Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Witty headlines a pleasure to read

Although I have my differences of opinion with The News-Gazette (and lord knows, these are legion), I must say I enjoy the creative headlines that your paper comes up with.

No matter how much people may groan over a pun, there's nothing like one that's witty and evocative.

Battle Buddies share persistence

Four years ago, when I was 8 years old, I had a stroke. The doctors said I would never walk again and wouldn't use anything below my shoulder. I went to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and there I began walking again.

Now I am back home, playing soccer, writing my homework and can even open and close my other hand. I learned not to give up and to always keep trying.

Governor's cuts will cost even more

The suspension of $26 million funding for several statewide programs for human services (1.6 percent of the total deficit) to reduce the $1.6 billion deficit facing the state in the current budget year jeopardizes decades of work assisting the "GROW" 12-step self-help program that serves 135,000 Illinoisans who are struggling to recover from mental health afflictions and return to their familie

Special Rec dinner a jewel for C-U

We went to the C-U Special Recreation Special Olympics Sports Banquet dinner on April 20. We have been each year because it is such an enjoyable, rewarding and warm event.

I write for three reasons:

1. It would be great to have more folks at the dinner to recognize and honor these athletes.

Booze, sobriety put on same page

I call your attention to page C-7 of the April 15 News-Gazette. I know editors were are trying to pinch pennies but such irony.

Millie Otto: My Amish Home top of the page; a Scripture quote that starts: "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging. ..." Proverbs 20: 1-4.

Dog's business best done at home

Dog feces contain bacteria, viruses and parasites which can cause disease in humans and other animals.

I live next door to a neighborhood park where neighbors gather. I just witnessed three neighbors walk their dog to the park to drop feces and then walk their dog back home to their nice yards.

More examples of our president's failures

Dan Pursley's letter on April 19 listing President Barack Obama's failures was good but didn't go far enough.

The true unemployment rate, measured by the labor participation rate, is at 11 percent. Many businesses are not hiring, are reducing hours and moving to part-timers because of Obamacare.

Legion riders support vets and their families

The American Legion Riders Post 24 of Champaign is a civic-minded group of veterans willing to help all veterans on a local and national level. These men and women just happen to enjoy riding motorcycles.

Equip EMT crews with information to help you

I have always thought I am well able to take care of myself. But one night last month, I fell at home and awoke in a pool of blood after over six hours of being unconscious.

I somehow managed to call 911. The EMT crew couldn't get in my house and asked if was it OK to break in my front door.

I really have no memory of this event, except for saying yes.

Why run? It's good for the heart

I will come home, so to speak on Saturday, and do something I never have to this point in my life. I will run, jog, walk and crawl if needed into Memorial Stadium.

At age 57, this will be my first marathon. I run for my health and started just three years ago after a cardiologist said "be careful doing yard work."

I have listened and I am a man transformed.