Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Letter was an insult to teachers

I would like to respond to "Remove evolution from our schools," published Jan. 11. The author clearly misunderstands what is taught in schools and uses some logical fallacies to draw inaccurate conclusions.

As a science teacher, I wanted to clarify these misinterpretations.

Letter to the Editor | Take steps to grow rural economy

President Donald Trump was elected by farmers across the heartland, including those in Illinois. He knows that we depend on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to provide a growing market for U.S. crops.

Letter to the Editor | Democrats should not appease the president

Imagine that in 2010, President Barack Obama followed his base and demanded that the "socialistic" public option be included in the Affordable Care Act.

Letter to the Editor | A preborn child is a unique individual

Abortion is not about a "woman's right to do as she wishes with her body." Abortion affects the life of another human.

From the moment of fertilization, a preborn child is a unique individual, possessing her own complex genetic makeup. Though the baby may grow inside her mother's body, she is not a part of her mother's body. We must protect the rights of all people.

Letter to the Editor | Letter should have gone in trash bin

The News-Gazette should not publish letters like Dan Miner's recent screed railing against the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Letter to the Editor | Tired of winter-weather advice

Dear WCIA, stop with the winter-weather tips. Winter is tough; it's hell. You're cold, and you have to go outside and scrape your car with a plastic piece of junk and then go to work for eight hours.

Maybe if I had a job that started at noon, I could "park facing the east" and let the sun melt the ice on my windshield, but I don't. I get up at 5:30.

Letter to the Editor | Military service a positive experience

Our local iconoclast and critic of American life, David Green, writes that our armed forces are predominantly drawn from the economically underprivileged "to serve as potential cannon fodder and cops on the beat." He concludes, "these predominantly working-class individuals serve ... the interests of the capitalist class and sacrifice only to the latter's benefit."

Letter to the Editor | Republicans need to change ways

Liberty is not liberty if it's liberty only for me. I thought of this as I read a news item in the Jan. 6 News-Gazette about the groundwater contamination around three military bases in the state of Georgia.

Local residents fear for the safety of their water.

Human decency compels me to share their concern. But here's the thing. I can't count on the same human decency from them.

Letter to the Editor | Recent editorial reveals hypocrisy

I write in response to your editorial, "Another One Bites the Dust," published on Jan. 10. You write approvingly of the U.S. strike on Jamal al-Badawi, "responsible for the deaths of 17 sailors, the wounding of 39 others and the near-sinking in 2000 of the USS Cole," writing that this strike in Yemen falls "under the category of getting the job done the right way."

Letter to the Editor | Democrats refuse to secure border

The partial government shutdown, perpetrated by multi-billionaire Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is nothing but obstruction of anything President Donald Trump proposes.