Obama supporters ignoring his record

Obama supporters ignoring his record

Anti-war progressives who condemned the previous president as a warmonger demonstrate a curious blindness regarding President Obama's crimes. Apparently President Dronekiller was successful in buying off half the American electorate with promises of re-distributionist handouts at taxpayers' expense, thus establishing a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil attitude from his supporters.

History will determine if such rubes were mere dupes or willing pawns in building the radical left's government-run plantation. In the meantime, Obamaphiles seem quite proud re-electing an incompetent radical who has engaged in unconstitutional acts of war without prior congressional approval against sovereign nations and authorized military drone strikes that terrorized millions and killed thousands of innocents.

Because of Emperor Dronekiller's incoherent foreign policies, America is despised by our allies and hated even more by the Muslim world, compromising our national security and making us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Under Obama's economics policies of warmed-over socialism and crony capitalism, the rich have gotten richer, real world unemployment is 14.5 percent, black unemployment/underemployment is 28 percent, 48 million Americans are on food stamps, "disability" payouts have nearly doubled and 89 million able-bodied, working-age Americans are out of the workforce.

By the way, despite the blizzard of lies by hoplophobes of late, my gun collection has killed fewer people over the last 45 years than Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile.




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