Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Walker cares about Urbana's parks

As former members of Urbana Park District committees and longtime users of Urbana parks, we would like to endorse Michael Walker's candidacy as an Urbana Park District commissioner.

Letter to the Editor | Methodist statutes are clearly stated

Cory, Sheryl and Leah should be sorry for lying during vows of ordination — to uphold the statutes in the Methodist discipline that are clearly stated on this matter.

Or did you have this gay awakening after your ordination. If the general conference wasn't so enamored with dollars lost — they would have no other choice but to terminate all pastors who feel this way.

Letter to the Editor | Follow the lead of the Europeans

Cal Thomas' columns should be an embarrassment for a reputable newspaper in a university town.

His comments about socialism and fiscal responsibility recently were, as usual, fantasy.

Letter to the Editor | Hal as UI mascot a good suggestion

I loved Chief Illiniwek. I thought it represented the beauty and spirit of this land.

I have no desire to see a mascot animal or bird jumping around.

Now, an idea has come up that would be unique, have many possibilities — and is absolutely Urbana. The idea of Hal is wonderful.

I hope many other people will join in this discussion.



Letter to the Editor | Put Menateau on school board

We support Felipe Menateau who is a candidate for the Urbana School Board, District 6.

He has two young boys and cares very much about the future of the district and wants to keep it strong.

Letter to the Editor | Champaign code needs to change

The U.S. leads the world in the rate of incarcerated citizens, with a systemic bias against African-Americans that is expressed in rates of incarceration.

Societal alienation and lack of financial resources, jobs, housing and education make it very difficult for all released prisoners to re-enter society.

Letter to the Editor | Attorneys should have known better

After reading Jim Dey's column in last Sunday's paper, "Lifting a finger about officer's actions," I had a different take on his "word of advice."

Letter to the Editor | Will Kyles has my vote for Champaign council

In Sunday's News-Gazette were the Champaign City Council candidates' answers to the question "what do you consider the greatest challenge facing the city in the next four years?"

Many of the candidates' answers struck me as the kind of broad, pleasing, progressive platitudes that most citizens could agree upon. I know I broadly do.

Letter to the Editor | More details about Huff property in Urbana

While I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday's article, "An Entrancing Entrance," about the Huff house on Oregon Street in Urbana, I think some clarification is needed.

The article implies, but does not state, that the Huff family has continuously occupied it since it was built. The house was built by S.E. Huff — we found his signature scrawled on a plaster wall when we were stripping wallpaper.

Letter to the Editor | Indian pony would be a good mascot for UI

I noticed that there has been discussion lately regarding the possible selection of a new mascot for the University of Illinois. Bearing in mind the history of our state, it seems as though that it might be appropriate if we choose an Indian pony as our mascot. The pony could be adorned in appropriate regalia.