Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter: It's clear we should renovate Central High

It has been several weeks since the voters of the Champaign Unit 4 School District spoke concerning the proposed ballot issue regarding the "new" Central High School.

The rejection of the proposed far north site was an overwhelming no, and the two incumbents up for election were decisively defeated. Yet, as of May 28, the signs on the $3.2 million proposed site are still standing.

Rauner's proposal is an attack on health care

Across Illinois, safety-net hospitals serve some of our most at-risk communities. They are a lifeline for small towns, the uninsured and are providers of essential care in underserved neighborhoods.

Support the DAV by boycotting the fair

I am appalled and saddened by the decision made by the Champaign County Fair board. This is regarding the Disabled American Veterans annual fundraising event at the Champaign County Fair beer tent.

The fair has endorsed the DAV for decades and now just turned its back on them. Shame on you.

Use state gas tax for roads, bridges

Sens. John Sullivan of Rushville and Scott Bennett of Champaign have proposed to divert additional dollars from the road fund to prop up Amtrak service.

Simple warning would be helpful

After walking my dogs recently and having yet another incident with a rude bicyclist, I felt the need to write a letter to address this issue.

I have two large dogs, a Bullmastiff and an American Staffordshire terrier, that I walk in Heritage Park across from Parkland College. If I see runners or bicyclists approaching us from the front, I will always move over to let them pass.

Rauner is hostile to middle class

Gov. Bruce Rauner is correct when he says he was elected to help fix the state's financial mess.

So, it is somewhat bizarre that, rather than address the state's financial problems, he spends his time threatening to inflict harm on middle-class families, people who have done nothing to cause the state's fiscal situation.

House legislation boosts consumers

Last month, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a sensible piece of legislation called the Ratepayer Protection Act. If it becomes law, this bill would empower state leaders, including Gov. Bruce Rauner, to opt out of a new federal regulation misleadingly called the "Clean Power Plan."

Good to recognize charitable efforts

This is a good time to thank The News-Gazette for 10 years of its Sunday feature, "On the Town." It's commendable to give recognition to group efforts that benefit our communities.

UI hoops probe is serious matter

I have supported University of Illinois athletics for many years. However, my loyalty has been shaken by complaints and accusations made by members of the women's basketball team about the coaching staff.

These claims must be investigated thoroughly.

Use of eminent domain is appalling

I read with amusement the article "Sanitary district may use eminent domain for final properties for Cronus pipeline" by Tim Mitchell.