Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | What a reflection on our state

I could not help but chuckle over the squib used to "introduce" Jim Nowlan at the bottom of his editorial columns detailing how to rescue the state.

With apparently a straight face, it explains that, among other qualifications, he is a former "aide to three unindicted governors."

Letter to the Editor | Tax cuts bad for working families

Remember how Republicans promised that their 2017 tax cuts would stimulate the economy and generate wage growth? We now have several months of economic data to help us evaluate those claims.

Letter to the Editor | Beckett has skill set to be a judge

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Chad Beckett as a fellow lawyer over the years. I've always found him to be bright, engaging, articulate and thoughtful as a person and skilled, learned and fair-minded as an attorney.

Letter to the Editor | Political ads cause confusion

A Rodney Davis campaign ad features his wife telling us that it would be irrational for her husband to have voted against coverage for pre-existing conditions, since she herself is a cancer survivor.

His opponent's ad cites the 11 times Davis voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have canceled the mandate to cover pre-existing conditions. What is the truth?

Letter to the Editor | Voters: Have a say before it's too late

The pathological demonization of historical figures like Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee and Winston Churchill by self-righteous leftists today is historically disingenuous.

Letter to the Editor | Do homework before you vote

We have heard many people state "elections have consequences." And Tip O'Neill is quoted as stating "all politics are local."

This leads to a "tip of the hat" to several local entities that have put forth effort to provide resources for the electorate to educate oneself about everything on any ballot.

Letter to the Editor | Still waiting to meet with Davis

In February of 2017, I requested to be put on Rep. Rodney Davis' meeting list, as he didn't approve of town halls. Over a year and a half later now, I still have not been contacted to even set up a meeting with him.

Letter to the Editor | Experiencing an erosion of truth

I am tired! Why, you ask? I am tired of reading letters to the editor that I know contain inaccurate information, such as the letter from Daniel Pursley in an Oct 12 letter to the editor.

Pursley writes that Soros funded many of the Kavanaugh protesters and stated that it was a fact.

Letter to the Editor | Keep Spencer on Piatt board

I am pleased to write in support of Ray Spencer's candidacy for re-election to the Piatt County Board representing District 1 in the northern part of the county.

Ray is a fiscal conservative who will work to keep taxes low and balance the county operating budget.

Letter to the Editor | Do yourself a favor and vote for Nally

With all the negativity in politics these days, I wasn't sure I wanted to involve myself in anything political. On the other hand, I felt a need to acquaint readers with Traci Nally, a candidate for County Board District 9.