Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | It's wise to look at Mueller report

R. Stan Marsh, in a letter published May 17, accused two previous writers, Kopera and Hudson, of "well-scripted anti-Trump buffoonery."

Rather than addressing their points, he proceeds off on a long list of unfounded insults so discouragingly common in the Trump camp today.

Letter to the Editor | Sharing a few thoughts on taxes

I am submitting this as I thought it was appropriate as Gov. Pritzker is thinking about taxes.

When I started working in the assessment office, my boss told me this: "The forefathers thought to reach every person fairly they set:

— Sales tax — how much you spent.

— Property tax — how much you owned.

— Income tax — how much you made.

Letter to the Editor | Support ranked choice voting

To date, 18 candidates have qualified for the first Democratic presidential debate. This is a lot — and a diverse range of choices for voters is a good thing. Unfortunately, a big field means a candidate can win with a small vote share.

Letter to the Editor | Vote against evil in 2020 election

For the first year or so that President Donald Trump was in office, I thought he was just mentally ill and psychotic. He acted like no other president ever has, saying nasty, unconscionable things. Now I think he is also just pure evil.

Letter to the Editor | House supports important measure

The Declaration of Independence promised all Americans would enjoy the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our newly formed nation. Only white male landowners enjoyed that right.

Legislation has helped people of color, people living with disabilities and women gain and enjoy those rights.

Letter to the Editor | Another reason to forbid abortion

Recently, in my reading, I came across a legal term called "jus abutendi," meaning (I think) that you have to own something in order to have the right to make any use of it, including to destroy it.

But is not abortion the intended destruction of a human being? Therefore, procuring an abortion would seem to mean an implicit claim of ownership of the (aborted) human being.

Letter to the Editor | Too many lies have been spread

Some uninformed Americans are failing to notice the emerging truth that the Washington establishment's "deep-state," the national socialist fake news media and the Democratic (Socialist) Party have been involved in a seditious political coup since the 2016 election.

Letter to the Editor | Alabama fails to value all lives

I see where the state of Alabama has just passed a bill outlawing virtually all abortions.

At the same time, federal courts have found conditions in Alabama's prisons to be in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Conditions are inhumane, and the suicide rate of inmates is the highest in the country.

Letter to the Editor | Financial warfare is being waged

In 2014, Berkeley economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman published, through the National Bureau of Economic Research, "Wealth Inequality in the United States since 1913: Evidence from Capitalized Income Tax Data," available online with easily readable charts.

Letter to the Editor | Health services are under attack

I've always been grateful for Planned Parenthood. As students, my husband and I weren't ready to start a family. University insurance didn't cover birth control, but Planned Parenthood provided checkups and prescriptions on a sliding scale that we could afford.