Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bill would lead to more wind energy

Illinois' wind energy industry employs over 3,000 people in the construction and operation of wind farms, and the state is home to 36 wind energy manufacturing facilities.

Illinois landowners who host wind facilities earn $13 million in lease payments every year, and local authorities receive over $28 million annually in taxes from wind projects.

Fair association pushes out DAV

It has been well publicized that the Disabled American Veterans have been evicted from the Champaign County Fair.

DAV members have been selling beer at the event for 50 years. It is their primary fundraiser. From these monies, they assist disabled veterans in Champaign and Vermilion counties as well as provide scholarships to nursing students at Parkland.

Learn more before choosing sides

Being a veteran, I was intrigued about the Champaign County Fair story. Instead of doing what many do, I did not have a knee-jerk reaction and write or say things that cannot be forgotten.

UI shadow-boxing with its own image

It was heartening to read of our intrepid pugilist, Chancellor Phyllis Wise, and her attempt to bring the University of Illinois up to snuff on the subject of branding.

Pols, some day, will pass a budget

My fellow Illinoisans, I would like to weigh in on why we do not have a budget passed yet. I believe we are just too impatient. We have far more important things in the Capitol to worry about.

First, we have summer vacations that need to be taken by the Senate and House. What about Gov. Bruce Rauner?

County fair needs more agriculture

When I moved to Champaign County in 1996 and attended my first Champaign County Fair, I was appalled at the lack of anything that had to do with farming.

Being happy a choice, not a goal

Am I alone in noticing the negative effects of the efforts we put into finding and achieving happiness? Missing the good in life while chasing some elusive perfection is all too common today.

Debts, no budget; so why the raise?

This state is so broke, it can't pay its bills. It wants to cut this program and that one.

It can't come to an agreed budget, but, hey, let's give these politicians a raise.

Where are their brains? They all need to be shown the door.

Heart-warming story nice change

The article on Blondie, the miracle horse, was such a good human interest story accompanied by a fabulous picture.

Sadly the newspaper is saturated with shootings, drugs, robberies, child molesters, etc.