Letters to the Editor

Rodeo apologizes for clown's actions

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to the Champaign County Fair Board and the citizens of Champaign County, Ill., for the actions of our contracted clown act during the rodeo at the Champaign County fairgrounds on July 20. During a rodeo, a clown is needed to act as a filler for certain time slots while the transition of events is taking place.

Clown will not work at fair again

To the Citizens of Champaign County,

The Champaign County Fair Association would like to address the issue of the inappropriate actions of the rodeo clown during the rodeo on Sunday, July 20. The fair office has received numerous phone calls and emails from concerned guests attending the fair and after thorough investigation, the following statement is made:

$400,000 is a lot, Mayor Prussing

On July 24, The News-Gazette reported that the city of Urbana spent over $400,000 on outside attorneys in the last fiscal year. Mayor Laurel Prussing commented that the expenditure was "no different than paying for emergency snow removal."

'Anti-Semitic' not accurately applied

In her letter of July 27, Carol Mizrahi quotes Hillel Neurer, of U.N. Human Rights Watch, saying that if people only "cry out" for Gaza and ignore human rights abuses elsewhere, then they are anti-Israel. She then closes her quotes from Neurer, and writes, "And, if I might add, anti-Semitic."

Lincoln's quotes still relevant

I recently came across some quotes of President Abraham Lincoln. I felt them to be very timely. They are excellent and need little added comments from me.

Fox guarding henhouse of facts

In response to Kevin Northrup's letter about Fox News, little advice to him:

Stop drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid before it destroys all your sense of reality.

The definition of oxymoron: Fox News = facts.



Human shields are OK with Hamas

I find current events in the Middle East unbelievable, yet I must believe them. They are happening.

Deaths and injuries of women and children regardless of steps taken to minimize casualties is truly heartbreaking. Conscious and intentional use of these women and children as human shields, providing horrific photo-ops used as propaganda, is abominable.

Testing might distort education

I agree with Andrew Wilk's July 20 commentary that we need to address academic deficiencies as early as possible so students can master the requisite skills to be successful in and beyond the classroom. However, Wilk's view about educators' resistance to raising standards makes me wonder how recently he has been in a classroom or talked to teachers.

Competition for Carle is critical

Residents should have some choice in the health care they receive and not be forced to just use Carle or Health Alliance in this region.

Carle needs some competition. Many people aren't happy with health care in this area, I found out after I moved here.



Protest child used to advance agenda

The News-Gazette front page picture on July 26 of an alleged Palestinian child holding a protest sign obviously written by an adult proves only that a picture of one cynically manipulated child is worth a thousand ideological lies.

Where are the non-staged pictures of Palestinian children with bombs strapped to their bodies or those used as human shields for propaganda purposes?

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