Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Unfair to put label on Army veteran

Isn't it a shame that upon his illness, people pushed Bill Walton into a treatment he may not have wanted?

He lived his life as he wanted — a sleeping bag, an overcoat. He apparently never bothered anyone for anything. I also remember him and always wondered what his story was.

Columnist accurately describes Roof

I learned a long time ago if it looks, walks, sounds and acts like a duck, it's a duck.

I was amazed at the letter by Thomas E. Phipps of Mahomet, accusing the Miami Herald's Leonard Pitts of "schadenfreude" in his column "Call it what it is: Racists mass murder."

Voters need to fire board members

Do you know who your three Vermilion County Board members are? Are they meeting your expectations?

They are elected, one at a time, for four-year terms, and you will reappoint them, or replace them, eventually, on a four-year cycle. One in your district will be up for review soon.

Religious symbols have dim future

The Fourth of July used to remind me of all of the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.

However, although you may stomp and burn the stars and stripes on the Capitol steps, you better not fly the Confederate flag anywhere near there. The same goes for a Redskins, Chief Illiniwek or (in the not too distant future) a Blackhawks flag.

Freedom means 'to each his own'

On Independence Day, that most patriotic holiday, we hear about freedom.

Let me tell you what that word means to me: "To each his own."

Changes to update personnel policy

This letter is in response to the recent debate concerning the proposed changes to the Vermilion County personnel policy. A lot has been said on this subject without a clear understanding of what the policy has been and why it needs to be updated.

Columnist invites woe from God

I write this in response to the Bloomberg View column by Jonathan Bernstein, "Same-sex marriage feud nearly over," on the June 29 editorial page.

People like him have been around for a long time. Bernstein calls God-fearing Christians bigots and homosexuals good.

Political games are hurting the vulnerable

On Wednesday, July 1, I was forced to furlough nearly 40 dedicated and hard-working employees and suspend Early Intervention coordination services for 1,600 families across 11 central Illinois counties.

Responsibility for this falls directly on Gov. Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly and their inability to compromise to achieve a fiscal year 2016 state budget by that date.

Writer right about lack of manners

In regards to Steven Karten's June 24 letter about Carol Mizrahi's Voices column on "coffee shop spoilers": Sorry Mr. K., but I think you missed the whole point of Carol's article — probably because you are like the people she described and you don't want her to mess with your selfish coffee shop behavior.

Gay marriage coverage irritating

Once again The News-Gazette has managed to raise my ire and indignation by flaunting the gay rights and gay marriage issue, complete with a bold headline, on the front page of the Saturday, June 27, paper.

To make matters worse, you added two-thirds of a page coverage of this same item on page A-3.