Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Manint: A friend of the community

The community lost a good friend with the recent passing of Gerald Manint.

I had the good fortune to know Gerald Manint for the last 22 years. I experienced his attitude and record of service firsthand when we served on the village of Bement board and through our attendance at St. Philomena Catholic Church.

Letter to the Editor | Lawmakers: Fix crisis you created

In an editorial on June 14, the writer indicated the dire circumstances of the "social welfare" programs Social Security and Medicare.

Letter to the Editor | Gadau applauded for Chief billboard

Bravo to John Gadau.

Special thanks to Jim Dey for his wonderful article about Gadau's billboard and Stephen Kaufman's threadbare, desperate, false assertions.

Kaufman accuses the Chief, and the Chief's supporters, of racism, yet for Kaufman, apparently the only good Chief is a dead Chief.


Ocoee, Fla.

Letter to the Editor | Our children need better role models

I absolutely do not envy being a young person today. I had a phone call from someone who read my recent submission to the paper. He was an older person, a retired farmer who was 93, and we conversed about how society is today.

Like many, they see how young people are behaving. Many say they are not listening to their parents, church or authorities.

Letter to the Editor | UI should keep Fighting Illini

As an alumnus of the University of Illinois, I concede that Chief Illiniwek is dead — now, tomorrow and forever.

However, a new battle is underway — preserving "Fighting Illini" in our lexicon and consciousness.

While I do not know where "Fighting Illini" came from, it makes sense given our state's name and the history of the Illini Confederation.

Letter to the Editor | Start teaching kids how to think

Every once in a while, I just have to respond.

I have been a News-Gazette subscriber for 20-plus years. Also, a lifelong registered Republican.

For many years, The News-Gazette was a middle-of-the-road paper that published both sides of the news.

Not anymore.

A recent letter in the June 1 opinions section by Peggy Patten is full of faulty facts.

Letter to the Editor | A tax that can dig state out of a hole

Jim Dey's cogent account of competing Illinois tax plans ("Don't Be Fooled," June 3) doesn't mention a solution that would not affect the income tax structure of the state: a sales tax on financial transactions.

Letter to the Editor | Puzzled by the opposition to Chief

Up front, I should tell you I'm not alumni, just a townie who was raised admiring the Chief. Never understood the Chief controversy, not even the surface issues, such as the NCAA involvement, the anti-Chief crowd or the money issues for the UI (hosting NCAA events), other schools not willing to compete with the university.

Letter to the Editor | Pact is historic first step for peace

Although it is a wait-and-see game, our great president, Trump, and the North Korean leader signed an agreement to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. If Obama had done this, the liberal media and Democrats in general would have been bouncing off the walls in euphoric jubilation. Instead, the liberal media is ignoring or mocking this historic first step for peace in this region of the world.

Letter to the Editor | Start ticketing litterbugs in area

It's that time of year again. The flowers are beautiful. Illinois' green has overtaken our landscaping.

I thought other people would like these things also, but apparently not.

Every week, I see more and more trash accumulating along the state's chain-link fences and almost everywhere else I see.