Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Come visit our beautiful Danville neighborhood

I have had the joy of living near Lincoln Park, here in Danville, twice in my life. I am counting my 26th year at this location. Many of our neighbors on nearby streets have lived by the park for at least 30 years. Some have lived here all of their lives. Several grew up by the park as children and returned to raise their families here.

Letter to the Editor | Democrats will continue to increase our taxes

Illinois Democrats are ecstatic with Gov. J.B. Pritzker's ("Toilets") signing of all those new tax bills. We can sleep well now knowing that "Toilets," Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan and his lackies have set us firmly along the path of taxing Illinois into prosperity.

But "Toilets" inherited his billions, so his math may be suspect.

Letter to the Editor | One way to truly make things right

After reading the latest missive regarding formal retirement of Chief Illiniwek, I have a hard time believing that issue is any closer to being solved.

All I am reading is that we did such a good job with our latest effort to staunch the ongoing dispute.

Letter to the Editor | Trump doesn't support democracy

The main reason I will not vote for President Trump in 2020 is because, by his actions and words, he has consistently demonstrated disrespect and contempt for the following: the U.S. Congress, our judicial system (including but not limited to the U.S. Supreme Court), our intelligence community and our traditional allies abroad. And a free press.

Letter to the Editor | The truth about U.S. health care

Many people insist the U.S. has the best health care in the world. If that's true, then how can it be that pregnancy-related deaths actually went up between 1990 and 2015 in the U.S. while they were reduced by almost half in the rest of the world?

Letter to the Editor | Rodney Davis fails to keep his word

Once again, Rep. Rodney Davis didn't live up to his own rhetoric. When he had a chance to vote yes on a DACA bill, legislation he says he supports, he voted no.

Letter to the Editor | Many voices in Illinois ignored

Illinois legislators recently pushed through an extreme pro-abortion bill by gutting a completely unrelated bill to add a 126-page amendment about abortion. Previous attempts to pass this legislation had been rebuffed multiple times due to overwhelming numbers of witness slips filed in opposition.

Letter to the Editor | Example unfairly singled out group

The News-Gazette editorial criticizing the recently passed capital improvements bill calls out the Legislature for funding $370,000 of building renovations for a Muslim organization.

Letter to the Editor | Higher tax will end up helping us

Did you know your taxes are going down thanks to our legislators in Springfield? No?

For many years now, you've been paying a hidden decay tax. Our state gas tax has been at the same level for nearly 30 years. What do you buy today that costs the same as it did in 1991? Not much.

Letter to the Editor | Let's rename Lincoln Hall too

This 1963 Illini alum read the article about the Illiniwek commission with interest. Another Illini alum wrote to me and suggested that it did not go far enough. He points out that the commission forgot the fact that the federal government gave the land on which the university was built under the Morrill Act, "championed" by President Lincoln.