Grateful for kind care mom received

Grateful for kind care mom received

The scales of nursing home care can dip two ways.

Nursing Home A might weigh the scale with skill and integrity — the kind of place we all want for our loved ones. Nursing Home B is loaded with incompetent, unattending, untruthful staff.

Such a sad fact can exist even though we put our complete trust in that facility and its staff. I will not further discuss Nursing Home B. I will let the state department finish that story.

Now, Nursing Home A, can I mention names here? Heartland Health Care took my mother in for the last days of her life. She has received concerned, unwavering care as well as compassion and professionalism. Her care is proof that you can have both in a facility, working side by side, with neither compromised.

OK, every facility has had happy patrons and unhappy patrons. I can only speak for my experiences with Nursing Homes A and B.

By the time this is printed, mom will have taken her last breath and gone into the arms of angels. But while she was here she had angels in Nursing Home A, and I am so grateful.