Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Solon voted with public majority

I respect The News-Gazette's opinion on Dodds Park, but I was disturbed to read the paper's hatchet job on park board Commissioner Jane Solon.

Jane is a tireless volunteer and a public servant, and to suggest a conspiracy for simply disagreeing with News-Gazette President John Foreman and the minority opinion is somewhat disturbing.

Unit 4 board can do better in 2016

Vote "yes"? Wow. The March 22 News-Gazette editorial supporting the Unit 4 bond referendum was disappointing.

Could a consensus high school location be reached for the March 2016 election by a more thoughtful Unit 4 school board? Definitely.

Champaign needs healthful facilities

When Unit 4 purchased land on Interstate Drive, it relied on a report conducted for the city of Champaign which predicted growth to the north. The school site is surrounded on three sides by apartments. The development is already happening and will continue.

Unit 4 has not listened to input

I will be voting "no" on the Champaign schools Unit 4 referendum on April 7. I am a lifelong Champaign resident, a graduate of Centennial High School and father of three sons who graduated from Centennial.

Cunningham good addition to board

I am a former employee of the Urbana Park District and current member of its advisory committee. Crystal Lake Park has been my neighborhood park for over 25 years. To say that I care about the work being done by the Urbana Park District is an understatement.

Feinen would be consensus builder

I am writing to endorse Deborah Frank Feinen for Champaign mayor. I have worked with Deb on council for nine years and before that when she was a county board member.

Deb is a leader who understands how city government works. Deb is a consensus builder who works with council members and staff to accomplish things for our community. Deb listens and works to solve problems.

Central students need new building

As a 2012 Centennial High School graduate and junior in construction engineering at Iowa State University, I know how needed a new Central and renovated Centennial high school are.

Nuclear plant vital to Clinton's future

In response to the recent News-Gazette column, "Exelon sharing its wealth with state's officials," I want to emphasize the issue and importance of keeping Clinton Power Station operating is much larger than what was presented by its author.

Wilson a victim in Ferguson fiasco

I read in the Washington Post that the whole "hands up, don't shoot" mantra surrounding events in Ferguson, Mo., last August was a lie.

The Rev. Al Sharpton and the drive-by media have long since come and gone, leaving the wreckage of riots they helped to inspire in their wake.

What political advantage Eric Holder and Barack Obama could squeeze from the race baiting has faded.

Colorful plastic flags just won't go away

Now that the snow is gone, we can revel in the colors of the little plastic flags left behind last year by various utility companies and public works employees.