

Support the school referendum

Eminent domain is the right of a government to seize private property for public use, with payment of fair compensation.

Adoptions offer the option of a loving home

My daughter gave birth to a beautiful, sweet 8-pound, 7-ounce baby boy on New Years's Eve.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, she felt she was not ready to be a mom yet. She found instead a lovely Christian family to adopt her baby.

Islam's goal: Altering social order of world

For reasons unknown to thinking people, many of our politicians, including Barack Hussein Obama, keep telling us that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace.

Letter: Community made 2014 DSC drive a big success

As Developmental Services Center's 2014 Tree of Hope campaign draws to a close, it provides another opportunity for us to thank the many people in our community who support DSC and give generously.