Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Nation should be more like an amusement park

We took the grandkids to Indiana Beach on a recent weekend. We had a great time, except for a couple of hours of rain. There were a lot of people there. It was a true melting pot, so to speak. There were people from all races and cultures and every age group. As I walked around, I noticed that everyone was having a good time and people were considerate, respectful and kind to each other.

'Inflammatory' column only makes things worse

"Repression breeds resistance." Sundiata Cha-Jua's grievance-laden screed (The News-Gazette, July 17) prompts my reply.

The University of Illinois' academician apparently desires to solidify racial divide when the entire nation truly needs reconciliation and solutions to community violence.

N-G edit cartoon takes unfair swipe

I'm so sorry The News Gazette helped distort the University of Illinois' tuition situation with its July 17 editorial cartoon.

The students of Illinois have been repeatedly pushed aside, disrespected, burdened by massive debt, and discouraged by the actions of the Illinois politicians.

Unsolicited advice for letter writers

This is a response to two letters in the July 11 opinions page.

Donald King of Champaign sounds like a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum. If he loves the "1812 Overture" so much, he should buy a CD.

Criminal needs Clinton parachute

Happy to know the infamous hijacker and extortionist D.B. Cooper escaped criminal prosecution. No reason why Hillary Clinton did. Liar, Liar, pantsuit on fire.



YMCA camp lets kids pay it forward

Recently my daughter participated in a new and refreshing "camp" thanks to the Stephens Family YMCA in Champaign. Over the past three years she has attended many camps at the Y, but this one was different.

As always the staff — Alyssa, Sarah, Matt and Connor — were a class act in themselves. They made sure every child was included and able to use their gifts in the process.

Another view on flag burner arrest

I must have misunderstood the point of having Bryton Mellott of Urbana arrested for flag burning earlier this month. I could have sworn it was for my protection, not his.

Alcohol sales at Illinois campuses?

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill to allow the board of trustees of public universities and community colleges to decide whether to allow the sale of alcohol at public events.

Vote Green for sane foreign policy

President Obama was elected with the support of those who thought he would end the wars started by the Bush administration. Instead he attacked eight countries. (George Bush attacked six.)

Obama's drone attacks — which have killed thousands (not just the hundreds he admits to) — have been rightly called "the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times."

Serving on jury a great experience

Having once spent a day in a jury pool in the state circuit court without being picked, and having heard from people that U.S. District Court was even worse about wasting your time, I was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite the case recently.