Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

GOP in power but totally ineffective

Last week marked six months of one party being in control of Congress and the executive branch. Remember all those bills the president was going to sign on day one? Absolutely zero of those bills have been passed for signature.

Legislature takes positive steps

Give some credit to our Legislature, especially the Republicans involved.

Please start including the good things that have happened in the recent legislative session and especially the budget. Those good things include: Spending $2 billion less than the governor requested in his budget proposal; there were $2.5 billion more in cuts that the governor put in his budget.

AT&T shows poor customer service

I agree with Urbana resident Don Allen regarding dissatisfaction with AT&T not owning up to the problems caused by their massive phone service outage.

Alum disappointed with Kilgore hiring

After reading Jim Dey's Sunday article on James Kilgore, one wonders how Kilgore is employed by our wonderful University of Illinois.

With the life of crime he lived for decades, what qualities could he possibly possess that would warrant his employment?

Is SPLC a 'hate group' as well?

The endlessly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center found it's way onto these editorial pages once again, this time to sell virtue signaling yard signs due to SPLC's classification of ''Act for America'' as one of it's 917 "hate groups." Hurry, send SPLC money, it's white men only have $300,000,000. Some even labeled AFA's anti-Sharia, pro-human rights marches "Anti-Muslim."

Daily Bread crew chiefs deserve recognition

How would you like to be responsible one day a week to ensure that approximately 200 people will be fed from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and never know exactly how many volunteers will arrive that day, how many clients will show up and exactly how much food to prepare?

County should rethink public safety spending

In order to protect citizens, communities cannot simply rely on law enforcement. Many studies show that access to employment, education, housing, recreation, and therapeutic services do more to reduce violence, in a more cost-effective manner, than do arresting and detaining people.

Prime reason for low mosquito population

The C-U Public Health District's mosquito control efforts, described on E-1 of the July 16 News-Gazette, are really quite inconseqential. This summer's relatively sparse mosquito population has actually occurred because this calendar year, 2017, is a prime number. Expect a similar phenomenon in the next prime number year: 2027.



Spend war-on-drugs money on rehab

One trillion is equal to a thousand billion, or a million millions. The war on drugs has cost upward of that in dollars since 1971. That's $8,000 from each U.S. family. All this, and yet today illegal drugs are cheaper, more available and more potent than ever.

Sunday Extra guy should cool out

In response to the Sunday Extra letter in the July 23 Commentary section, I have to say that I find it hard to believe that writer Henry Seiter was ever a JFK Democrat or that he actually voted for anything resembling a Democrat in any election, despite his claim to the contrary.