Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Late UI prof was man of great stature

I look forward to David Green's letters. I think of them as a guilty pleasure, kind of like listening to Taylor Swift.

This time Green dragoons the late Julian L. Simon into a fantasy about a secret society of reactionaries that wields behind-the-scenes power at the University of Illinois. Well.

Throw the bums out on Nov. 4

Now is the time to see "red." The media refer to Illinois as a "blue state" (Democratic). Let us make it a "red state" by voting out the incumbents in the Nov. 4 election.

When you vote, please do not vote for any incumbent. Complete change is required. This is not my political vendetta.

Central site means no on referendum

For fiscal prudence, convenience to students, limitation of urban sprawl, keep Champaign Central High School central.

Vote against the Unit 4 bond issue.



LWV canceled; Weibel did not

The Sunday, Oct. 19, guest commentary, on page B-1, by Champaign County League of Women Voters President Barb Wysocki stated that "only (County Board) District 6 candidates Pattsi Petrie and Dan Jackson were willing to meet in a public, televised forum."

Wall has proper qualities for judge

I ask that you vote for Judge Karen Wall to serve as circuit court judge of the Fifth Circuit. In 2010, I and the other circuit court Judges selected Karen, from more than 20 applicants, to serve as an associate judge for Vermilion County.

Vote to put new people in charge

Americans, Illinoisans, we have a responsibility that goes along with our right, as registered citizens, to vote.

You can vote for the people, and partisans, whose varying ineptness, cronyism, self-investment, or verified lying put us or will keep us spiraling down the drain. Since I have been a registered voter, we have gone from the three best to 49th of the 50 states.

Quinn's leadership has failed state

With The November election for governor coming up soon, I had to write this missive because I cannot withstand Gov. Pat Quinn's leadership anymore. He promised to make Illinois better financially and help with creating jobs.

O'Shaughnessy a sensible choice

Ultimately, the selection of a circuit judge should be beyond the pale of politics. Whoever is so elected by we, the people, is entrusted with substantial judicial powers for administering the laws of Illinois.

Hays someone we can trust as clerk

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten has the audacity to seek re-election.

In two recent primaries, some votes were not accurately included even after a recount; other votes multiplied. (One precinct had two eligible voters, Hulten counted 44 ballots).

Thorsland better than incumbent

On Nov. 4, we of the Illinois 15th U.S. Congressional District have the opportunity to elect Eric Thorsland to replace incumbent John Shimkus, who has held the office for over 10 years.