Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Illinois lawmakers are failing citizens

Earlier this month, my husband and I attended a tractor show in Wisconsin. We ate at a restaurant in Kenosha. The subtotal of our bill was $30.65; with tax of 60 cents, the total was $31.25.

Coming home, we ate at a restaurant in Illinois. The subtotal of our bill was $22.96; with the $2.53 tax, the total was $25.49.

Wall asks us to remember who served

I had the privilege of visiting The Wall That Heals last weekend. I consider our community very lucky that we received this opportunity to view a replica of The Wall in Washington.

To say it was a moving experience is an understatement.

I learned history that I didn't know. Felt enormous sorrow for men and women I will never meet.

Some Christians have radical slant

Jason Motsinger of Urbana, in his June 21 letter, implies that the massacre in Orlando, Fla., is all due to radical Islam beliefs — while at the same time stating that there is never a radicalization of Christianity.

O.J. series about important issues

Please consider watching "O.J.: Made in America."

It is not about O.J. Simpson's guilt or innocence. It is about the reactions to the O.J. story from a variety of Americans and American groups.

The story is told by interviews with real people expressing their thoughts. It gives the context and perspective behind the differing viewpoints.

Who is confused about gun control?

Since the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, more Americans than ever are appalled by the availability of rapid-fire rifles like the one used by Omar Mateen.

But it's wrong to blame the rifle, says Phil Bridgman of Tilton. Scott Reeder argues that mass murder by people using military-style weapons can only be solved with good parenting.

Employing illegals same as treason

I read the June 23 article about the investigation into Gire Roofing of Champaign and have questions.

Gire Roofing is charged with, among many other charges, falsifying contracts so they could claim not enough workers in the U.S. to fill the work, and therefore needed to hire foreign workers. The law requires employers to notify the government if the workers do not show up.

Good people give where others fail

I opened my June 25 News-Gazette and was struck by the importance of two articles in Section A.

"Donors rescue autism program" reports that the University of Illinois Autism Program was rescued from closing through lack of state funding by a private donor ($71,000), Carle Foundation ($10,000) and a concerned parent ($10,000). The state budget impasse threatened to close it.

Where's the page opposing Clinton?

After reading "What others are saying about Trump's troubles" on June 25, it would be fair to see a full page of anti-Hillary Clinton quotes and cartoons in the editorial section.

One columnist mentioned former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's political problems.

Maybe he meant when the Democrats charged him with 73 ethics violations.

Sugary-drink tax a political ruse

In response to Mark Peysakhovich's June 26 letter favoring the proposed "sugary-drink tax" because sugary drinks are bad for you and are "diabetes in a can," I would ask the question why the proposed tax would also include diet sodas?

Also, it is a well-known fact that sugar in the diet does not cause diabetes. Type II diabetes is promoted by weight gain.

Danville glows with Dick Van Dyke

What a wonderful three days with Dick Van Dyke's return to Danville, especially with the tribute and reception Friday night.

The show choir's tribute with three weeks of practice was terrific. The reception showed Danville at its finest.