Water leak issue raises some concerns

Water leak issue raises some concerns

After seeing the Wilbur Heights gentleman on television talking about the flooding there, I had to write.

Sudden and acute flooding started on our block in early 2008. The whole John Street drainage project was completed in 2012, which stopped the chronic flooding. Between February 2008 and mid-2011 our house was surrounded by at least 1 foot to almost 3 feet of water. It inundated our house eight times with a minimum of 12 yard floods.

What is not known to most is that we had a broken water line somewhere nearby that caused a constant flow of water in one of four corner drains. I found it.

An engineer said he would call the water company after we found more water flowing under a drain cover, but he later denied this.

I called the water company myself and got a call back that it was drinking water. It was described by the engineer as just "a drop in the bucket." I called every place I could think of to get this water issue fixed.

Properties were selling and I was told "not to talk" about the flooding by some. I paid a lawyer who did nothing more than "talk to the city." The city never came to assess our property damage in the end.

Why did we have to wait more than two years to find and fix a broken water line when there was acute and repeated flooding? Why are tax-paying citizens treated this way?




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