Letters to the Editor

Make-A-Wish fundraiser slated

It's wonderful to make a child's wish come true. As volunteer wish-granters for Make-A-Wish Illinois, we have opportunities to do just that for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Obama can stop Israeli aggression

Who is responsible for the Israeli military assault on Gaza? Many can be blamed for Israel's committing what the Nuremberg Tribunal called "the supreme international crime — launching aggressive war" — but the final responsibility lies with the American president.

Act will improve job training

While job growth has remained lackluster during our economic recovery, the construction industry is facing a shortage of qualified workers that threatens the future of the industry — up to 1.6 million workers by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tax cut, ACA, Benghazi, more

Apparatchik Mike Hopkins? Henry Seiter Jr., whose letter was published July 15, has been watching too many reruns of "The Americans." I would have to disagree with some of his conclusions.

1. President Obama's tax cut may not have put me in the 1 percent, but I liked it anyway.

Not happy with a smaller N-G

I, too, am writing in regard to the downsizing of The News-Gazette.

You deny it, but really?

My husband and I have been subscribers for over 50 years. We are so sad to see the printed newspaper disintegrating before us.

Maybe the leaders of The News-Gazette don't realize we don't all have Internet.

Time for citizens to fund pensions

News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey's July 15 article on pensions promotes the idea that the Illinois Supreme Court's 6-1 ruling is unjust and wrong. He himself stated in the article that the pension problem was created by "the Legislature's failure to properly fund the public pensions" for many years.

It's 40th Urbana Sweetcorn Festival

An article in The News-Gazette's June 5 e3 section declared: "the 39th annual Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, which will be held Aug. 22-23, is one of the longest-running traditions in the area."

'WuMo' not worth space it occupies

Ancient communication principle: Picture = Words x 1,000. Based on this old and valid equation, the comics page is a virtual daily encyclopedia.

Or should be.

With space at a premium, the comics page can't afford to waste the space allotted to "WuMo."

What's wrong? One entire panel allotted means it has to be instantly funny (it seldom is, and then barely).

Large-scale ag affects ecosystem

While Leia Kedem's article on July 15 is replete with information, I believe it misses the biggest point with the furthest repercussions.

Please pick up after Virginia shows

I have been a volunteer usher at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign for many years. One of the duties is to pick up trash after performances.

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