Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A thank-you to devoted cemetery caretakers

There are numerous unsung heroes among us — those who are simply taken for granted without a second thought. Without them, though, where would we be?

Lake story didn't paint an accurate picture

Public safety is the Army Corps of Engineers' first priority. The recent News-Gazette article "Beware of Bacteria" (Aug. 17 edition) inaccurately implied it was unsafe to swim at the Corps' Lake Shelbyville.

Parkland plays crucial role in our community

Locally and nationwide, the annual return to school, at all levels, is basically complete.

Most of the focus is on the elementary and secondary level, and upon the University of Illinois. We are blessed with quality schools at both levels.

Voters can shut down Chicago pols

The Chicago mob (Gov. Pat Quinn and Speaker Michael Madigan) has gotten its way again by keeping the term-limits amendment out of the upcoming election. It is my right to be able to vote on this and clean out Springfield as it should be.

It really burns me up that everything is done and run out of Chicago. It is not the capital of our state!

Column on Callis not investigative

In a recent front page article, under your "keeping watch" section, you railed in a biased fashion against the wealth of Democrat Ann Callis. This paper has become nothing more than a rag for the Republican Party and I have grown tired of lazy reporting masked in "investigative reporting."

Political editorial not worthy of A-1

I was somewhat confused when I read Tom Kacich's Aug. 27 article on the top of Page One, comparing Democrat Ann Callis' and Republican Rodney Davis' net worth (in detail!).

Dump & Run Sale plays favorites

On Aug. 23, the Y's Dump & Run Garage Sale took place. I was appalled to find that the University of Illinois international students got in free. American students had to pay.

The majority of these international students are here at no cost, provided nicer housing than most of the American students, and get free health care.

Obama plays golf while U.S. suffers

Why does President Barack Obama take so many personal days and play so much golf?

Federal officials paid to worry

"Sources say there is no credible information pointing to an ISIS-related plot against the U.S. homeland. But officials have incomplete intelligence and they are worried about what they don't know."

This is from the CBS Evening News, as it appears on the show's website.

New school, honest answers needed

Recent independent estimates for complete costs for a new Champaign Central High School appear to muddy the water concerning the real and total costs involved with this project. Much of it appears to contradict what the current school board tells us concerning the direct and indirect costs.